c/n 400 – 424

c/n 400

D17S NC20755 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-02-18 W. P. Fuller Jr, San Francisco (CA)
GB-2 BuNo. 09765 1942-02-09 impressed into U.S. Navy
1942-..-.. Alameda NAS (CA)
1942-05-25 damaged both lower wings, propeller and left gear
1943-03-31 stricken


c/n 401

D17S NC21917 1940-02-27 mfd
1940-03-14 Orville N. Crafts, N. Hollywood (CA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09772 1942-02-20 impressed into U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. St. Louis NAS/NRAB (MO)
194.-..-.. Roosevelt Base NAS (CA)
1945-11-30 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)


c/n 402

D17S NC21918 1940-03-06 mfd
1940-03-09 Harry Hammill, Austin (TX)
1946-..-.. W. S. Bellows, Houston (TX), fate unknown


c/n 403

c/n 403 CF-DTE in the ’70’s at Wetaskiwin airport, Alberta by owner Borge Molin © via John Faulkner

D17S CF-DTE 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-03-15 Department of Transport, Ottawa
1955-02-25 Orilla Air Service, Ontario
1957-06-20 G. D. Clarke, Toronto
SD17S 1959-06-29 L. E. Cross, St. Michelle des Street, PQ
D17S 1961-07-11 Ferland Construction Inc & Ste Emile de L’Energie, Joliette, PQ
1962-03-21 Cargair, Joliette, PQ
1963-05-30 M. I. Hague, Calgary, but ntu
1963-06-19 CoA expired
1965-..-.. accident, purchased by a Calgary firm, rebuilt
1965-11-.. ff
1969-09-.. Cargair
1969-..-.. Skyline Aviation, Calgary
1971-..-.. G. Money & Son, Calgary
1973-..-.. Borge Molin, Wetaskiwin, Alberta
probably this skiis that are on display at the Staggerwing Museum, used by Dept. of Transport when they owned it
Byron Reynolds – Reynolds Alberta Museum of Transportation – Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, displayed, noted on 2008-09-14

c/n 403 CF-DTE recently on display at Reynolds Alberta Museum of Transportation, by John Faulkner ©

c/n 404

SD17S CF-DTF 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-03-30 Department of Transport, Ottawa
1955-04-14 Okanagan Broadcasters, Kelowna, British Columbia
D17S 1957-05-16 J. J. Capozzi, Kelowna
1959-11-30 West Coast Air Service, Vancouver
1959-12-09 Courier Corporation, St. James, Manitoba
1960-05-05 crashed, 1 mile east – southeast of Northfield (MN) got lost, ran out of fuel but parachuted to safety


c/n 405

D17R NC21919 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-04-10 via Mouton and Clyde, San Francisco (CA) to F. Talbot, San Francisco (CA)
1941-06-.. H. K. Coffey
UC-43A-BH 42-38230 1942-05-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
1942-..-.. Sacramento AD (CA)
1942-..-.. Santa Ana AAB (CA)
1942-..-.. San Bernardino AAB (CA)
1942-..-.. Morrow AAF (CA)
1942-..-.. Blythe AAF (CA)
1942-..-.. Mines Field (CA)
1942-11-09 accident at Santa Barbara MCAS (CA)
1945-02-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
D17R NC48973 1946-..-.. Pacific Finance Corporation of California, Los Angeles (CA)
Jack Hoke, Boise (ID)
1963-01-.. Aviation Enterprises Corp, Glendora (CA)
D17S P&W 985 installed, after over 800hrs TT
N48973 Barry Goldwater Jr, based at Van Nuys, rebuilt
1966-..-.. John McCallion, Mountain View (CA)
1967-08-30 Robert P. Chandler, Santa Cruz (CA) & probably co-owner John McCallion
1967-11-18 Forced landing off airport at Campbell (CA) hit trees and was destryed due to improper use of carburetor deicing equipment causing the engine to quit, John and 2 passengers remained unharmed. This Stag featured earlier in Plane & Pilot, January, 1967 in an article written by William Poremba who described a flight with Barry Goldwater out of Van Nuys and mentioning “No carburator heat was required in the mild Phoenix climate”
1974-09-10 cancelled


c/n 406

D17S NC240Y 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-04-25 James L. Dyer, Winston-Salem (NC) moved to Nashville (TN)
GB-1 BuNo. 09766 1942-04-.. impressed into U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Dallas NRAB (TX)
194.-..-.. Pensacola NAS (FL)
194.-..-.. Alameda NAS/NO (CA)
194.-..-.. Dallas NAPT (TX)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/A&R (IL)
194.-..-.. Dallas NAS/SO (TX)
1945-03-31 stricken at Dallas NAS (TX)


c/n 407

D17S NX21920 1940-06-10 mfd
1940-..-.. registered to Beech
NC21920 1941-08-08 George P. Fuller, San Francisco (CA)
GB-2 BuNo. 09773 1942-02-20 impressed into U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Alameda NAS (CA)
194.-..-.. San Diego NAS/CABF (CA)
194.-..-.. Fleet Tactical Unit, Advanced Carrier Training Group Pacific
194.-..-.. Commander Fleet Air, West Coast
194.-..-.. Blimp Headquarter Squadron 2
194.-..-.. Embry-Riddle (FL)
194.-..-.. Pensacola NARB (FL)
1946-08-31 stricken
D17S N66282 1963-..-.. Creed Aerial Spraying, Ralls (TX)
1974-..-.. Mr. Jack Hasch, Crosbyton (TX)
Creed Aerial Spraying, Ralls (TX)
registration revoked


c/n 408

D17S XB-AKT 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-04-25 Señor Leopoldo Lopez, Minas de Chihuahua, fate unknown


c/n 409

c/n 409 N1030 at Reno (NV), 1976-09-10 by William T Larkins ©

D17S NC1030 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-05-08 Evening News Publishing, Dayton (OH)
1941-..-.. H. B. Dupont
1946-..-.. Atlantic Aviation Service, Dupont airport, Wilmington (DE)
1956-07-25 CoA
1963-..-.. Paul O. M. Clevenger, Linthicum Heights (MD)
196.-..-.. Dr. G. L. Smith, Cheyenne (WY) rebuilt
N1030 1966-..-.. R. T. Schroeter, Chicago (IL)
1969-02-13 damaged at Stephenson Airport, Cheyenne (WY) due to misjudging distance and speed, and a delayed initiating go-around it collided with a fence and fenceposts resulting in substantial damage to the Stag with minor or no injuries to the pilot
1971-..-.. D. R. Newhouse, Fairfax (VA)
1972-..-.. Norman L. and Barbara Coffelt, Lebanon (OR) moved to Moreno Valley (CA)
1979-06-15 Ground-looped, went off RWY, hit a fence and turned over while landing downwind at Sisters (OR) due to a brake fluid leakage, rebuilt
1998-11-09 Norman L. & Barbara Coffelt Trustee, Prineville (OR)


c/n 410

F17D NC248Y 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-12-16 W. S. Carpenter & G. Weymouth, Wilmington (DE)
UC-43C-BH 42-46916 1942-04-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Baltimore AAB (MD)
1942-..-.. Maxwell AFB (AL)
1942-08-21 Class 26 salvage at Brookley, Maxwell AFB (AL)
1945-05-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation at Whitehaven
1945-05-15 scrapped


c/n 411

E17B NC21900 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-09-02 S. A. Camp & J. Camp, Shafter (CA)
UC-43D-BH 42-53008 1942-05-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
1942-..-.. Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
1942-11-11 taxying accident at Fort Dill, repaired
194.-..-.. Olmstead Field (PA)
194.-..-.. Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
1943-..-.. Kansas City (KS)
1943-09-28 CAA, used by the War Training Service as “WTS 146”
E17B NC114 1946-..-.. CAA
N9554H fate unknown


c/n 412

F17D NC21932 1941-08-21 mfd, demonstrator
UC-43C-BH 42-46914 1942-04-11 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
1942-04-17 wrecked at Hensley Field (TX) failure to chock wheels before starting, repaired
194.-..-.. San Antonio AD (TX)
194.-..-.. Duncan Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Savannah AB (GA)
194.-..-.. Gunter Field (AL)
194.-..-.. Camp Stewart AFB (GA)
194.-..-.. Morris Field (NC)
1943-06-25 CAA with R-715-7 engine instead of Jacobs L-6, for delivery to Region 2, Atlanta AAB (GA)
194.-..-.. Robins Field
1944-10-26 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, scrapped


c/n 413

F17D NC21935 1942-01-20 mfd, demonstrator
UC-43C-BH 42-46908 1942-04-11 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Ellington Field (TX)
194.-..-.. San Antonio AD (TX)
194.-..-.. Camp Hulen AAF (TX)
194.-..-.. Kelly Field (TX)
1943-07-09 CAA for delivery to Alamo Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1945-02-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D N59700 1947-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
1955-09-14 CoA
1955-..-.. S. Trilip, Stockton (CA)
1961-..-.. F. Sorensen, Mountain View (CA)
1964-..-.. J. Amphlett, Vacaville (CA)
N1422T 1969-06-.. Stanley J. Francis, Saylorsburg (PA)
1977-..-.. last flight, rebuilt
N59700 1984-04-.. Veronica Ann Francis, Saylorsburg (PA) stored
1992-01-17 Curtis J. Francis, Virginia Beach (VA) moved to Billings (MT)
2013-11-26 registered to Dale A Auer, Harrisburg (PA)


c/n 414

SF17D NC21931 1941-04-04 mfd
1941-04-12 Maine Forest District, Augusta (ME)
194.-..-.. Wiggins Airways, New England
NC133 (1) 1943-05-07 CAA, accident on the same day
1945-05-08 cancelled
NC133E 1946-..-.. F. W. Prentice, Adrian (MI)
1955-..-.. Queen Shoals Coal & Elk Mining Co, Clay (WV)
Bill Miller, Miller-Howard Seaplanes Base (NJ)
1964-01-.. registration not in use
1972-..-.. scrapped during rebuilt of another unknown Stag


c/n 415

D17S NC21902 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-06-03 Col. Elliot White Springs, Springs Cotton Mills, Lancaster (SC) painted all silver
UC-43B-BH 42-47384 1942-04-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
194.-..-.. Lunken (OH)
194.-..-.. Fairfield AD (OH)
194.-..-.. Kellogg AAB (MI)
194.-..-.. Love Field, Dallas (TX)
194.-..-.. Howard Hughes (TX)
194.-..-.. Duncan Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Kelly Field (TX)
1943-06-26 CAA for delivery to the War Training Service, Washington (DC) as “WTS 134”
D17S NC133 (2) 1945-05-08 CAA, Region 5, Washington (DC)
1946-04-18 dbr at Dallas (TX)
1946-07-29 spares
1946-11-07 cancelled


c/n 416

D17S NC1244 (2) 1940-..-.. mfd, intended for P. S. Billings, H. C. Mattes & W. Turgeon, Chicago (IL) but ntu
1940-09-07 G. Hartley, Duluth (MN)
UC-43B-BH 42-38236 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Tucson AAB (AZ)
194.-..-.. Biggs Field (TX)
194.-..-.. Kelly Field (TX)
1944-04-18 scrapped


c/n 417

D17S NC21903 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-09-27 Noble Drilling, Tulsa (OK), fate unknown


c/n 418

D17S NC21926 1940-..-.. mfd
1940-12-01 W. L. Hartman, Wichita (KS), fate unknown


c/n 419

c/n 419 C-FTTY visited the Beech Party 2013 at Tullahoma (TN) and afterwards dropped in at the NBAA Convention at Las Vegas (NV) 2013-10-22 to 24, receiving as welcome a prominent display at the Beechcraft booth, photo by owner Thomas M. Thomas © via John Faulkner

D17S NC21930 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-04-02 Noble Drilling, Tulsa (OK)
N419J 1968-09-14 CoA
1971-..-.. J. Jones, Farmingdale (NY)
1978-..-.. Troy Reb Stimson, Justin (TX) moved to San Diego (CA)
1978-..-.. visited the Staggerwing Convention
1983-03-.. R. A. Doll, Sedona (AZ)
1988-..-.. William D. Carlson, Irvine (CA)
1991-11-12 J. Herlihy, Mt. Shasta (CA)
1992-01-28 Addison J. C. Pemberton (Pemberton & Sons: Wendram) El Cajon (CA) moved to Spokane (WA)
1993-07-.. started restoration
1996-..-.. restoration completed
1998-..-.. visited EAA Oshkosh (WI)
2010-06-02 Pauline Thomas, Butte (MT)
2011-01-24 cancelled in the USA and imported in Canada
C-FTTY 2011-02-01 Thomas M. Thomas, Cochrane, Alberta and based at Bottrel, Alberta


c/n 420

D17S PB1 1940-05-29 ordered
1941-..-.. mfd, painted in standard Royal Air Force colors including British roundels
1941-09-20 Netherlands Purchasing Commission (NY)
1941-..-.. shipped to the UK, asssembled by the de Havilland Repair Unit at Witney
1941-11-30 ff
1942-..-.. given to, and flown by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, to visit Dutch squadrons and for diplomatic missions involving the exiled Dutch Government
1945-01-01 totally destroyed at Antwerpen by German bombing raid Operation Bodenplatte


c/n 421

D17S NC21933 1941-09-02 mfd
1941-10-16 Labrea Aviation Co, Los Angelos (CA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09768 1942-02-19 impressed into U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Roosevelt Base (CA)
194.-..-.. San Diego NAS (CA)
194.-..-.. Convair Inspector of Naval Aircraft
194.-..-.. San Diego NAS (CA)
194.-..-.. Corsair Bureau of Aeronautics Representative
194.-..-.. San Diego NAS (CA)
1945-07-31 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)


c/n 422

D17S NC1600 (1) 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-11 Tubular Weaving Co, Columbus (OH)
1942-03-23 War Dept General Delivery, Washington (DC)
UC-43B-BH 42-38281 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
1942-10-21 damaged at Ogden (UT) flown by Irving C. Eels, repaired
1943-01-07 cancelled from FAA register
1943-04-05 flew into a mountain side near Challis (ID) killing pilot Bill Kelly and 2 passengers, destroyed


c/n 423

D17S NC213 1941-..-.. mfd
1942-03-17 CAA, Washington (DC) based at Washington National
1946-07-30 CoA
1946-12-02 to Oklahoma City to be disassembled for parts used on other unknown aircraft
1947-01-24 cancelled
1988-..-.. rudder with George S. York


c/n 424

D17S (NC21936) 1942-01-01 mfd, as last civilian and as stock D17S, Beech demonstrator
1942-02-12 Form 337 was filed by Beech for modified fuselage structure
1942-04-18 Beech requested in a letter to CAA cancellation of license NC21936 since “this NC number has been removed and airplane is now bearing Army Insignia and number.” Both Airworthiness Certificate and Registration Certificate were cancelled.
1942-04-27 Airworthiness Certificate and Registration Certificate cancelled by CAA: “this aircraft returned to commercial use in March 1942 and reassigned 21934.”
NC21934 1942-05-22 registered, FAA files notes that Certificate was marked “Void” at some unknown date, believed because changing from NC to NX
1944-02-01 Form 337 filed by Beech for Major Alteration for the modifications to transform the D17S to G17S
1944-10-05 Form 337 approved by CAA Aircraft Engineering
NX21934 1944–.-.. NX reigistration during testing and conversion proces, probably painted red and later to yellow, photos show different type of cowling with small front diameter, later standard G17S cowl with three fastners (later G17S had two), and open D17S wheel fairings, “Walter H. Beech” painted on the cabin door
G17S NC21934 1945-04-.. on cover of Flying and Air Tech magazines
1946-03-15 on cover of Air News with Air Tech magazine
1946-08-09 Registration Certificate issued to Beech, still with no type specified
1946-10-11 ATC 779 issued by CAA, “Airplanes eligible for approval were constructor numbers 424 and B-1 through B-20”, later also other D17S were modified to G17S
1947-02-24 Ohio Oil Company, Findlay (OH) painted Army & Navy Orange, birdstripe Berry’s Consolidated Blue
1948-07-08 Form 337 filed for new VHF radio, first known document showing model as G17S, although the original typed entry had been erased and handwritten as G17S
1949-07-16 Industrial Colloids Co, Emlenton (PA)
1951-01-10 Ritchey Flying Service Inc, Meachum Field, Fort Worth (TX)
1951-01-10 Vest Aircraft & Finance Co, Denver (CO)
1951-01-20 Joseph James Ryan, Arrington (VA)
1951-03-19 Certificate of Registration issued to J. J. Ryan
1951-10-19 Form 337 filed for ADF-12 radio installation
1952-11-12 Period Inspection completed showing TT 1790.03h in log books
N34R 1953-10-10 aircraft logs state the Stag was “relicense” this date
1954-10-04 Form 337 filed for major engine overhaul (P&W R985-AN1) with use of N34R in the records
1955-01-25 “corrected” Certificate of Registration issued showing date of issue N34R as being 1951-03-19
1955-04-08 Form 337 filed for complete grade “A” fabric recovering, new colors: Texaco Red, Black and Grey, log shows: “A complete overhaul on Aircraft. All of Airframe Wing’s & Control recovered”, TT 1806h
1957-06-24 Period Inspection & check of weight & balance, TT 1831.45h
1957-08-28 new CoA
1958-06-06 Period Inspection, TT 1845.15h
1958-..-.. visited Reading Air Show
1959-06-24 Period Inspection, TT 1862.35h
1960-06-30 Period Inspection, TT 1875.05h
1961-06-13 thru 1963-11-19: log book says aircraft in storage Baker (sp) Field
1961-08-19 Period Inspection, TT 1888.05h
1963-08-30 Greensboro High Point Air Service Inc, Greensboro (NC)
1963-11-13 log book personal notes: “Take care of N-34R – She’s ‘The Pet’ ” and in different handwriting: “OK! So we brought her home to Greensboro KVB”
1963-11-19 ferry flight Bakers to Greensboro
1964-04-29 overhauled by Air Service Inc and test flight
1964-04-30 forced landed and turned over at Greensboro (NC) due to fuel selector placard reversed, pilot TT 6,600h, in type 18h. Form 337 filed for updated avionics including Marker receiver and Narco Mk V receiver, Period Inspection, TT 1890.20h, all seats, side panels and headlining upholstered in red and black
1964-04-30 on climb to cruise level the engine quit due starvation, the Stag was forced landed wheels-up at Grensboro (NC) fuel mismanagement occured due fuel selector placards reversed, repaired
1964-05-07 Jim Hicks, Pompano Beach (FL)
1964-05-22 William F. Krause, Ann Arbour (MI)
1968-11-15 George Stang, Osage (IA)
1968-12-06 Certificate of Registration issued to him
1968-01-01 to 1975 restorated: black leather interior donated by Mr. John Parrish, Tullahoma (TN), pieces of old fabric from one of the wings was enclosed in the first two hundred copies of the second edition of Staggerwing! (Robert T. Smith) in order to raise money to get the book into production
1974-07-07 Annual Inspection, TT 1890h
1974-07-17 Form 337 filed for complete grade “A” fabric recovering of fuselage and tail surface, wings recovered in Irish Linen, all woodwork replaced with new wood, new tires and all new landing and flying wires, new color: Silver with Insignia Red
1975-07-01 George finally registers purchase with State of Iowa, with seller William who had moved from Ann Arbour (MI) to Marengo (IL), with date of purchase 1975-04-..
1976-08-20 Annual Inspection, TT 1922h
1978-09-06 Annual Inspection, TT 1930h
1980-09-06 Annual Inspection, TT 1936h
1981-08-13 Annual Inspection, TT 1952h
1982-07-28 Annual Inspection, TT 1957h
1987-07-.. Iowa Dept. of Transportation Air and Transit Division 1987-1988 Aircraft Registration Certificate issued for 34R (s/n 424 – “D17”) issued to George Stang – expiry June 30, 1988
1988-08-05 Annual Inspection, TT 1976.8h
1988-10-04 Dr. Gerald E. Hanson, Las Vegas (NV)
1988-1.-.. restoration started by Steve Wolf
NC21934 1989-03-31 N21934 was assigned to a Cessna 150 from George Cady, Lake Placid (FL) and Gerald negotiated return of number to c/n 424
1991-10-29 major overhauled R-985-AN1 from Tulsa Aircraft Engines installed
1993-05-03 Form 337 filed (work dated 1993-05-05) for repair made to cracked flap spars, built new ribs # 2 and 3 in upper right wing from rear spar to training edge, all four wing panels received new trailing edges, two diaginal truss tubes running from firewall bay to the upper wing attachments repaired due to previous improper repair, fuselage sandblasted and painted, new lower main cowling repaired with new manufactured skin (leaving all other cowl parts original)
1993-05-03 Form 337 filed to replace Goodyear brakes with Clevelands, added Whelen flasher lights on top and belly, rebult instrument panel to original size and material, multiple new engine and flight instruments added/replaced, added King KMA24K audio panel, King KX165 with KCS, Pictorial Nav System, King KT-76A transponder
1993-05-03 entire Stag recovered in Stits D-103 fabric, new colors: Yellow DU-82150, Blue DU-63203, Red DU-79837
1993-05-03 Form 337 filed for installation of King HSI
1993-05-14 TT 1991.6, ferry flight approved from Creswell to Gillespie, where restoration work was taken over by Mike Meloche, San Diego (CA)
1993-08-15 Form 337 filed for installation of Dukes electrical fuel pump
1993-11-13 Annual Inspection, TT 2001.5h
1993-11-13 Form 337 filed for replaced tail wheel retraction shock cord bungee with coil spring bungee
1993-11-13 Form 337 filed for engine cowl replaced in whole from firewall forward, noted that ballast was added “in accordance with D17 installation directions”
1993-11-25 restoration finished by Mike Meloche
1994-08-.. won “Antique Reserve Grand Champion Trophy” at EAA Annual Convention and Fly-In, Oshkosh (WI)
1994-09-16 Annual Inspection, TT 2090.0h
1995-07-15 Annual Inspection, TT 2109.5h
1996-05-27 Form 337 filed to add Alden Quick-disconnect drain plug
1996-10-11 Annual Inspection, TT 2128.9h
1997-10-24 Annual Inspection, TT 2150.9h
1998-05-27 Form 337 filed to add Alden Quick-disconnect drain plug
1998-10-11 Annual inspection, TT 2172.9h
1999-05-29 William T. “Bill” Thursby, Arlington (TX)
1999-05-30 after a new annual (completed at Mike Meloche’s facilities) flight from Gillespie Field, San Diego (CA) to new home Arlington (TX) with help of friends David Hughes and John Butler, the only incident was a burned out flap motor during David’s checkout rides
1999-07-08 registered to Bill, who moved later to Cedar Hill (TX)
for sale (asking $525,000)