c/n 31 – 61

c/n 31

B17L NC14418 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-04-20 C. A. Plumb, Providence (RI)
1937-..-.. Country Club Flying Service, Hicksville, Long Island (NY)
1939-..-.. D. Dows Jr, Glen Head, Long Island (NY)
1945-05-28 (date?) to Ross B. Boardman & J. K. Alexander, Berkley (CA) moved to Alhambra (CA)
1945-04-.. crashed near Phoenix (AZ) probably sold as salvage to some Phoenix dealer at the airport
1948-04-15 cancelled as destroyed


c/n 32

B17L NC14453 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-05-23 E. V. Frecker, Columbus (OH)
1936-01-01 T. C. Colby & Berry Brothers (MI)
1939-..-.. E. V. Frecker, Columbus (OH)
N14453 1950-..-.. last flown when ferried from Grant’s Pass (OR) to Roseburg (OR)
1955-..-.. George Felt, Roseburg (OR)
1958-..-.. Ellis A. Hallman, Lebanon (OR)
2002-05-.. Joseph Joe Cruces, Chico (CA)
status in question



c/n 33

B17L NC14454 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-06-19 Automobiles Fernandez SA, Barcelona, Spain (an air taxi company)
EC-BEB 1935-08-.. registrated
1936-07-.. Aerotaxi Sociedad, Prat de Llabreget, used by the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War, flying missions from Lerida and Sariñena
1936-08-04 damaged
1936-11-.. thrown against a Potez 43 in a storm at El Prat, Barcelona, destroyed and written off
1940-11-12 cancelled


c/n 34

B17L NC14455 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-07-03 Socony-Vacuum Oil Co (NY) “Aero Mobiloil”-titels and logo (Pegasus) pilot R. W. Brown
1936-..-.. gear-up landing (intentionally?)
1940-..-.. Atlantic Aviation, Mineola (NY)
1941-..-.. R. F. Davis, Washington (DC)
1947-..-.. W. Dunn (VT)
1948-..-.. Guy P. Carter, Carter Motor Co, Greensboro(NC)
fate unknown



c/n 35

B17L NC14456 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-06-29 Republic Oil Co, Houston (TX)
1938-..-.. J. M. English / Air Activities Inc, Houston (TX)
1939-11-14 crashed at Demming, Mexico by J. M. Alish, Houston (TX) when a wheel hit a prairie dog hole
1940-..-.. shipped to Air Activities Inc, Houston (TX) dismanteled or salvaged



c/n 36

B17L NC14457 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-07-19 Reliable Flyers, Detroit (MI)
1935-..-.. at Cleveland Air Races (OH)
1936-01-01 J. L. Abbott, Detroit (MI)
1938-..-.. Air Travel & Sales (MI)
NC66 (2) CAA
1946-11-26 Mr. J. Treese, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Pittsburgh (PA)
NC14457 1947-..-.. Joe Speidel (WV)
to spares: wings used to rebuilt c/n 20



c/n 37

B17L NC15400 1935-..-.. mfd, painted cream and red
1935-07-06 Aircraft Service Inc, Cleveland (OH) “Alma Arlene”-titels,   flown by Miss Arlene Davis
1939-..-.. Arlene Davis, Cleveland (OH)
NC15400/”33″ 1939-..-.. Arlene Davis won the 50-mile Woman’s Handicap at National Air Races
1939-..-.. # 4 at Bendix Trophy Race: 2,042 miles in 8:49:33h, averaging 231.57mph
NC15400 1940-..-.. Favey Flying Service (OK)
J. C. Adams, Dallas (TX)
1943-03-.. destroyed in a hangar fire



c/n 38

B17E NC14413 1935-03-.. mfd, modified twice by Beech, once this was the personal Stag of Walter Beech
1935-05-14 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK) as trade in for c/n 2, flown by Eddie Ross
B17R 1935-08-06 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK)
1938-..-.. Austin Municipal Airport Inc (TX)
NR14413 1939-..-.. Kargl Aerial Surveys, San Antonio (TX)
1947-..-.. R. Dale (MI)
B17S 1948-..-.. R. Dale (MI)
N14413 1956-04-13 CoA
1963-..-.. Richard E. Langford, Lewistown (MT)
1970-..-.. E. Petok
1978-..-.. Tony Barnum, Toledo (OH) rebuilt, moved to Whitehouse (OH)
1987-..-.. Crow Executive Air Charter, Millbury (OH)
B17R NC14413 1990-02-27 Rocky Ridge Air Park Inc, Whitehouse (OH)
Oskosh Award winner
2002-04-01 Wings And Wheels Inc, Wilmington (DE)



c/n 39

B17L NC15401 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-08-05 A. C. Bostwick, Westbury, Long Island (NY)
1937-..-.. Pegasus Charter Services, Brooklyn (NY)
1939-..-.. Bessie Decker, Staten Island (NY)
fate unknown


c/n 40

SB17L NC15402 1935-09-07 mfd, first Stag on floats (Edo Model 38-3430)
1935-11-06 Thomson Airways, Baltimore (MD)
1938-..-.. B. S. Sheedy, Aircraft Sales Co, Roosevelt Field (NY)
E. W. Muchlmeter, Wanwatoga (WI)
Hugh B. Mathews
1943-03-03 ditched 25 miles south of nav. light Mobil in Gulf of Mexico, no wreckage found, pilot probably disoriëntated, lost and crashed in the sea, weather: ceiling unlimited, visibility > 5 mi.



c/n 41

B17L NC15403 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-08-15 Lion Oil Refining, El Dorado (AR)
1938-..-.. Booth-Henning Inc, Dallas (TX)
1938-06-19 crashed near Louin (MS) disintegrated in high speed drive, lost vertical fin, all ailerons and wingtips from the strut points outboard, the wings remained attached but fabric was torn off, pilot was flying trough severe storm, he was probably on instruments and a novice


c/n 42

B17L NC15404 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-09-06 G. S. Armistead, Beverly Hills (CA)
O. F. Byerley, K. P. Lumber Co
1938-..-.. West Edward Moreau, Moreau Flying Service, Oakland (CA)
1941-..-.. H. L. Martin, Washington (DC)
Harry K. Coffee, Portland (OR)
1942-10-28 crosswind landing accident, Brownsville (TX)
1943-04-01 Aerial Insurance Underwriters states that they were going to salvage it out
1948-04-09 Harry K. Coffee states that the aircraft was withdrawn from use
CZ116 (2) doubt about re-registration: Isthmian Airways, Ancon, Canal Zone, replaced c/n 48, Canal Zone records note the “second CZ116 as a B17L-42 circa 1939”
fate uncertain



c/n 43

B17L NC15405 1935-..-.. mfd
George J. Pearson (Ward-Pearson Inc, Roosevelt Field (NY))
1935-09-01 William P. Bill & Moya Lear, Lear Developments Inc, New York City (NY)
1939-..-.. engine failure, landed in a field and tipped over enroute Santa Monica-La Guardia, no injuries
William installed an ADF radio receiver with loop antennae, developped by himself
1947-..-.. W. Clayton Lemon, Roanoke (VA)
1950-10-01 cancelled by J. W. Slager because of an accident


c/n 44

B17L NC15406 1935-..-.. mfd
A. R. Borne (Sonora Consolidated Mining) Los Angeles (CA)
1939-..-.. D. G. Peterson, Wichita (KS)
1940-..-.. Mr. C. H. E. Carpenter (Superior Oil) Des Moines (IA)
1942-11-26 burned in a hangar fire, Des Moines (IA) by a mechanic working on another aircraft next to it
1947-..-.. still registered to Superior Oil



c/n 45

B17L NC15407 1935-..-.. mfd
1936-02-23 Marine Terminals Inc, San Francisco (CA)
Herbert & Dillon Air Service, Tacoma (WA)
1938-..-.. D. G. Best, Woodland (CA)
1939-..-.. accident during an airshow, the aircraft ended upside-down
1940-..-.. Elliot Monteith, Latham Dobbins, Sacramento (CA)
1947-..-.. Raymond Bramer (IA)
1955-..-.. D. Wonders, rebuilt
N15407 1957-..-.. Rocky Warren, Gunnison (CO)
1962-..-.. groundlooped at Hamilton (AL)
1962-..-.. R. Vinck
1963-..-.. Phillips Air Service, New Albany (MI)
1967-..-.. Lt. Col. James T. Winkler
1971-..-.. K. B. Briegler, El Mirage (CA)
1977-..-.. Hubbard “Hub” Johnson, Red Bluff (CA)
rebuilt with upper wing and other parts of c/n 14
1990-..-.. still in restoration
1998-07-17 Joseph & Linda L. Cruces, Chico (CA)



c/n 46

B17L NC15408 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-11-15 Artistic Weaving Co, New York City (NY)
A. S. Wikstrom (NJ)
1955-..-.. Fenton Gingerich, Kokomo (IN)
1958-..-.. George Howell, Denver (CO)
1958-04-.. damaged in hangar fire at Denver (CO), repaired
2009-10-09 cancelled


c/n 47

B17L NC15409 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-12-24 Orrin J. Whitney, Long Island (NY) Beechcraft dealer
1936-01-.. departed from Long Island on a demonstrator tour with Burham Litchfield (Fairchild Aerial Cameras Corporation) through Miami, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Managua, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Santiago, crossing the Andes Mountains at 17,000ft, Buenos Aires and to Rio de Janeiro
1937-01-26 Dr. Samuel Miguel Bosch, Buenos Aires, who served as selling agent since
B17R R329 1938-..-.. Direccin General de Aeronutica (Argentine Air Force)
LV-UDA Dr. Samuel Miguel Bosch, Buenos Aires
LV-NBG Dr. Samuel Miguel Bosch, Buenos Aires
LV-XFN fate unknown


c/n 48

B17L CZ116 (1) 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-12-31 Isthmian Airways, Ancon, Canal Zone
SB17L fate unknown, possibly sold to Columbia
1939-..-.. uncertain replacement: by c/n 1135 CZ116 (2), Canal Zone records note “second CZ116 as a B17L-42 circa 1939”



c/n 49

B17E NC14458 1935-05-.. mfd
1935-06-15 J. M. Bush, Dallas (TX) ($ 12,980)
1937-..-.. James Marshall Murray, President of the ME-TEX Oil Supply Co, Hobbs (NM)
1938-..-.. S. Nelson, San Antonio (TX)
1940-..-.. Bluebird Air Service, Chicago (IL)
1941-..-.. H. Hillyard Flying Service (IN)
M. Cafarallo, Detroit (MI)
noted “to US Government” by Beech
1942-..-.. belly-landed in area of Los Angeles (CA)
1947-..-.. Stinson Fly Corporation (AZ)
J. Hutton, stored in a barn in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (CA) awaiting restauration
1961-04-.. Dwight Addington, started rebuilding
J. Hudson, Hayward (CA)
1977-..-.. Walter Upton, Sacramento (CA)
1985-..-.. R. N. Hanson, Batavia (IL)
1986-..-.. M. J. Samson, Hallandale (FL)
1987-..-.. Chriss Kidder Jr, North Syracuse (NY)
John I. Shue Jr, York (PA) rebuilt
2002-01-07 CoA
2009-05-21 re-registered



c/n 50

B17R G-ADLE 1935-07-18 mfd, painted blue overall with white trim and red markings outlined in silver
1935-07-18 Capt. Harold Lister Farquhar, 1st Secretary at the British Legation, Mexico City, he traded in c/n 10
1935-07-19 displayed (9 days) at All-American Aircraft Show, Detroit (MI) flown by Fritz Bieler & W. Beech
Export Cert. E.1518
1935-07-22 ATC-579
1935-08-16 US CoA valid untill 1940-06-29
1935-08-16 left Mexico City when the British CoA was issued
1935-08-22 at College Point, Long Island/North Beach Airport (NY) Edo 39-4000 removable sea floats mounted with landing gear retracted
SB17R modificated to 8 hours endurance, still-air range 960 mi. with floats, or 1250 mi. without floats
1935-08-26 departure from North Beach Airport (NY)
B17R 1935-09-19 conversion at Harbin, Manchuria, Japan with assistance of a Japanese Air Force crew
1935-10-29 arrived at Heston, London, after making longest recorded flight of a Stag, from Mexico to London, England, via Canada, Russia, China, India and the Middle East, 21,332 mi. (34,131km) in 152,53h, averaged 138.2 mph (221km/h), Harold was accompanied by Fritz Bieler (WW-I German pilot, living in Mexico)
1936-06-.. S. L. Grove Spiro, London, based at Croydon
1937-07-02 Anthony George Anson Fisher, London, England (employee of Frank J. J. M. ten Bos)
1937-08-28 noted at Amsterdam-Schiphol during “de Nederlandse Rondvlucht 1937”, pilot Frank ten Bos
1937-09-23 lowering problems with the gear, landed gear-up at Twenthe, Netherlands, pilot Frank ten Bos
1937-12-22 landing accident on a cabbage field at East Farleigh, Kent, after repair seized due to an intented sale to Spain
1939-01-20 landing accident again on a cabbage field, now on the Island Laaland, Denmark, repaired
1939-06-30 Aero Industries, Heston, based at Haaren (Brussels), Belgium
1940-06-29 registration cancelled, most probably after destruction in Belgium by the Germans
rumoured to be used in Spanish Civil War probably not correct, war ended already in 1939
1946-12-01 registration cancelled



c/n 51

B17E NC15412 1935-08-23 mfd
1935-08-21 (date?) Champion Spark Plug Co, Toledo (OH)
1935-..-.. noted Mueler Field (TX)
1939-..-.. A. D. Knapp, Jackson (MI)
Johnson Flying Service, Missoula (MT) forest fire fighting service
1943-04-10 at 20:30h crashed and destroyed at Warm Springs (MT)


c/n 52

B17R NC15413 1935-10-01 mfd, painted red & green striping
1935-10-04 Continental Oil Co, Ponca City (OK) for $ 15,500, flown by chief pilot Red Graves, fitted with geographic camera ports to search for new drilling sites
1935-11-.. Col. R. Fierro, Mexico City
XA-BEV 1938-..-.. Aeronaves de Mexico, operated from Mexico City to Acapulco
XA-BEV according to Beech records cracked up


c/n 53

B17R NC15414 1935-10-15 mfd
1935-10-21 Mouton & Six, San Francisco (CA)
1936-04-.. Carl V. Schlaet, Fort Worth (TX)
1939-..-.. Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys, San Antonio (TX) flown by C. E. Cheney
UC-43H 42-68856 1942-07-19 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
1942-07-22 16th Photo Sq, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
1943-02-28 condemned and parted out


c/n 54

B17R NC15411 1935-11-07 mfd
1935-11-14 J. Du Puy, New York City (NY) used for aerial mapping
1937-..-.. Puy, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PA) untill 1941
NR15411 Aerial Explorations Inc, Long Island (NY)
UC-43H 42-94137 1942-10-21 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
1943-01-26 Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
1943-05-04 Class 26 salvage


c/n 55

B17R NC15410 1935-12-14 (?) mfd
1935-12-05 (?) E. E. Mouton (CA) used as demonstrator
1936-02-19 G. S. Armstead, Los Angeles (CA)
A. Romos, Tuxedo (NY)
1937-..-.. H. J. Topping, Greenwick (CT)
1939-..-.. Dr. Samuel Bosch, Buenos Aires, Argentina
fate unknown


c/n 56

B17R NC15483 1935-12-14 mfd
1935-12-15 Mrs. W. Dorst, Menlow Park (CA)
1936-04-01 crashed


c/n 57

B17L NC15484 1935-12-28 mfd
1936-02-15 Trans World Airlines, Kansas City (MO)
1939-..-.. Monarch Air Service / H. Bender / P. N. O’Carroll, Chicago (IL)
J. Du Puy, Pittsburgh (PA)
1941-12-11 Eddy and Fern Drapela (CO)
1943-01-08 burned up in hangar fire at either Grand Junction (CO) or Chicago (IL)
1947-..-.. still registered to Fern Drapela



c/n 58

B17L NC15485 1936-01-11 mfd
1936-01-15 R. A. Alger Jr, Detroit (MI)
1939-09-03 gearup landing at the National Air Races, with the tail wheel just starting to extend
1940-..-.. L. J. Perry, Kalamazoo (MI)
1947-..-.. J. Baker (MI)
1948-10-13 CoA
1955-..-.. R. Laible, Salina (KS)
1961-..-.. K. A. Toney, Wamego (KS)
1966-..-.. W. R. Beech, Wichita (KS) a nephew of Walter Beech
1966-..-.. Dr. Richard O. “Dick” Burns, Hinsdale (IL) moved to Downers Grove (IL)
1977-..-.. overhauled, engine to Jacobs L-4 (R-775, 225hp) later to L-4(R-755-9, 245hp) remaining a B17L
1978-..-.. Sports Aircraft Inc, Hinsdale (IL)
1979-..-.. loaned to Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN) displayed
1989-..-.. not registered untill 1992, registration revoked
2006-08-01 John A. & Rose L. Krueger, Redlands (CA)



c/n 59

B17L NC15486 1936-01-27 mfd
1936-03-04 Harley E. Woodward, Hondo (TX)
1936-03-05 crashed onto Rich Mountain (AR) in fog and burned, a letter from the estate of Mr.Woodward says nothing was left, he was pilot and one of two fatally injured in the crash


c/n 60

B17L NC278V 1936-02-28 mfd
1936-03-05 Wedell-Williams Air Service, Patterson (LA)
1936-05-19 crashed after take-off Patterson Airport (engine failure?) killing Harry Williams and John Worthen


c/n 61

B17L NC15488 1936-03-14 mfd
1936-03-19 James B. Pierce, Charleston (WV) moved to Clearwater (FL)
1939-..-.. crashed near Charlston (WV) all four wings dbr, landing gear damaged, also propeller and frontcowl, James stated he would scrap the aircraft