c/n 325 – 339


D17R (no registration) 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-12 Military Council of the Military Government of the Republic of China, Chungkung, camouflaged green, blue & brown
fate unknown


D17R (no registration) 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-12 Military Council of the Military Government of the Republic of China, Chungkung, camouflaged green, blue & brown
fate unknown


D17S NC21904 1939-..-.. mfd, 2-door Stag
1939-09-01 Hugh A. Drane, Corsicana (TX)
1941-02-15 Dallas Aviation School, Dallas (TX)
Traveller Mk1 EB280 1941-06-26 Royal Air Force, British Air Commission, Washington (DC) used on diplomatic missions
D17S NC21904 1943-11-03 M. O. Searle, Orange (CA)
1944-08-22 Halliburton Oil Well Cementing, Duncan (OK)
NC114H 1945-01-12 Halliburton Oil Well Cementing, Duncan (OK)
1948-01-31 J. D. Reed Co, Houston (TX)
1948-03-26 W. Camden, Fort Worth (TX)
1948-10-06 H. F. Lloyd, Vernal (UT)
N114H 1949-01-01 H. F. Lloyd, Vernal (UT)
1949-08-10 Mountain States Aviation, Denver (CO)
1949-08-10 W. M. Woods, Boise (ID)
1955-09-16 CoA
1967-..-.. rebuilt
1971-01-19 A. D. Mallard, Shelley (ID)
1971-12-.. Robert A. “Bob” Hoff, Idaho Falls (ID) two-door Stag
1973-01-30 registered to him
1975-01-01 rebuilt “Rainbow Ranch Idaho”
1975-04-18 ff


D17R (no registration) 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-12 Military Council of the Military Government of the Republic of China, Chungkung, camouflaged green, blue & brown
fate unknown


D17R (no registration) 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-12 Military Council of the Military Government of the Republic of China, Chungkung, camouflaged green, blue & brown, fitted with a two-door outlet underneath the fuselage, to drop small packages
fate unknown


F17D NC2663 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-01 J. H. Wright, Wright Motion Pictures Inc, Jamestown (NY)
1940-05-19 flown by Frederick C. Larson, aileron & wing flutter (about 5 inches movement) caused failure of both upper wings in approach to Falconer Airport, Jamestown (NY) in bumpy but not unusually severe weather, extensive structural wing failure but continued in flight and landed safely.
After this accident and that of c/n 234, 244 and 309, CAA issued Airworthiness Bulletin No. 26, defining limits on operating of Model E17 and F17 Stags. After accident c/n 187 Model D17 was then included remedial actions: BSB.76 required statically-balancing of ailerons on the Models B17 and C17. Models D17, E17 and F17 were covered by BSB.74 and BSB.75 required addition of a plywood panel outboard of the “I” strut of each wing for increased torsional stiffness and both the ailerons and flaps were to be statically balanced with lead weights ahead of the hinge line.
194.-..-.. rebuilt at the factory
1944-08-09 H. K. Prentice, Adrian (MI)
1947-..-.. Claude Elliott (MO)
1955-08-26 CoA
1963-..-.. S. L. Beaven, Fort Wayne (IN)
1966-..-.. G. Holm, Ridgefield (CT)
1969-..-.. trucked partly disassembled from Wisconsin to Vero Beach (FL)
1971-..-.. fully disassembled
1971-..-.. A. W. Ruhmann, Lake Grove (NY)
1978-..-.. William E. Bassett, Shoreham (NY)
1982-..-.. O. Pestes, Gresham (OR) rebuilt
N2663 1987-..-.. Biomed Designs Inc, Vancouver (WA)
1988-12-.. J. Mullenmaster, Vero Beach (FL) stored
1991-..-.. Steve McDonald
1998-07-18 start restoration, painted white with maroon stripe
Dixie Cropdusters Inc, Temple (GA)
2004-07-20 McDonald Properties Inc, Wilmington (DE)


F17D NC19451 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-03 Yuengling Dairy Products, Pottsville (PA)
UC-43C-BH 42-38283 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Pope Field (NC)
Mitchell AAF (SD)
Westover Field (MA)
Langley Field (VA)
Boston Field
1943-06-23 wrecked in landing accident at Bedford (MA) pilot James W. Ladbetter, repaired at Grenier Field
1943-07-29 CAA
1944-09-01 Rome AD (NY)
42-38283 1945-08-22 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, as scrap


F17D NC20797 1939-10-03 mfd
1939-11-07 R. F. Foster, Robertson (MN)
1941-..-.. Aviation Credit Corporation (MO)
UC-43C-BH 42-107411 1943-03-01 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Newcastle AAF (DE)
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
1943-04-29 Rome AD (NY)
1943-07-20 CAA for delivery to La Guardia
1944-08-02 Reading AAF (PA)
1944-12-07 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC46296 1946-..-.. Capt. S. A. Richards, Burlington (VT)
1947-..-.. D. Bosworth (NY)
1958-04-11 CoA
1963-..-.. J. G. Joern, Belleville (NE)
1965-06-03 gear-up landing at South Omaha Airport, Papillion (NE) throttle stop assembly inoperative, repaired
1966-..-.. Richard G. Dick Miller, Platsmouth (NE) moved to Ralston (NE) moved to Brighton (CO) rebuilt
N46296 for sale ($ 190,000)
2007-06-28 Arrae Inc, Midlothian (TX)


F17D NC20798 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-23 S. Gundlach, Belleville (IL)
1939-1.-.. Harry E. Homeyer, Overland (MO)
1940-..-.. Gundlach
1942-..-.. Aluminium Siding Co
UC-43C-BH 42-38238 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Santa Ana AAB (CA)
194.-..-.. Meacham Field, Fort Worth (TX)
194.-..-.. Tarrant Field (TX)
1943-02-10 Condemned
1944-09-30 Class 26 salvage at Freeman Field (IN)
1945-05-20 remains to Dallas (TX)
F17D NC20798 1956-06-30 CoA
1966-..-.. Aluminium Siding Co, Mount Crawford (VA)
1970-..-.. rebuilt
1974-..-.. John L. Parish, Tullahoma (TN) painted white with brown
1975-07-01 ff
on loan to Wings & Wheels Museum, Sante (NC)
1985-07-16 donated, registered Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN) airworthy except engine


F17D XB-AGO 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-19 Henry B. Hanson, Mexican Mining Co (Minera Frisco S. A. Mexico City) Chihuahua, named “El Minero”
1946-05-.. George Marvin, San Juan de Letran
C. Ricardo Crombe, Menocal, Mexico City
C. Fernando Perez Lamadrid, Puebla, Mexico
accident at Pinotepa Nacional, destroyed


F17D NC20754 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-10-.. ff by Walter Beech
1939-10-18 T. Eastman, Hicksville (NY)
UC-43C-BH 42-43517 1942-03-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
Ferry Command
Fairfield AD (OH)
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Lockbourne AAB (OH)
Morrow AAF (CA)
Primary Training Columbus AAF (MS)
Newcastle AAF (DE)
San Bernardino AAB (CA)
1945-01-12 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
also reported as “crated but never actually used by the U.S. Army Air Force”, seems unlikely
F17D NC48968 1946-….1 Lucille Steiner, Fullerton (CA) has flown many Hollywood personalities
1947-..-.. J. le Faivre (CA)
N385 1956-02-04 CoA
1963-..-.. W. W. Field, Riverside (CA)
1971-..-.. J. R. Anderson Kansas City (MO)
1977-01-05 Stanley P. Kavrik, Tucson (AZ)
1983-..-.. J. Schindler, Perryville (MO)
1983-07-18 Antique Bi-Wing Airplanes Inc, Perryville (MO)
1988-04-18 landed gear-up at Perryville (MO) the remains were consumed by fire, the pilot was unharmed
2012-03-31 expired
2012-11-14 cancelled


E17B VT-ALV 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-12-11 Indian National Airways, New Delhi
1947-09-02 crashed


F17D NC20771 1939-10-27 mfd
1939-11-22 David G. Peterson, Wichita (KS) used for charter work
UC-43C-BH 42-47449 1942-05-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
Knollwood Aux (NC)
Seymour Johnson Field, Goldsboro (NC)
1942-08-.. Class 26 salvage
1945-01-12 Burgarel Vocational High School, Buffalo (NY)
Reconstruction Finance Corporation


F17D NC294Y 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-11-10 Atlantic Aviation, Dupont Airport, Wilmington (DE)
UC-43C-BH 42-97048 1942-11-06 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Houlton AAF (ME)
1943-05-01 North Atlantic Wing, Air Transport Command
1943-07-20 returned to US
1943-08-18 landing accident at Stewart Field (NY) w/o, dbr
1943-08-20 scrapped


F17D NC20780 1939-12-16 mfd, used as factory demonstrator
1940-06-06 dispatched to the Air Safety Board for flutter investigations, ferried by Vernon Carstens, like c/n 264
1940-06-14 returned to Beech
1941-12-04 Tubular Weaving, Columbus (OH)
1947-..-.. Floyd McCoy (CO)
crashed, Floyd got lost in low ceilings, ran out of fuel
remains to Duft Aircraft, salvaged / spares?