c/n 1 – 30

c/n 1


the realisation of a dream: Beech c/n 1 NC499N at Wichita (KS) probably 1933
received in 1989 from Beech © # B-126

17R NC499N 1932-11-02 registered Beech Aircraft Company
“499N” 1932-11-04 mfd, painted Insignia Red, Dark Maroon striping & registration
1932-11-05 ff at 12:30h by Wilbur “Pete” Hill
1932-11-09 speed 200mph over an observed course
NC499N 1932-12-20 ATC-496
NC499N/”40″ 1933-01-.. won Texaco Trophy at All-American Air Maneuvres, Miami (FL) received nickname “Staggerwing”, flown by Karl E. Voelter or Eric H. Woods, 163mph for five laps of the five-mile closed course
NC499N 1933-06-01 Borrowed by Loffland Brothers Co (Tom & Jack) Tulsa (OK)
1934-02-08 for 8 days displayed at Pan American Air Races, Shushan Airport, New Orleans (LA) flown by Walter Beech on the “special speed show”
1934-04-20 sold to Ethyl Gasoline Corp, painted black & Ethyl Yellow, registration maroon, black outline
various modifications, like engine-change (Wright R-975E2 # 10777 to # 12758)
1934-05-24 delivered to pilot Dewey L. Noyes from Ethyl Gasoline Corp, New York City (NY) ($11,827,35)
1935-12-11 crashed at Carney Woods east of Nunda (NY) in an icestorm, while flying low due to low visibility, pilot Dewey L. Noyes and Edford M. Walter were killed when trees ripped off all wings, Ethyl abandoned the Stag, burried on the spot
1983-..-.. Steven K. Pfister, Santa Paula (CA) start rebuilt
1990-06-07 Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
1990-..-.. Jim Younkin, Springdale (AR) finished rebuilt
1990-10-08 displayed, dedicated in honor of Steven K. Pfister



c/n 2

17R NC58Y 1933-06-01 mfd, painted red with maroon trim, adjusted untill 1933-06-19
1933-06-19 testflight by George Gay
1933-06-23 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK) ($14,565.81) flown by Edwin “Eddie” Felix Ross
1933-09-19 damaged in take off from an oil drilling site (OK) unable to gain sufficient height (hot, thin air) struck an oil rig polish rod, landed safely in a field directly ahead, right lower wing “washed out”, left lower wing slightly damaged, and some less obvious damages, disassembled to Wichita, repaired
1933-10-12 back into service, the Stag later had some flying wires broken and fixed
1935-04-.. returned to Beech, replaced by c/n 38, dismantled, probably used for c/n 5



c/n 3

0003 1983-07-29 NC270Y at DuPage (IL) by Glenn Chatfield b
c/n 3 NC270Y at DuPage (IL) 1983-07-29 by Glenn Chatfield ©

B17L NC270Y 1934-02-.. mfd, painted maroon with black fuselage & tail scope, used as demonstrator ($ 8,000.-)
1934-02-27 ff (1934-02-02 also quoted)
1934-12-04 ATC-560
1935-02-02 Charlotte L. Frye, Griffen (GA) used as mailplane and in races
1935-..-.. at Detroit Air Show
1935-09-.. forced landing and ground looped, repaired with two new lower wings and one main gear, modified
1935-12-12 to 1935-12-14: won All-American Air Maneuvres, Miami (FL)
1936-..-.. engine failure at Miami Air Races, landed three miles out of the airport in a swamp, minor damage
1946-..-.. Stevens College, Columbia (MO)
1947-..-.. L. R. Keith from Keith Flying Service, Rusell (KS)
1951-..-.. wfu
1952-09-11 CoA
1958-..-.. Major Joe Gildea
1967-..-.. Lt. Col. James T. Winkler
disassembled and left to decay outside a garage in the San Francisco Bay area, TT: 957h
1977-..-.. Paul Harper, Los Altos (CA)
1979-..-.. Hub Johnson, Red Bluff (CA)
1980-02-.. Richard “Dick” Perry & Richard W.   “Dick” Hansen, Batavia (IL) restorated to authentic off factory condition, aiming for display at Beechcraft’s 50th anniversary in 1982, a rebuildable 1933 Jacobs L-4 was obtained from the Staggerwing Museum, and Dr. Berne Yocke, Aurora (IL) made new landing gear doors from scratch, many parts had to be constructed the same way it was done in 1934, NC270Y had a total 4 recorded accidents but the frame was still within specifications
1982-08-27 rollout & ff after 31 years, out of Hampshire (IL) by Dick Perry, just missing the 50th anniversary
1984-04-30 Classic Enterprises
1987-10-.. Beech Aircraft Corporation, Wichita(KS) in exchange for c/n 6919
no CoA, displayed at Beech Aircraft Delivery Center, renamed Raytheon Aircraft Co, renamed Hawker Beechcraft Corp, Wichita (KS)

 0003 1983-07-29 NC270Y & 6923 NC44562 at DuPage (IL) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 3 NC270Y (front) and c/n 6923 NC44562 at DuPage (IL) 1983-07-29 by Glenn Chatfield ©



c/n 4

B17L NC12584 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-..-.. Beech Aircraft Co
1934-07-04 John P. “Jack” Gaty, Wichita (KS)
1934-..-.. Socony-Vacuum Oil “Aero Mobiloil”- & “Gargoyle”-titels, painted cream with red titels
1934-08-.. on steamship Europa as deckcargo for demo-tour by W. Faust (Aviation Sales) & Henri J. White
1934-08-11 visited Barkarby, Stockholm (Sweden)
1934-08-30 demoflights throughout Europe were made, from Reading, Heston and Castle Bromwich (England), visited the Netherlands on at least one of these flights
repainted Loening Yellow with black trim
1936-..-.. John P. “Jack” Gaty, Wichita (KS)
1937-..-.. refurbished & upgraded by Beech
1939-02-07 offered for sale, $ 3,200
1947-..-.. H. H. Thurston (MN)
crashed in Minneapolis (MN)



c/n 5

A17F NX12583 1934-02-.. mfd, painted black, red & cream, engine Wright R-1820-F11 (690hp)
1934-05-10 ff, most testflights by George Harte
1934-05-28 Goodall-Worsted Co, Sanford Mills (MN) ($ 24,500) flown by Win Young & Robert S. Fogg Sr
NC12583 1934-08-08 ATC-548
1934-..-.. intended for MacRobertson England – Australia Air Race, but withdrawn
1935-04-24 Howard Hughes, Hughes Products Company, Hollywood (CA)
1935-07-01 Howard Hughes, Hughes Tool Company, Hollywood (CA)
1937-08-30 Harold Smith, President of the American Liquid Gas Corporation, Los Angeles (CA)
NR12583 1937-09-.. modificated (extra fuel tanks etc.) by Otto Timm from Timm Aircraft Corp, Glendale (CA)
NR12583/”64″ 1937-09-03 flown by Robert “Bob” Perlick, named “Ring-Free Red Streak” in Bendix Race: Los Angeles to Cleveland. The landing gear collapsed on take-off run due to overload with nearly 1 ton of fuel but there was no fire. Bob jumped out through a small window before the Stag had even stopped.
NR12583 rebuilt, Wright R-1820F-56 (745hp) and extra fuel tanks installed and fuselage streched 16 inches by the Timm Aircraft Co, Glendale(CA) up to max gross weight of 6,122 lb
1938-08-22 sold to Robert “Bob” Perlick
NR12583/”85″ 1938-09-03 Bendix Race, titels “Ring-Free Red Streak” removed, cockpit window used as entrance due to the extra fuel tanks
1938-09-03 forced landing at Wood River (IL) after engine quit, later returned to Burbank
NR12583 1938-12-21 Pacific Discount Corp, Glendale (CA) extra fuel tanks removed, only pilot seat
NX12583 1940-06-.. experimental CoA
NC12583 1940-12-09 Charles H. Baab Company, Glendale (CA)
1941-08-25 Aircraft Industries Company, Glendale (CA) without engine, prop or instruments, TT 196h only
leased to Corliss C. Moseley from the Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute to train mechanics
1944-04-14 burned in a hangar fire at Glendale(CA) together with nine other aircraft
1944-06-19 cancelled
1969-..-.. rumours that the Stag still existed



c/n 6

B17L NC12570 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-07-13 New Jersey Air Service, Atlantic City (NJ)
1936-..-.. Orrin J. Whitney, New York (NY) Beechcraft dealer
1938-..-.. Gerad L. Elkins, Margate (NJ)


c/n 7

B17L NC12589 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-08-16 borrowed by Loffland Brothers Co. prior to delivery of c/n 38, later purchased by them
1938-..-.. Concord Silversmith Corporation, Concord (NH)
1940-..-.. Boston-Maine Airways, Boston (MA)
1947-..-.. R. P. Guiney (PA)
195.-..-.. Norbert Dybowski (NY)
1957-..-.. belly-landing
1958-..-.. Leo T. Kelly, Hyannis (MA) repaired
damaged in a windstorm, dismantled, restorated
1965-09-10 CoA
N115LK 1977-..-.. Leo T. Kelly, Hyannis (MA)
1980-11-.. Tom & Carol Lempicke, St. Cloud (FL)
N12589 1982-03-23 Howell “Hal” D. Martin, Wichita, (KS) rebuilt



c/n 8

B17L NC12590 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-08-07 Norbadeer Flying Service, Nantucket (MA) (in other sources quoted as sold to Ward-Pearson Inc, Roosevelt Field (NY) flown by George J. Pearson, used as a demonstrator until 1936)
1940-..-.. Howard E. Behr, Anderson (SC)
Carl H. Peterson, Napier Field (AL)
1957-04-02 CoA
1961-..-.. Lt. Tim & Jean Grier of the U.S. Navy, named “Windsong”
1962-..-.. Howard Hughes, Ontario, Canada (not Howard Hughes who owns c/n5), stored
N12590 1983-05-.. Salvatore V. Lentine, Ringoes (NJ) rebuilding project
Tim Ryan
Anthony C. Tirri, Carolina, Puerto Rico
2005-05-02 B17L LLC, Chetek (WI)



c/n 9

B17L NC12591 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-08-07 “Strick” Strickland, Newark Air Service Inc, Newark (NJ) used as demonstrator
1936-06-24 Export Certificate E.1748
1936-07-07 seen en route on delivery at Brownsvillle (TX)
11 (1) Escuela Militar de Aviacion Honduras (Honduras Air Force)
1936-08-28 crashed befor this date, later replaced by c/n 77



c/n 10

B17L NC12569 (1) 1934-..-.. mfd, painted blue and red, additional 25 gallons fuel tank and landing lights
XB-AIZ 1934-08-27 Harold Lister Farquhar, Mexico City (1st Secretary to the British Legation of Mexico City)
1935-07-.. Beech Aircraft Co to trade in for c/n 50
NC12569 (1) 1936-..-.. E. Ricks (AK)
1938-..-.. George A. Young / Young Brothers Freight Lines, Shreveport (LA)
1938-08-01 crashed due to engine break-up, stored
1944-..-.. remains burned while stored in a warehouse at Shreveport (LA)


c/n 11

A17FS NR12569 (2) 1934-07-08 start building, sole A17FS “Special” ($ 25,000) with Wright SR-1820F3 Cyclone (710hp)
1934-09-15 mfd and roll-out, painted Cherry Red, silver & blue
1934-09-.. ff by Robert “Bob” S. Fogg and initial testflights, to be flown by Frank Hawks & Louise McPhetridge Thaden in 1934 MacRobertson Race (London-Melbourne) announced at 1934-05-22
NR12569 (2)/”57″ 1934-09-21 withdrawn from race (lack of money, over $ 8,000 for logistics and for tactical reasons)
NR12569 (2) 1934-10-02 and following weeks: further testflights by George Harte
almost 3 months of storage, and adjustments prior to delivery to Department of Commerce
1935-01-30 nearly crashed (while maximal loaded) the pilots seat slid aft on takeoff when flown by engineering inspector James N. Peyton, and in other flights the same day the Stag was “exceedingly longitudinally unstable”, also wing flutter up to over 18 inches occured due to a rearward shift of ballast installed for the flight tests and excessive rpm’s on engine and prop in the testflights
1935-02-16 a list of essential modifications was handed over before approval and the Stag was adjusted, but problems would persist all of its life
NC12569 (2) 1935-07-06 ATC-577, reduced to 3-place ship
NS68 1935-07-15 (on rudder painted as “US NS-68”)
1935-09-13 Department of Commerce, Bureau of Air Commerce, Washington (DC) used to familiarize pilots with high performance aircraft and to develop instrument flying techniques, fitted with a Lear-O-Scope nav radio
1936-08-15 cancelled, stored for several months at the Queen City Flying Service, Cincinnati (OH)
1936-08-20 sold to Beech, traded in for c/n 80
1936-..-.. dismantled, rumoured to be stored intact in California probably not correct



c/n 12

B17L NC12592 1934-08-19 mfd with Jacobs L-4 # 469 and a Hartzell 707 wooden prop
1934-08-24 Operation Inspection Report by inspector J.E. Boudwind Jr, TT: 30min
1934-09-10 Standard Oil (NJ) painted Fokker Red (fuselage) and silver, “STANAVO”-titels, chief pilot E. E. Aldrin (father of Buzz Aldrin)
1935-01-22 damaged when flown by Fred N. MacPhaul: prop, cowling, top of rudder, some ribs in left aileron and 2 upper fuselage members above the pilot, all were repaired
1935-02-04 a letter from the CAA stated that on all B17L’s (c/n 3 up to c/n 21) the insulating material forward of the first fuselage bulkhead must be removed and could be replaced by asbestos
1935-02-05 E. E. Aldrin informed the Bureau of Air Commerce that ATC # 560 was issued since 1934-12-04
1935-09-05 Operation Inspection Report indicates TT: 250h, prop serial # 14927
1935-11-08 Standard Oil Development Company
1936-03-13 Operation Inspection Report indicates TT: 337h, prop serial # 15559 and engine mount, prop and windshield are new and the rudder has been repaired
1936-03-25 Collision with Waco YKC NC14046
1936-04-10 Operation Inspection Report indicates TT: 345h, prop serial # 14927 (mistake, should be # 15559) and prop, windshield and left lower wing are new, fuselage has been repaired
1937-06-11 Island Airport Inc, Knoxville (TN) owned by Tom O. Kesterson, L. H. French and R. C. Jamison
1937-08-31 Aircraft Inspection Report indictes TT: 632h, 408h since engine overhaul, 24 Streamlines tires, prop # 15741
1938-09-22 Application for Renewal indicates TT: 700h, 114h since engine overhaul, prop still # 15741
1939-04-13 flipped over at Knoxville (TN) when flown by Tom O. Kesterson who landed with the Johnson bar brake pulled back instead of the flap that looked identical, only for the brake installed on the right and the flap left. The airport had new paved runways while Tom was used to landings on grass, Charlie Hickman (who flew this Stag when owned by Island Airport) states the Streamline tires were prone to ground loop, being fitted with a fake wood grain panel
1939-11-10 Repair and Alteration Form indicates details about the repair of one of the I-struts by Beech
1940-06-10 Airworthiness Maintenance Bulletin # 26 indicates restrictions due to flutter problems: 1) never exceed 160mph IAS, 2) reduce to 140mph in rough air, 3) instrument flight prohibited all owners received a telegram with these restrictions
1940-09-26 Airworthiness Maintenance Bulletin # 35 indicates modifications to rescind the restrictions in Bulletin # 29, on B17 and C17 models: balance the ailerons, 15lbs increased gross weight approved, reduced “never exceed speed” from 241mph to 225mph (on E17 and F17 models: aileron balance, add plywood panels to outboard wingpanels, on D17 models: same as E17 and F17 modifications, including changes in CG limits and reduced “never exceed” from 256mph to 240mph)
Charlie Hickman stated the AMB # 35 changes were made in repair after the 1939-04-13 accident
1941-02-17 Repair & Alteration Form describes these changes
1942-01-20 Repair & Alteration Form describes stabilizer repairs
1943-01-22 Repair & Alteration Form describes some fuselage repairs, new engine mount, I-strut repair at Beech, service bulletin #76 complied with, new windshield, cowling repairs, wood prop replaced by Hamilton Standard 5131-G steel prop hub # 19602, blades 5B1-6 # 20783 and # 20784, major engine overhaul
1943-01-22 Aircraft Inspection Report states repairs were made
1943-01-23 sold to Joel H. Prescott Jr, Grosse Pointe (MI)
1943-03-.. sold by Joel to Frank Hasson Jr, Ypsilanti (MO) ($ 3,750)
1943-03-.. sold by Frank to American Eastern Corp
1943-04-17 Repair & Alteration Form describes changes from old radios to new types with trailing wire antenna
1943-04-.. paid with bad check and flown to St. Louis (MO)
1943-09-.. Application for Specific Transaction of Restricted Commodities, to War Production Board for sale to George Menos, St. Louis (MO) signed by power of attorney of Frank Hasson Jr
1944-01-.. sold by Frank to George Menos, St. Louis (MO)
1944-02-.. Joel H. Prescott Jr files a law suit against Frank Hasson Jr for $ 5,000, awarded $ 3,500
1944-02-.. State of Michigan seizes the Stag
1944-11-.. Joel H. Prescott Jr gets the Stag in a State of Michigan auction for $ 75
1945-01-27 sold by Joel H. Prescott Jr to J.W. Slager, Toledo (OH)
1945-..-.. nosed-over
1945-05-08 Form 337: all old fabric removed, recovered
1945-09-19 Form 337: numerous rib repaired
1945-11-03 sold by J.W. Slager to Lloyd Puse, Millbury (OH) for $ 4,000
1949-01-08 Form 337: installation of flaires, 12V to 24V, Mazda 600W landing light, Leech-Nevelle generator, Eclipse J1 starter, Bendix-Scintilla WL-7A-15 magneto
1950-09-27 Form 337: new Jacobs L4-MB # 4242 installed
1950-10-25 Application for Airworthiness (Experimental) valid one month, for testing revised engine installation preparatory to approval
1951-07-02 Application for Airworthiness (Experimental) for same purpose
1951-10-02 Application for Airworthiness (Experimental) again for same purpose
1951-10-15 Lloyd files for a standard CoA, which was granted
1951-10-15 sold by Lloyd to James Dunn, Tiffin (OH)
1953-04-29 Form 337: Harvey Wells radio and trailing wire antenna removed
1953-06-14 sold by James to John C. Simpier, Everett (WA)
1953-11-24 Form 337: replaced rear spar in lower left wing, numerous minor wing repairs, repaired lower left aileron spar
1954-03-15 Aircraft Inspection Report states TT: 723h with 33h on the engine
1954-04-21 Aircraft Inspection Report states TT: 800h with 105 on the engine
1955-03-28 sold by John C. Simpier, El Paso (TX) to Ralton L. Schmidt, Silsbee (TX) who registered the Stag in Everett (WA)
1956-04-06 sold back to John C. Simpier, Everett (WA)
N12592 1956-07-16 CoA
1956-07-24 Form 337: repaired left upper and lower wing tips, aileron and trailing edge on right upper wing
1956-07-24 Aircraft Inspection Report states TT: 830h with 135 on the engine
1957-07-29 sold by John to Robert Carlson, Arlington (WA)
1958-12-01 sold by Robert to Rembert Fessenden, Everett (WA)
1959-06-02 Form 337: recovered left lower wing
1959-08-07 sold by Rembert to Robert D. Green, Tacoma (WA)
1960-09-22 sold by Robert to David L. Seiler, Vancouver (WA)
1961-05-21 Form 337: repaired rear spar and right lower wing
1964-06-22 Form 337: recovered both ailerons
sold by David to Larry Schulz, Pacifica (CA) who died in an accident, David made a new bill of sales so the Stag could be sold by Larry’s estate, probably the Stag was never registered by him, there is no FAA record of Larry owning NC12592
1967-02-14 William P. Six and Joseph H. Morgan, Riverside (CA) moved to Hawthorne (CA) moved to Moreno Valley (CA) stored, started restoration
1992-11-07 sold to Sam Johnson
2001-06-09 sold to Dan E. Shumaker, Livermore (CA) who completed restoration
2001-08-22 CoA



c/n 13

B17L NC12594 1934-08-.. mfd
1934-09-04 Foster A. Lane, Columbus (OH)
1940-..-.. Anna B. McKee, Sandston (VA)
1947-..-.. Herbert Dennis (CA)
1950-..-.. City of Napa (CA) parked in the back of a hangar where it was left because of an aborted sale in which the seller was never paid all the money he was due, the City of Napa ordered the aircraft cut up, Carl Ott removed many parts
1955-..-.. James W. Coombs, Petaluma (CA)
broken up, papers and parts to Hub Johnson, Red Bluff (CA) parts used in rebuilt of c/n 45



c/n 14

B17L NC12597 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-09-16 test flight by Richard G. “Dick” Beeler
1934-09-24 unofficial speed record Wichita (KS) – Lincoln (NE) 217 mi. / 1:05hours  = 200mph (due to 50 mph tail wind!)
1934-10-05 demonstrated at Chicago Air Races
1935-08-25 H. L. Williams of Chevrolet Motor Co, Detroit (MI)
1939-..-.. Pierce N. O’Carroll, Chicago (IL)
1947-..-.. E. Drapela (CO)
Richard M. Wilhout or Wilhoit, San Diego (CA)
1957-..-.. wrecked at Gunnison (CO)
upper wing & parts to Hub Johnson, Red Bluff (CA) for rebuilt of c/n 45 by Rocky Warren



c/n 15

B17L NC12598 1934-08-.. mfd
1934-10-14 visited Davis-Monthan coming from Lubec (ME) at 7:00am, departing for Los Angeles (CA) flown by Louise Thaden with passengers Joan Shankle and Ray C. Barker, on a factory demo flight
1934-11-17 Richard Archbold, Salem (OR)
1936-01-01 Beech
1938-..-.. Douglas Ward Aviation Corp, Mineola (NY)
1940-..-.. Utica Aviation School (NY)
1944-09-28 Irvin R. & Salkind Leon Schindler, Forest Hill (NY)
1944-12-01 cancelled as destroyed (burned)
1978-..-.. from Cochibamba, Bolivia the paper work and date plate returned to the US by Padre Juan Swing, see also c/n 4902, remains in Venezuela?



c/n 16

B17L NC14403 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-11-05 Moorhead Patterson from American Machinery and Foundry Company, New York City (NY)
1936-01-01 Beech
1938-..-.. Douglas C. Fonda, New York City (NY)
1947-..-.. H. Rice (CA)
Margaret MacRae Wibert, Avalon (CA)
N3104G 1954-..-.. burned during restoration in the Avalon Hotel, Catalina Island (CA)
Hub Johnson, Red Bluff (CA) found the Stag and owns the remains


c/n 17

B17L NC14404 1934-..-.. mfd
1934-11-17 Henry G. Sellick III, New York City (NY)
1936-01-01 Beech Air Sales Co (NY)
1938-..-.. Henry H. Bender, Toledo (OH)
1939-01-11 destroyed at Rancho Boyeros (Jose Marti Airport) Cuba, when a Cuban Air Force Curtiss Hawk II serial 21 flown by Captain Manuel Horta stalled while performing an aileron roll at low level during take off, and crashed into the Stag that was parked on the apron near the runway (this Curtiss # 21 was the very plane to make the first “Cuban Eight” maneuver, performed at the “All American Air Show” at Miami (FL) of 1936, flown by Leonar Povey)



c/n 18

B17L ZS-BBC (1) 1934-..-.. mfd
ff by Ray Skeets Barker
1934-12-11 Captain Otto Thanning, Danish Consulate, Johannesburg via sales agent Roger Jenkins Company
disassembled, crated, shipped by rail to New York City (NY), loaded aboard SS West Cauthorn, Opie Swope accompanied the Stag to be assembled, rigged and test-flown
1935-02-.. ff after re-assembly at Wingfield Aerodrome near Cape Town, South Africa
1936-09-.. crashed at Johannesburg (Luanda also quoted) replaced by c/n 124 using prop and engine of c/n18



c/n 19

B17L NC14406 1934-11-15 mfd
1935-03-01 G & G (Gilpin) Airlines Ltd, Municipal Airport, Tucson (AZ)
1947-..-.. Eugene Doyle (AZ)
1950-10-02 Spencer Stewart, Phoenix (AZ)
fate unknown


c/n 20

B17B NC14408 1934-11-.. mfd, sole B17B, Jacobs L-5 (285hp) ($ 9,000)
1934-12-04 ATC-560, same as B17L with an added amendment
1934-12-16 Olson Drilling Co, Tulsa (OK)
Fritz & W. Martinand Co, Tulsa (OK) engine change Jacobs L-4 (225hp)
B17L G. A. Young, Shreveport (LA) weight & balanced by Beech, reduced to a 4-seater due engine change
1935-..-.. crashed somewhere on the East Coast
rebuilt with wings and fuselage of c/n 26 bought by W. S. Young
1947-..-.. N. K. Sidekides (NJ)
1955-..-.. W. B. Bean, West Orange (NJ)
fate unknown


c/n 21

B17L NC14409 1934-12-23 mfd, painted red with blue stripes ($ 9,999.80)
1934-12-23 Capt. Frank Monroe Hawks, Redding (CT) who used it intensively on cross country and coast-to-coast flights
1936-01-01 F. G. Francis, St. Augustine (FL)
1938-..-.. Capt. Frank Hawks, Reading (CT)
1938-09-29 R. D. Barton, Rochester (NY)
1940-..-.. Rochester Aero Corporation (NY)
1947-..-.. F. Haile (TX)
1955-..-.. J. Reese, Freewater (OR)
1956-04-06 CoA
1963-..-.. L. T. Jagiello, China Lake (CA)
1966-..-.. Herbert L. Thomas, Hayward (CA)
1969-..-.. sold to John C. Collins, Newark (CA)
1970-11-17 registered to John, rebuilt
1998-..-.. rebuilt completed, about a month before John died, and according to his wishes Mrs. Mary Collins donated NC14409 to the Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
1999-07-02 CoA



c/n 22

B17E NC12593 1935-03-.. mfd, Wright R-760 Whirlwind (285hp)
1935-04-.. ff
1935-05-09 ATC-566
1935-06-17 Memphis Commercial Appeal, Memphis (TN) flown by George Stokes
1939-..-.. Cessna Aircraft Co, Wichita (KS)
1940-..-.. H. G. Harper, Harper Aircraft Co, Joplin (MO)
1944-01-23 crashed in Winslow (AZ) totally destroyed, pilot R. S. King killed
1947-..-.. still registered, Big Horn Airways (WY)



c/n 23

B17L G-ADDH 1935-01-.. mfd, with extra 25 gallons fuel tank and landing lights, painted black, red & cream (like c/n 5)
1935-01-31 sold to Amy Mollison, Croydon, England, was disassembled and crated to New York City (NY), Monte Barnes accompanied this Stag with c/n 24
1935-02-.. reassembled, rigged and test flown befor delivery to Croydon, Amy Mollison used the Stag as demonstrator for England
1935-02-.. Export Certificate E.1335, erected by Rollasons
1935-03-13 registered in England, as B17R
1935-06-04 US CoA valid
1936-10-21 forced landing at Orpington, Kent
1937-07-08 US CoA end of validation
1937-07-.. engine to Thor Solberg, Oslo, and other parts to Air Pyrenees who used spares for c/n 66 F-APFD


c/n 24

B17L NC14405 1935-01-.. mfd
1935-01-22 flown by Monte Barnes from Wichita (KS) to New York City (NY)
disassembled, crated in New York City (NY) shipped together with c/n 23 to Europe, reassembled, rigged and test flown at Le Havre
1935-06-.. delivery to Maurice Salle, Le Bourget, Paris, representative of Beech, who hired Rene Drouillet to become pilot (a former Morane-Saulnier employee) the Stag remained NC14405 for not approving to STAe norms, and Rene flew it through Europe without incident
1935-08-.. forced landed with the gear stuck halfway an engine switched off, on the return flight from Brussels to Villacoublay, resulting in only crumpled sheet metal, repaired in 1 week by Breguet workshops
1935-09-.. when Rene flew Maurice to Rome, after landing while taxiing to the hangar the gear collapses, Italian mechanics try to repair but to no good, and back in Paris Beech pilot/engineer M. Barnes fixed and tested the gear in a week
1935-10-20 Rene installed additional fuel tanks, increasing its range from 1200km/5h to 1900km/8h and ferried the Stag to Ethiopia, together with Henry de Vilmorin for delivery to Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
1935-10-2. at Mersa Mathruh, Cairo, inspections by the customs and police took a week and the two joined festivities and receptions in Cairo and Alexandria, they even took German war correspondent “Captain Strunk” for a trip to a rebel zone were they receive a warm welcome, but two RAF aircraft escort them back and NC14405 was put in safe custody while the diplomatic situation thus created was extracted, finally Strunk joined them and they left for Aswan
1935-11-.. at Aswan they found the runway blocked by a long caravan with no intentions of clearing, and Rene forced-landed downwind ending up in a tower, the damage was repaired by Misr Air, Cairo
1935-11-.. at next stop Kassala they flew low level to Assab, Djibouti for a nightstop with captain Gaubert and refuelling, and could avoid being arrested with Ethiopian marks painted on the Stag
1935-11-.. at 7:30am arrived at Addis Ababa
1935-11-09 at 6:00am departed Addis Ababa to Dessye, arrival 9:00am with passenger H. R. Knickerbocker, Special Envoy of Hearst International, who payed 100,000 francs for the seat
1935-11-10 at 5:00am departed for a pré-sales liaison mission over Adwa, Axum and Makalle to convince “The Negus” of the Stag’s possibilities, Strunck made photo’s and Knickerbocker made a film on the low level mission to identify the positions of the combatants, and at Makalle they encountered heavy fire, leaving marks on NC14405
1935-11-11 after showing the results of the mission the Stag was sold for 25,000 thalers in 50 bags of 500 pieces of silver, it was used for photographic and dispatch services, and aided the formation of the Abyssinian Air Force, and the intended sale of 5 Beech model 18’s under development for future delivery but finally the deal was not realised
1935-12-.. damaged in a forced landing, repaired
1936-04-.. noted at Addis Abbaba minus propeller
1936-04-04 destroyed on the ground at Akaki (together with the last Farman F.192 also on the ground, and with Potez 25 “2 Nesre Asfauossen” that was forced down) during an Italian air attack with 5 IMAM Ro.37 reconnaissance/close support aircraft of 105a Squadriglia RS lead by Capitano Tito Falconi
1936-05-05 remains discovered by the Italians during the capture of the city



c/n 25

B17L NC14412 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-02-11 Lewis M. Carl, San Antonio (TX)
Central Aviation Administration, Dallas (TX)
1938-..-.. E. L. Taylor, Tyler (TX)
1938-03-26 landing accident at Mines Field (CA) ending with the aircraft on its nose, repaired
1939-..-.. S. E. Stoner, Los Angeles (CA)
1940-..-.. W. F. Seeger, Borger (TX)
1947-..-.. M. Southard (MO)
1959-02-16 Gordon L. Kraft, Atlanta (GA) moved to Palatka (FL), restorated
N800K 1992-..-.. Marion J. Metcalf, Charlotte (NC)
N71803 1999-10-25 Marion J. Metcalf, Mocksville (NC)


c/n 26

B17L NS66 (1) 1935-..-.. mfd, painted Gliddens Black and Galatea Orange
1935-03-01 Department of Commerce, Bureau of Air Commerce, Washington (DC) flown by Buck Rowe
1935-07-21 visited Portland (OR)
NC66 (1) 1938-..-.. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Air Commerce, Washington (DC)
NC30098 Stinson Aircraft, Nashville (TN)
W. S. Young used the wings and fuselage in rebuilding c/n 20



c/n 27

B17L NC14414 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-03-01 E. S. McCurdy, San Francisco (CA)
1940-..-.. V. M. Doney (MT)
fate unknown


c/n 28

B17L NC14415 1935-03-30 mfd, painted Berryloid Diana Cream and Stearman Vermillion Red
1935-03-31 Inter City Airways Inc, Boston (MA) operated by Robert M. Love
1935-..-.. Brayton Flying Services, Robertson (MO)
1935-10-.. accident, repaired
1936-01-25 visited Davis-Monthan on a return flight from Phoenix (AZ), landed 11:15am and departed 11:30am flown by Nancy L. Harkness, sole on board, the Stag was based at Boston (MA)
1936-01-28 visited Davis-Monthan on a flight from Phoenix (AZ) landed 6:16pm and departed to El Paso (TX) flown by Robert M. Love who had just married passenger Nancy L. Harkness on 1936-01-11
1936-..-.. Inter-City Airways, Boston (MA)
1938-..-.. Brayton
1941-..-.. John Stover, Hot Springs (AR)
1947-..-.. L. G. Grupe (TX)
1955-..-.. Conrad E. Schroff, Boulder (CO)
1956-..-.. Bernard W. N. Mugleston, Denver (CO)
N14415 1957-11-14 CoA
1988-02-04 Christine M. & Paul St. Onge, Wexford (PA)
1991-..-.. Ranley R. Nelson, Lyndora (PA) rebuilt with new wings and flight control system at Airplane Makeovers, Butler Farm Show Airport, Butler (PA)



c/n 29

B17L NC14416 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-04-12 Manning & Terry, Denver (CO)
1935-09-26 crashed near Sheridan (WY), never repaired


c/n 30

B17L NC14417 1935-06-05 mfd & ff by Beech test pilot Newman Wadlow
1935-06-13 C. R. King (Inland Air Lines) Boise (ID)
1939-..-.. R. B. Smith (UT)
1947-..-.. Tyler Flying Service (TX)
the Stag suffered three gear-up landings
1952-05-20 last flight before restauration
1953-..-.. cabin fire, excessive damage
1955-..-.. Oliver Hill
1967-..-.. A. F. Spies, Collinsville (IL)
1969-12-04 Thomas R. Rench, Racine (WI)
1978-..-.. rebuilt completed, painted trimdesign in Black and Orange
1979-04-24 CoA
Harman Dickerson, Columbia (MO)
2016-01-27 Clay A. Haring, Lincoln (KS)