c/n B-1 – B-20

c/n B-1 NC80302 in the late ’40’s, received in 1989 from Beech ©

B-1 G17S NC80302 1946-..-.. mfd
B-1 G17S NC80302 1946-07-13 sold by Beech to Cuban Dominican Sales Company, New York City (NY) flown by E. H. Burgin
B-1 G17S NC80302 1946-10-11 ATC-779
B-1 G17S NC80302 1947-..-.. Barahona Co (NY) painted dark blue with yellow trim and big US Flags on fuselage and wings
B-1 G17S NC80302 1950-..-.. K. W. “Ken” Everson, Newport Beach (CA) hired by West Indies Sugar Corporation to fly at Consuelo, San Pedro, Maloris, Dominican Republic
B-1 G17S NC80302 Wings Inc (FL)
B-1 G17S CU-463 to a Cuban pilot, used for cloud seeding in Cuba
B-1 G17S CU-463 1952-..-.. still in Santiago, Cuba, probably scrapped


B-2 G17S NX80303 1946-..-.. mfd
B-2 G17S NX80303 1946-..-.. Beech Aircraft Co
B-2 G17S NC80303 194.-..-.. Robert E. “Bob” Woodard
B-2 G17S NC80303 1947-06-27 sold by Plains Airways Inc, Cheyenne (WY) to Mr. Alfred C. & Mrs. Barrow, Sweetbriar Ladies Ready to Wear Shops, Denver (CO) named “Sally Sweetbriar II” with Bob as pilot
B-2 G17S NC80303 1948-03-.. forced landing in bad weather on a highway Denver – Grand Junction at Wheeler Flats (CO), damaged (right wingtip struck a highway marker, making the tip bow broken and the fabric torn)
B-2 G17S NC80303 Lee Blakkolb, Portland (OR)
B-2 G17S NC80303 1950-03-21 reported missing, searched by 50 aircraft
B-2 G17S NC80303 1950-09-30 remains of the Stag discovered with 4 on board, salvaged and rebuilt
B-2 G17S N9003A 1986-11-17 rebuilt completed
B-2 G17S N9003A 1987-02-27 Bill White, Boring (OR)
B-2 G17S N9003A 2013-12-31 expired, status Undel Tri


B-3 G17S NC80304 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-3 G17S NC80304 1946-07-.. J. Hilliard Hancock (AL)
B-3 G17S NC80304 1956-06-01 CoA
B-3 G17S NC80304 195.-..-.. H. A. Fosnocht Jr. (GA)
B-3 G17S NC80304 1959-..-.. William C. “Dub” Yarbrough, Atlanta (GA) restored, named “Big Red”
B-3 G17S N44G 1970-..-.. John-Charles Parish, Tullahoma (TN)
B-3 G17S N44G 1979-..-.. restorated
B-3 G17S N44G 1980-07-28 John L. Parish, Tullahoma (TN)
B-3 G17S N44G Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
B-3 G17S N44G 2002-03-10 before this date on loan (?) to David & Jan Oreck, John Parish registered owner
B-3 G17S N44G 2014-10-31 expired

B- 4 1983-07-31 NC80305 at Oshkosh (WI) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n B-4 NC80305 at Oshkosh (WI) 1983-07-31 by Glenn Chatfield ©

B-4 G17S NC80305 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-4 G17S NC80305 1946-08-24 J. W. Reid Co, Houston (TX).
B-4 G17S NC80305 1955-10-15 CoA
B-4 G17S NC80305 1963-..-.. J. T. Towers, Corona del Mar (CA)
B-4 G17S NC80305 1967-03-17 James C. “Jim” Gorman, Mansfield (OH)
B-4 G17S NC80305 1978-..-.. at Oshkosh this year
B-4 G17S NC80305 2014-03-31 expired


B-5 G17S NC80306 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-5 G17S NC80306 1946-08-17 Alantic Aviation Corporation (NJ)
B-5 G17S NC80306 194.-..-.. Mr. Christie, Wichita Falls (TX)
B-5 G17S NC80306 1948-05-15 General Petroleum Corporation, Casper (WY) (Soconoy Vacuum Oil Co) flown by Robert H. “Bob” Woodard
B-5 G17S NC80306 Vest Aircraft, Denver (CO)
B-5 G17S N333 (2) 1963-..-.. M. J. Reed, Santa Ana (CA)
B-5 G17S N333 (2) 1964-07-11 forced landing at night into a corn field and collided with trees in Danville (KY) due failure of master solenoid in bad weather with thunderstorm activity, the pilot continued VFR into adverse weather, the 3 on board weren’t injured, the Stag was severely damaged, NTSB quoted as destroyed
B-5 G17S N333 (2) 1966-07-01 remains to Capt. William E. “Bill” Freeman, Stone Mountain (GA)
B-5 G17S N333 (2) 1969-..-.. rebuilt completed with parts of a D17S
B-5 G17S NC80306 1969-05-26 CoA
B-5 G17S NC80306 1969-..-.. Capt. William E. “Bill” Freeman, Stone Mountain (GA) based at Atlanta (GA)
B-5 G17S NC80306 1969-..-.. to 1979-..-.. taken over forty trophies
B-5 G17S NC80306 Anna W. Freeman, Griffen (GA)
B-5 G17S NC80306 1989-07-26 John W. “Jack” Cronin, Denver (CO) moved to Englewood (CO)
B-5 G17S NC80306 1989-..-.. recovered by Mike Stanko
B-5 G17S NC80306 2015-04-30 expired


B-6 G17S NC80307 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-6 G17S NC80307 1946-08-23 Coldstream Stud Inc, Lexington (KY)
B-6 G17S NC80307 1948-05-.. to Chile
B-6 G17S CC-CAA 1955-06-21
B-6 G17S NC80307 1957-..-.. untill this date to CAA
B-6 G17S NC80307 Dick Durand, Wersternair Inc, based at Albuquerque (NM)
B-6 G17S NC80307 2000-07-26 for sale, painted Flame Red with Cream Striping & Navy Pinstriping
B-6 G17S NC80307 not in FAA register
B-6 G17S NC80307 2015-04-30 expired


B-7 G17S NC80308 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-7 G17S NC80308 1946-07-26 J. D. Reed Co, Houston (TX)
B-7 G17S NC80308 1947-..-.. Dunham Pew Co, Baton Rouge (LA), “Dunham and Pew”-titels
B-7 G17S NC80308 1948-..-.. H. H. Holloway, Baton Rouge (LA)
B-7 G17S NC80308 1955-..-.. Robert Willis Co
B-7 G17S NC80308 195.-..-.. run off the side of a runway and nosed up in the mud
B-7 G17S NC80308 195.-..-.. Mr. Priester
B-7 G17S NC80308 1956-..-.. Clayton J. Carriveau, Franksville (WI) rebuilt, stored
B-7 G17S NC80308 1989-..-.. Jim Younkin, Springdale (AR) restauration
B-7 G17S NC80308 1990-..-.. W. Warren, Portland (OR)
B-7 G17S NC80308 1992-02-04 Stephen H. Parker, Odessa (TX) restoration completed by Jim Younkin
B-7 G17S NC80308 1994-11-07 CoA
B-7 G17S NC80308 for sale ($525,000)
B-7 G17S NC80308 2005-04-29 Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
B-7 G17S NC80308 2014-01-31 expired


B-8 G17S NC80309 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-8 G17S NC80309 1946-08-07 Oles Envelope Corporation, Baltimore (MD)
B-8 G17S NC80309 1949-..-.. burned due to a flat tire on a magnesium tail wheel, friction started the fire, the pilot parked without noticing, TT 70hours
B-8 G17S NC80309 1964-04-29 W. C. Yarbrough remains rebuilt
B-8 G17S NC80309 1977-..-.. Dr. William R. Mahaffey, Fayetteville (TN)
B-8 G17S NC80309 1987-..-.. James S. Francis, Westfield Centre (OH) moved to Columbiana (OH) later to Tullahoma (TN)
B-8 G17S NC80309 restoration
B-8 G17S NC80309 1998-12-17 CoA
B-8 G17S NC80309 2006-08-29 Zachry Industrail Inc, San Antonio (TX)
B-8 G17S NC80309 2015-01-31 expired


B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1946-0.-.. mfd
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1946-09-21 W. S. Carpenter III, Wilmington (DE)
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) Lamont DuPont
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1955-10-11 CoA
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1963-..-.. R. L. Hotaling, Atlanta (GA)
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1966-06-23 ground-looped on takeoff run and gear collapsed at Fulton County Airport, Atlanta (GA) due to overload failure leading to substantial damage to the Stag, the 4 on board had minor or no injuries
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1971-..-.. R. E. Barnes, Oconomowoc (WI)
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1972-..-.. to 1975-..-.. rebuilt by George Yezman
B-9 G17S NC291Y (2) 1973-..-.. Robert H. Fergus, Columbus (OH)
B-9 G17S N6RF 1978-..-.. Robert H. Fergus, Columbus (OH)
B-9 G17S N6RF 1983-01-.. D. R. Allen & Son Inc, Fayetteville (NC)
B-9 G17S N99DV 1985-03-.. Duke E. Vincent, Montecito (CA) named “The Duker”
B-9 G17S N99DV 1987-10-.. at Staggerwing Convention, Wichita (KS)
B-9 G17S N99DV Westernair Inc, Albuquerque Int. Airport, Albuquerque (NM)
B-9 G17S N99DV for sale ($ 350,000) painted Lipstick Red, Cream trim
B-9 G17S N99DV Tom Leatherwood, Avlite Aviation Inc, Paso Robles (CA)
B-9 G17S N99DV 2004-03-17 Sopwith Ltd, Las Vegas (NV)
B-9 G17S N99DV 2013-10-31 expired


B-10 G17S VT-CIT 1946-..-.. mfd
B-10 G17S VT-CIT 1947-01-13 Tata Iron and Steel Co, Bombay, India
B-10 G17S VT-CIT 1960-..-.. Simon Carves Ltd
B-10 G17S VT-CIT 1962-07-06 Associated Airworks, Calcutta
B-10 G17S VT-CIT 1975-..-.. wfu, fuselage frame found in use as a childrens climbing frame

N70E 1c N70E 2cc/n B-11 N70E with race number “7” only applied on the right side, finished 5th (last) at the Staggerwing Exhibition Race at Reno, 1970-09-18, by William T. Larkins ©

B-11 G17S NC80312 (1) 1946-..-.. mfd
B-11 G17S NC80312 (1) 1946-10-13 State of Nebraska, Department of Aeronautics, Lincoln (NE)
B-11 G17S N70E 1955-11-30 CoA
B-11 G17S N70E W. Walkenhorst, Cincinnati (OH)
B-11 G17S N70E 1963-..-.. Major A. W. Laughton, Merced (CA)
B-11 G17S N70E Noel T. Goursolle Jr, Sacramento (CA)
B-11 G17S N70E/”7″ 1970-09-18 clocked 140.870mph at Staggerwing Exhibition Race, Reno, 5th (last) place, named “White Bird”
B-11 G17S N70E 1987-..-.. Denzel W. Marshall, Pasadena (CA)
B-11 G17S N70E 1989-02-06 Lawrence R. Smith Jr Trustee, Collinsville (CT)
B-11 G17S N70E rebuilding with Marshall
B-11 G17S N70E 2007-03-29 Staggerwing LLC, Canton (CT)
B-11 G17S N70E 2013-10-31 expired


B-12 G17S NC80313 1946-..-.. mfd
B-12 G17S NC80313 1946-10-08 Furrow & Co, Guthrie (OK)
B-12 G17S NC80313 1953-09-09 at Teterboro (NJ)
B-12 G17S NC80313 1957-06-25 CoA
B-12 G17S NC80313 1959-..-.. recovered
B-12 G17S N911 1963-..-.. C. J. Carriveau, Milwaukee (WI)
B-12 G17S N911 1964-12-.. H. H. “Red” Holloway Jr, Baton Rouge (LA), overhauled
B-12 G17S N911 1965-..-.. new engine
B-12 G17S N911 1966-08-06 completed
B-12 G17S N911 1971-..-.. Wiles-Holloway Inc, Baton Rouge (LA)
B-12 G17S N911 1978-11-.. Louisiana Midland Transport Co, Baton Rouge (LA)
B-12 G17S N911 1983-..-.. rebuilt by Custom Aircraft Restoration, Ocala (FL)
B-12 G17S N911 1984-02-.. completed
B-12 G17S N911 1987-..-.. H. H. “Red” Holloway Jr, Baton Rouge (LA)
B-12 G17S N911 1992-..-.. John J. Cournoyer, Ellsinore (MO)
B-12 G17S N911 1997-08-15 John J. & Connie L. Cournoyer, Ellsinore (MO)
B-12 G17S N911 2015-02-28 expired


B-13 G17S CF-ESU 1946-..-.. mfd
B-13 G17S CF-ESU 1946-12-14 A. E. de Palma, Toronto, named “The Tantalum Kid”
B-13 G17S CF-ESU 1953-04-06 C. W. Millard, Toronto
B-13 G17S N4710V 1956-03-22 CoA
B-13 G17S N4710V J. J. Connor, Tucson (AZ)
B-13 G17S N4710V 1963-..-.. S. Dunlap III, New Canaan (CT)
B-13 G17S N4710V 1969-02-03 forced landing at Southaven (MS) and collided with trees due to engine starvation caused by fuel selector valves that had been installed backwards by non-certificated personnel, the plane was substantially damaged, the pilot suffered minor or no injuries
B-13 G17S N4710V 1971-04-.. W. C. Yarbrough, Mansfield (OH)
B-13 G17S N4710V 1971-04-27 George W. Freeman, Canton (NC)
B-13 G17S N4710V 1977-..-.. rebuilt by G. Yezman
B-13 G17S N4710V 2012-12-11 reservation
purge date 2017-12-11


B-14 G17S NC80315 1946-..-.. mfd
B-14 G17S NC80315 1947-03-.. Antler Land Co, Wyola (MT)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1963-..-.. D. C. Fenner, Atlanta (GA)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1965-..-.. rebuilt completed
B-14 G17S NC80315 1968-..-.. William Hembree, Jacksonville (FL)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1971-..-.. Willow Parc Inc, Jacksonville (FL)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1975-..-.. repainted blue
B-14 G17S NC80315 1978-..-.. William Hembree, Jacksonville (FL)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1978-..-.. R. Schulz, Jacksonville (FL)
B-14 G17S NC80315 1979-..-.. needed recovering
B-14 G17S NC80315 1987-..-.. William “Bill” G. Quinn, Columbia (MT)
B-14 G17S ZK-MOE 2003-12-02 imported by Mr. Gerald Grocott
B-14 G17S ZK-MOE 2004-01-21 Type Acceptance Certificate No. 4/21B/16 based on FAA ATC 779
B-14 G17S NC80315 2009-10-29 James B. Hawkes, Manchester (MA)
B-14 G17S NC80315 2015-07-31 expired

c/n B-15 NC80316 shot air-to-air overhead New Zealand on 2013-02-09 by Gavin Conroy © from http://capphotography.ifp3.com

B-15 G17S NC80316 1946-..-.. mfd
B-15 G17S NC80316 1947-..-.. assembled, this was the last built Staggerwing
B-15 G17S NC80316 Colorado Oil Co
B-15 G17S NC80316 1955-11-07 CoA
B-15 G17S NC80316 1963-..-.. Tom Cat Overall Co, Chattanooga (TN)
B-15 G17S NC80316 1966-..-.. R. Coleman, Knoxville (TN)
B-15 G17S N262C 196.-..-.. Colorado Oil Co
B-15 G17S N262C 1967-..-.. Flying Club, Excelsior (MN)
B-15 G17S N262C 1971-..-.. AFC
B-15 G17S N262C 1972-06-.. William W. H. “Bill” Halverson, Minneapolis (MN) painted white with red trim
B-15 G17S N262C 1975-..-.. restoration
B-15 G17S NC80316 1978-..-.. Halverson, Bloomington (MN)
B-15 G17S NC80316 1988-10-.. at Tullahoma (TN)
B-15 G17S NC80316 1991-01-31 Halverson, Minneapolis (MN)
B-15 G17S NC80316 “Grand Champion”-award at Oshkosh (WI)
B-15 G17S NC80316 2011-11-29 Kiwi Lion LLC, Seattle (WA)
B-15 G17S NC80316 2014-11-30 expired


B-16 G17S N8464A 1946-..-.. mfd, with parts bought from the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-16 G17S N8464A 194.-..-.. sold to the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-16 G17S N8464A 1948-12-.. Messrs Ashby and Woods
B-16 G17S N8464A 1953-..-.. At Fort Worth (TX)
B-16 G17S N8464A 1963-..-.. J. Church, Alameda CA)
B-16 G17S N8464A 1964-01-01 F. A. Montmorency, Anchorage (AK)
B-16 G17S N8464A 1966-..-.. R. F. Durant, Albuquerque (NM)
B-16 G17S N8464A J. Cannon, Van Nuys (CA)
B-16 G17S NC80317 Bryant L. Morris, Portuguese Bay,Torrance (CA)
B-16 G17S NC80317 1970-07-.. Robert H. “Bob” Watkins, Iberia (MO)
B-16 G17S N80317/”77″ 1970-09-18 clocked 153.191mph in Staggerwing Exhibition Race, Reno, 1st place in the Race, flown by Jerry L. McMillin (who came to the event with c/n 4867 N60149) Nevertheless: the announcer of the race said it was as exciting as watching paint dry…
B-16 G17S N80317 197.-..-.. Robert H. “Bob” Watkins, China Lake (CA)
B-16 G17S N80317 1971-..-.. Robert H. “Bob” Watkins, Ontario (CA)
B-16 G17S N80317 Robert H. “Bob” Watkins, Huntington Beach (CA) stored at home
B-16 G17S N80317 1983-..-.. dismantled
B-16 G17S N80317 1989-11-.. ready for paint and assembly
B-16 G17S N80317 registration lapsed and re-assigned
B-16 G17S N88317 1990-07-03 Robert H. “Bob” Watkins Jr, Huntington Beach (CA) Bob states the Stag left factory as NC80317
B-16 G17S N88317 2015-01-31 expired


B-17 G17S N8485A 1946-..-.. mfd, with parts bought from the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-17 G17S N8485A sold to the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-17 G17S N8485A 1949-02-.. Mr. F. W. Pascoe, Cananea, Sonora, Mexico
B-17 G17S N8485A 1949-03-18 crashed at Cananea, killing Mr. Pascoe


B-18 G17S NC8589A 1946-..-.. mfd, with parts bought from the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-18 G17S NC8589A sold to the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1949-..-.. William F. O’Keefe (O’Keefes Inc) San Francisco (CA)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1956-02-16 CoA
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1963-02-16 wheels-uplanding at Half Moon Bay Airport, Memphis (TN) due to incorrect fitting of fuel selector valve, almost completely consumed by fire
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1975-..-.. Richard Stowe, Park Ridge (NJ) owned remains, started restoration
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1979-..-.. Jim Kimball Enterprise Inc, Longwood (FL) completed restoration
B-18 G17S NC8589A 1986-..-.. before this date to Jack G. Rouse, Boynton Beach (FL)
B-18 G17S NC8589A Claire Aviation Inc, Philadelphia (PA)
B-18 G17S NC8589A some unknown owner
B-18 G17S NC8589A to an owner from Red Lion (NJ)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 2002-05-04 and next day at Millville (NJ)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 2002-06-08 at Reading (PA)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 2009-07-23 Bravo Tango LLC, Indianapolis (IN)
B-18 G17S NC8589A 2015-02-28 expired


B-19 G17S N8590A 1946-..-.. mfd, with parts bought from the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-19 G17S N8590A sold to the Henry Seale Aviation Supply Company, Dallas (TX)
B-19 G17S N8590A 1949-..-.. H. Wentworth
B-19 G17S N8590A 1956-03-30 CoA
B-19 G17S N8590A 1958-..-.. Inland Container Corporation, Indianapolis (IN)
B-19 G17S N8590A 1959-..-.. to 1960-..-.. Roscoe-Turner Aero Corporation, rebuilt
B-19 G17S N8590A 1960-..-.. D. Engel, Wichita (KS) rebuilt continued
B-19 G17S N8590A 1964-..-.. H. Rosen & G. Stevens, Wichita (KS)
B-19 G17S N8590A 1964-09-.. M. Porth rebuilt completed
B-19 G17S N8590A 1965-..-.. L. B. “Jack” Maytag Jr
B-19 G17S N700N 1968-07-06 forced landed at Addison Airport, Lewisville (TX) and substantial damaged by hitting trees, caused by the pilot switching to an empty tank causing the engine to quit running (3 tanks were full, 2 were empty) the pilot suffered minor or no injuries, the Stag was rebuilt
B-19 G17S N700N 1978-..-.. G. Tregre, Fort Worth (TX) painted cream with maroon trims
B-19 G17S N700N 1978-11-.. John H. Thompson, Carson City (CA)
B-19 G17S N700N 1979-..-.. P. Chowning, Albuquerque (NM)
B-19 G17S N700N John H. Thompson, Carson City (CA) moved to San Ramon (CA)
B-19 G17S N700N 1991-01-22 John H. Thompson, Alamo (CA) moved to Danville (CA) rebuilt
B-19 G17S N700N Leroy Cantrell
B-19 G17S N700N belly-landing with partial jammed gear extension, between two trees at Lake Grapevine, pilot mistook mixtureknob for the throttle, looking identical
B-19 G17S N700N rebuilt by Tony Blackistone, painted red
B-19 G17S N700N 2011-02-08 AVRO Ltd, Las Vegas (NV)
B-19 G17S N700N 2014-02-28 expired


B-20 G17S NC80321 1946-12-06 mfd, test flown by Vern Carstens
B-20 G17S NC80321 1947-11-29 Mr. Hartman, flown by Ivan Behel untill 1951-..-..
B-20 G17S NC80321 1955-08-04 CoA
B-20 G17S NC80321 1966-..-.. D. Lumis, Bakersfield (CA)
B-20 G17S NC80321 1966-12-31 C. Carter, Woodland Hills (CA)
B-20 G17S NC80321 1971-..-.. West Flying Services, Scottsbluff (NE)
B-20 G17S NC80321 1977-..-.. D. B. Holtzman, Birmingham (MI)
B-20 G17S N80321 1977-..-.. Raymond J. Jones, Southfield (MI)
B-20 G17S N80321 1983-03-.. Raymond J. Jones Jr, Stuart (FL)
B-20 G17S N80321 1991-08-22 at Hilton Head Island (SC)
B-20 G17S N80321 1991-..-.. displayed at Staggerwing Museum, Tullahoma (TN)
B-20 G17S N80321 1991-..-.. Stephen J. “Steve” Craig Trustee, Lawrence (KS) restored
B-20 G17S N80321 1999-11-10 Stephen J. & Joan L. Craig Trustee, Lawrence (KS)
B-20 G17S N80321 2000-02-13 parts of c/n B-20 and c/n 254 offered for sale by Steve Craig
B-20 G17S NC80321 restoration completed by Blue Max Aviation, restoration took 4 years
B-20 G17S NC80321 2001-04-04 ff
B-20 G17S NC80321 2001-..-.. reported with Stan York but officially registered to Steve & Joan
B-20 G17S NC80321 2001-..-.. noted at Van Nuys (CA)
B-20 G17S NC80321 2003-09-11 to 2003-09-14 at National Championship Air Races for the “Western Regional Invitational Aviation Heritage Trophy” at Reno Stead Airport (NV)
B-20 G17S NC80321 2015-10-31 expired