c/n 63 – 93

c/n 63

B17R NPC-28 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-12-28 J. P. Schultz, Manila, Philippines
1935-12-.. A. Soriano Y. Cia, Manila, Philippine Islands
1939-11-.. Philippine Aerial Taxi Co
1940-07-.. Elizalde Mines
1941-02-.. Philippine Air Lines
1941-12-07 damaged landing at Paracale, Camarines Norte, repaired
1941-12-08 Far East Air Force, used in evacuation of the Philippine Islands, flew a series of dangerous missions to retrieve fighter pilots and senior officers from Bataan and Corregidor, and brought supplies to their defenders
1942-04-15 shot by Japanese floatplane fighters over Mindanao, crashed near Malaybalay, remains repeatedly strafed by the Japanese fighters



c/n 64

B17R NC15490 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-01-21 George Fisk Hammond, Santa Barbara (CA)
UC-43H ..-….. impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
supposed to be returned to George after the war, but when he went to Alaska he was just in time to see it burn together with other military airplanes in a deliberate fire


c/n 65

B17R NC15489 1936-02-08 mfd
1936-02-08 B. C. Skinner, Dunedin (FL)
1938-02-23 accident, unsure if the aircraft returned to the factory for repair/check-up
1938-05-01 CoA expired, engine, propeller and some instruments installed in c/n 215


c/n 66

B17R NC15811 1936-02-08 mfd
1936-02-10 Rene Drouillet, Paris, France (aeroadviser to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia) (200,000 Francs) Rene signed an agreement not to export to Ethiopia due to an U.S. government embargo, see c/n 24
1936-02-22 arrived at Le Havre aboard the french ship Champlain and mechanic Loubon returned the Stag to flying condition
1936-02-26 11:15h departed Le Havre, arrived at Villacoublay at 12:35h and immediately fined for flying a foreign registered aircraft over French soil without proper permission
1936-04-01 seized at Villacoublay, impounded under seal and the press got hold of the case
F-APFD 1936-04-11 registered, but NC15811 remained on the fin also
1936-04-25 while under seal at Villacoublay, René received permission to inspect the fuel tanks and to run the engine to circulate oil for the Stag was not put in storage conditions, seals were removed, Loubon and authorities were busy around the plane, René pretended a breaks test and ordered “remove chockes”, Loubon did, and René taxied away, took off and flew south
1936-04-28 engine problems forced him down at Centocelli, Rome en route to Ethiopia, the Embassy of France in Rome was warned, the Stag was seized but Rene left on probation
1936-05-05 Rene was joined by his lawyer Jean-Charles Legrand and summoned by Mussolini for explanations
1936-05-09 at 9:25h left Rome with Mr. and Mrs. Legrand, arriving at 13:05h at Toulouse, refuelling at the back door, landing 17:45h at Villacoublay where friends, the press and police were waiting for him, the Stag was sealed again, René was led to prosecution and left free on bail
1936-09-03 Rene was sentenced two very moderate fines of 100 and 200 Francs and the Stag was unsealed
1936-09-16 flew Villacoublay – Toulouse with Loubon and another passenger
1936-09-21 arrived at Toulouse from a trip to Spain
1936-09-22 flew Toulouse – Marseille
1936-09-24 flew Marseille – Toulouse
1936-11-01 CoA No 4906 issued on behalf of Mining Company Peñarroya, but there were more changes of ownership to facilitate René in clandestine trips to Spain “commisioned by the French government” but actually evacuating rich civillians, when security measures increased he stopped this activity and F-APFD was again put on his name
1937-..-.. Rene decorated the Stag with graphics recalling its past: coats of arms and emblems of several states of the US, the lion of Judah, a clover leaf and the coat of arms of Euzkadi (the Basque Nation) it was baptized by the people “The Negus”
1937-04-.. noted at Pau
1937-05-.. flown Toulouse – Le Bourget – Croydon
1937-05-.. noted at Berlin to deliver film for development covering the coronation of King George VI (1937-05-12)
1937-05-.. liaison mission Paris – Tunis – Alger – Paris but by a military plane forced to land at Bologna after flying over forbidden zone Vatican City before moving on to El Aouina, Tunis after a stop for one week he returned to France via Algiers
1937-06-.. sold to Fernand Lef
1937-07-.. sold ($ 5,000) to Auguste Amnestoy, Briscous, founder of Air Pyrenees, who proved links between France and Bilbao, used spares from c/n 23 G-ADDH to keep F-APFD in good flying condition
1937-08-24 Basque president Jose Antonio de Aguirre and two of his ministers Eliodoro de la Torre and Jezus Monzon fled to Santander via Biarritz, flown by George Lebeau, Paris with F-APFD
1937-09-08 participated in the research for l’Airspeed Envoy d’Abel Guidez nationalist chase
1939-01-.. it flew nationalistic politics Azkue Jezus and Iñurrategui Eizaguirre from Barcelona to Biaritz
1942-11-.. captured by Germans at Briscous, displayed at their Mustersammlung der Luftwaffe, Beutepark # 5, Nanterre, Paris, without propeller or wings
1944-..-.. destroyed in an Allied air raid, remains were later scrapped, just like most planes of Beutepark # 5



c/n 67

C17B NC15812 1936-..-.. mfd ($ 9,250)
1936-04-16 ATC-602
1936-02-10 Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys, San Antonio (TX)
UC-43G 42-68855/”20″ 1942-07-19 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
42-68855 Hensley Field (TX)
Casper AAF (WY)
16th Photo Sqadron, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
1943-02-13 Class 26 salvage
1944-03-13 Medford Vocational School, Medford (MA)


c/n 68

B17R NC281Y 1936-03-06 mfd
1936-04-03 Fred H. Harvey
1936-04-19 crashed at Dunlo (PA) Fred and his wife were killed, CAA reports: “This aircraft lost pieces of fabric, plywood, wing ribs, fairing, wing leading edge and all off its wing tips. These parts of the structure were found scattered over approximately a 2,5 miles distance behind the wreckage. Icing conditions reported very bad at the time of the accident. Pilot was probably forced to fly on instruments. Considered possible that the airplane had gotten away from him and he had reached a fairly high speed”


c/n 69

B17R NC15814 1936-03-06 mfd
1936-03-08 Prest-o-Lite Battery Co, Indiannapolis (IN)
1938-..-.. ME-TEX Oil Supply Co, Hobbs (NM) as replacement for c/n 49
1939-..-.. Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys, San Antonio (TX)
UC-43H 42-78019 1942-08-03 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
1942-08-06 Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
1942-10-23 Class 26 salvage


c/n 70

B17R NC15815 1936-03-24 mfd
1936-04-12 Col. William H. Neblett, Los Angeles (CA)
1946-..-.. Kaufmann Meat Co (CA)
1955-..-.. Harry Falk, Boise (ID)
1955-09-27 CoA
1961-..-.. Earl Snyder, Boise (ID) started rebuilding
1976-07-01 James F. O’Brien, O’Brien Enterprises, Santa Fe (NM)
1978-..-.. Stu Mitzell, Oregon City (OR)
1988-..-.. James Kimball, Zellwood (FL)
N15815 John I. Shue Jr, York (PA)
1992-..-.. still in restoration
2004-08-27 Roger L. James, New Carlisle (OH)



c/n 71

B17R NC15816 1936-04-01 mfd
1936-04-16 James G. “Jimmy” Haizlip (NY) used for demoflights throughout Europe
1936-05-21 by German airship LZ-129 “Von Hindenburg” from Lakewood (NJ) to Germany (this was the first transport of an aircraft across the North Atlantic by air)
1936-05-23 arrival in Germany
1936-08-08 demo at Lympne, England
1936-08-.. Victor Urrutia Usaula (a Spanish Nationalist) who was flown by Owen Cathcart-Jones on a tour through Spain, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria, seized at Innsbruck, Austria due to lack of permission to cross Austrian airspace, later handed over to Italy
1937-04-22 tested at Littoria Airport, Rome
I-IBIS 1937-04-24 Ala Littoria S.A., Littoria Airport, Rome
1940-06-06 Category changed from “Public Transport” to “Tourism”, used for transporting the exiled King Alfonso of Spain in Austria at the start of the Spanish Civil War
1940-12-31 CoA expired
stored during WW-II
1947-04-18 restored by Mr. U. Klinger, the retired president of Ala Littoria
1948-04-03 IOPES-Societa Internazionale Organizazione Publicitoria Esercizio Servizi Aerei
195.-..-.. dbr at Urbe, Rome



c/n 72

B17R NC15817 1936-04-02 mfd
1936-04-05 Fred. C.Talbot, Hilsboro (CA)
OCS-Oil Country Specialities, Coffeyville (KS) “OCS”-titels, painted blue and yellow
1940-..-.. Richard H. Williams, San Francisco (CA) painted similar as c/n B-3
UC-43H 42-52999 1942-03-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force (reported as being a UC-43A, but is not)
Long Beach AAF (CA)
Oakland Airport (CA)
1942-12-04 Class 26 salvage
1942-12-22 condemned
1943-01-31 Long Beach AAF (CA)
1943-05-14 Howard Hughes (maintenance) Duncan Field (TX)
1944-06-18 Kelly Field (TX)
1944-10-30 Houston (TX)
1944-09-04 reconstruction Finance Corporation
B17R NC47833 1946-..-.. W. S. Young, Shreveport (LA)
1946-..-.. destroyed in hangar fire


c/n 73

C17R NC15487 1936-05-01 mfd ($ 18,500)
1936-05-05 OCS-Oil Country Specialities, Coffeyville (KS) “OCS-titels”, untill 1940
1936-05-06 ATC-604
C. Stovall, Shreveport (LO)
Ohio Tool Co, Cleveland (OH)
1946-..-.. Rawdon Bros. Flying Service, Wichita (KS)
1947-..-.. Petrolite Corporation, (MO)
1955-..-.. M. R. Jones, La Grange (IL)
1958-10-28 CoA
1961-..-.. Safari Coach Co, Joliet (IL)
1963-..-.. P. M. Roach, Dekalb (IL)
1963-07-11 Chad Norbert Koppie, Dundee (IL) moved to Gilberts (IL) rebuilding
1968-..-.. burned in a hangar fire, only the wingpanels remained
rebuilt again


c/n 74

C17R NC15833 1936-04-30 Mfd
1936-04-29 (?) J. P. Burras, Dallas (TX)
1937-..-.. Lone Star Elevators, Dallas (TX)
1939-..-.. Harry Hammill, Austin (TX)
1940-..-.. Ya Ching Lee, Chinese Consolidated (NY) named “Estrella China”, who flew it for the American Bureau for Medical Aid to China
1947-..-.. Hawthorne School of Aeronautics (SC)
1955-..-.. Stone-Wells Flying Service, Jacksonville (FL)
N996 1961-..-.. W. Mack, St. Petersburgh (FL)
1964-03-14 damaged on a hard and bumpy landing at Drane Airport, Lakeland (FL) repaired
1968-08-28 CoA
1971-..-.. J. J. Falicki, Grand Rapids (MI) was formerly a photo survey aircraft, Falicki restored it to standard
1971-..-.. Col. James R. Wilson, Cortland (NY)
1975-07-.. started recovering, repairing
1979-07-.. moved to Keithville (LA)
1984-..-.. accident
1987-..-.. R. Huckins, Wichita (KS)
1988-02-18 Don M. Robinson, Brownsville (TX)
N15835 (3) 1990-03-.. Don M. Robinson, Brownsville (TX)
1990-08-.. restoration completed
1991-04-29 W. R. Hose Jr, Parlier (CA)
1991-08-.. ff after restoration
Peter Van Schoonhoven, Battle Ground (WA)
2008-05-02 Inland Northwest Museum of Transportation and History Inc, Clarkston (WA)



c/n 75

C17R NC12824 1936-05-.. mfd
1936-05-09 Manning & Martin, Denver (CO)
NC282Y 1938-..-.. Manning & Martin, Denver (CO)
A. Lombardo, Mexico City, Mexico
XA-BKO 1939-..-.. Aeronaves de Mexico untill 1941-11-00
NC282Y 1942-..-.. E. L. Erickson
1943-..-.. Harry Combs, Mountain States Aviation, Denver (CO) rebuilt
1943-..-.. Bob Woodard (operations manager, later owner of Mountain States Aviation)
1944-12-.. Alfred C. & Mrs. Barrow, Sweetbriar Ladies Ready-to-Wear Shops, Denver (CO) named “Sally Sweetbriar”, still occasionally used by Mountain States Aviation, Bob Woodard remained pilot and went to work for Sweetbriar end 1945
1946-04-18 traded in for c/n B-2
1946-04-18 Plains Airways, Cheyenne (WY)
1947-..-.. R. Donner (CO)
1955-..-.. Vest Aircraft, Denver (CO)
1959-06-08 CoA
1961-..-.. R. Foster, Seattle (WA)
1962-..-.. C. Biemond, San Jose (CA)
1963-..-.. A. E. Knechtel, Auburn (WA)
1966-..-.. W. G. Matthews, Williamina (OR) rebuilt
N282Y 1970-..-.. Angus E. McFee, San Fernando (CA) restoration started by Angus, continued by his son Allan
1978-..-.. sold to someone in Oklahoma City (OK)
2012-08-27 cancelled


c/n 76

C17R NC15834 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-05-20 P. Butler, Chicago (IL)
1939-..-.. Abrams Aerial Survey, Lansing (MI) pilot B. F. Hammond
UC-43E 42-78039 1942-09-08 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
March Field (CA)
Richmond AAB (WV)
16th Photo Sq, Norfolk AAF (VA)
1943-04-15 Class 26 salvage


c/n 77

C17R NC15835 (1) 1936-06-10 initially intended c/n 78, but changed to   c/n 77
1936-07-01 mfd, painted Sherwin Williams blue with whitestriping, to be a demonstrator
1936-07-02 ff
1936-07-03 Colonel William C. Brooks, director Escuela Militor de Aviacion, Honduras as pilot for the Government of Honduras, prior to the Bendix Race as replacement for c/n 9 that had crashed, c/n 81 was later painted and registered as the “Bendix-winner”, and the trade with Honduras went on as promised, making photo-identification difficult. First it had won some races:
NR15835 1936-07-04 and next day: 1st at Mile-High Air Races, Denver (CO) pilot Bill Ong, won Frank E. Phillips Trophy averaging 191,9mph
R15835/”62″ 1936-09-04 Bendix Trophy Race won by Blanche Wilcox Noyes (widow of Dewey L. Noyes, see c/n 1) and Iris Louise McPhetridge Thaden, at Floyd Bennett Field (NY) (NY to LA in 14:55:01h = 165,346 mph) mod. with extra fuel and oil tanks, on 65% power from the aready 1,200h engine!
11 (2) 1936-09-12 Colonel William C. Brooks, director of the Escuela Militar de Aviacion Honduras (Honduras Air Force) used by the Honduras Government, painted Insignia Blue with white stripe, national insignia, wings & tail surfaces aluminum, fitted with a camera and viewfinder in the fuselage bottom and other modifications, delivery via Brownsville (TX)
1947-11-03 last reported, rumoured that this airframe still exist


c/n 78

C17E NC15836 (1) 1936-06-10 initially intended c/n 77, but changed to c/n 78
1936-07-.. mfd (just under $ 10,000)
1936-07-.. ATC-615 (1936-08-13 according to Beech)
1936-08-15 Japan Air Transport Co, Tokio, Japan, shipped dismantled to Japan, assembled by Tokyo Hikoki Seisaku Jo (The Tokio Aircraft Works) supervised by Virgil Adamson of Beechcraft, as example for the licensed Japanese production (14 C17E’s in 1938, 5 in 1939 and 1 in 1940)
J-BAOI 1936-09-29 ff
1937-06-.. NKYKK – Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha (Japan Air Transport Co / Japan Airways Co Ltd, Tokio)
fate unknown



c/n 79

C17R NC15837 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-09-05 D. P. Kenyon, Richwood (NY)
1938-..-.. David McConnell, Suffern (NY)
NC1600 (2) War Dept General Delivery, Washington (DC)
1942-03-26 cancelled
UC-43E 42-97424 1942-11-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Tyndall Field (FL)
Warner-Robins AFB (GA)
Tinker Field (OK)
1944-10-17 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
C17R NC1600 (2) 1946-..-.. Tubular Weaving Co, Columbus (OH)
Julian F. Stone, Columbus (OH)
fate unknown


c/n 80

C17R NS1 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-10-02 Department of Commerce, Washington (DC) as trade in for c/n 11
NS2 1938-..-.. Department of Commerce, Washington (DC)
1939-..-.. used by the CAA for air carrier inspection office at Meacham Field, Fort Worth (TX)
1940-..-.. used in wing flutter test, see also c/n 219
NC2 1940-..-.. Department of Commerce, Washington (DC)
NC2166 Department of Commerce, Washington (DC)
UC-43E 42-97431 1943-01-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Berry Field (TN)
Memphis AAF (TN)
Courtland AAF (AL)
1943-02-07 landing accident 4.5 miles East-Southeast of Decatur AAF (AL) due to engine failure, flown by William R. Wood. The Stag was in use by 8 Ferry Sqn/4 Ferry Grp, Berry Field (TN)
UC-43B 1943-03-05 conversion by engine change at Warner-Robins AFB (GA)
1943-05-09 Class 26 salvage
1946-07-31 noted “at school”


c/n 81

C17R NC15835 (2) 1936-10-09 mfd, painted identically to c/n 77 for demonstration flights as “the Bendix Trophy Race winner” from Louise Thaden to celebrate her win and flown around the U.S.
1937-01-21 record time 40:43 Detroit to Akron Airports
1937-03-18 Albert H. Stackpole, Harrisburg (PA)
1940-..-.. E. M. Anderson, Antigo (WI)
1963-..-.. J. G. Ashton, Van Nuys (CA)
N15835 1966-..-.. Wiliam C. Yarbrough, Atlanta (GA)
Lt. Col. James T. Winkler, rebuilt
1977-..-.. John R. Kelley, Costa Mesa (CA)
1980-..-.. John & Albert Kelly (OR)
damaged during a winterstorm, repaired
1989-11-.. removed from U.S. Civil Aviation Register, registration assigned to c/n 74
1990-..-.. believed stored with John R. Kelly



c/n 82

C17R NC16434 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-10-27 Sucesion J. Serrales, Ponce, Puerto Rico, pilot Dennis Pewelson, fitted with straight engine cowl
UC-43E 42-47389 1942-02-07 or 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Puerto Rico
1942-10-12 wrecked in landing at Losey AA, Puerto Rico, with pilot Earl H. Dunham
1943-03-20 crash-landed gear-up at Vieques, Virgin Islands, flown by William L. Curry. This Stag was based at 36FG/Hq at Losey Field.
1944-04-01 condemned


c/n 83

0083 NC15813 1936, probably at Wichita (KS) by Beech
c/n 83 NC15813 in 1936, probably at Wichita (KS) by Beech ©

C17L NC15813 1936-04-02 mfd ($ 8,550)
1936-04-16 ATC-602 (same as C17B)
1936-04-25 King Oil Co, Wichita Falls (TX)
1941-..-.. Ridenour Flying Service, Wichita Falls (TX)
UC-43J 42-97413 1942-12-03 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Houston (TX) ($3,600.00)
noted at Howard Hughes (TX) for maintenance
San Antonio AD (TX)
1943-05-12 condemned


c/n 84

C17B NC15841 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-05-08 Frank G. “Jerry” Andrews, Mouton & Clyde, San Bruno (CA)
1937-..-.. Charles Hooper Crosby, Piedmont (CA) but Jerry remained pilot
1937-12-.. Pacific Northwest Airways Inc, Boeing Field, Seattle (WA)
1947-..-.. C. R. Smith (FL)
1955-..-.. Holland Dusting Co, High Springs (FL)
fate unknown


c/n 85

C17B NC15842 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-05-20 D. L. Provost, Newark (NJ)
1939-..-.. Bureau of Air Commerce, Newark (NJ)
1945-..-.. Alford F. Jackson, Detroit(MI)
1945-03-21 crashed, Mr. Jackson was killed, the aircraft completely demolished and later scrapped, CAA stated: “Pilot conducted flight during instrument weather conditions while not being holder of a valid instrument rating”


c/n 86

C17B NC15843 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-05-23 Colorado Aviation, Denver (CO)
1941-..-.. Howard Arthur Flying Service, Pendleton (OR) engine to Lycoming R-680-E3B (300 hp)
J. W. Marshall, Dallas (TX)
1943-10-07 Inland Air Lines
1945-..-.. V. Krug
195.-..-.. Perry Institute, Yakima (WA)
1961-..-.. W. Ford, Spokane (WA)
1962-06-14 CoA
1963-..-.. Stoddard Wendel Motor Co, Spokane (WA)
1966-..-.. S. Leland, Spokane (WA)
N15843 1968-09-06 William S. Pinette, King Salmon (AK)
2009-06-30 cancelled


c/n 87

C17B NC15844 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-06-19 Batt’s Aircraft Agency, Santa Monica (CA)
1939-..-.. Mattes & Billings, Belmont Radio Corporation, Chicago (IL)
1947-..-.. F. R. Bacon (CA)
1963-..-.. NYAIRCO, East Greenbush, New York (NY)
1979-..-.. Earl J. Fromm, Channahon (IL) rebuilt
1989-..-.. not registrated


c/n 88

C17B NC15845 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-06-13 Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys, San Antonio (TX)
1941-..-.. J. L. Fields Jr (TX)
UC-43G 42-88634 1942-09-24 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Duncan Field (TX) ($4,500.00)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Warner-Robins AFB (GA)
1943-07-15 CAA
Rome AD (NY)
Brownsville AAB (TX)
1944-10-18 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
C17B NC50960 1947-..-.. C. J. Gallagher (TX)
fate unknown


c/n 89

2014-05-09 14.46.41a

Beautiful air-to-air shot of C17L c/n 89 NC15846 seen here overhead Kansas on May 9, 2014, received from Joshua Burger ©

C17B NC15846 1936-..-.. mfd ($ 9,430.00) testflown by Theodore A. “Ted” Wells
1936-06-13 Douglas-Ward Aviation, Long Island (NY)
1936-06-16 J. P. McClaughlin, Endicott (NY)
1940-..-.. B. K. Douglas (NY)
1941-..-.. Home Mutal Fire Insurance (NY)
1947-..-.. Berst Forster Dixfield Co (NY)
1955-..-.. D. Guiling, Richmond (IN)
1961-..-.. J. Stewart, Lancaster (CA)
N291Y (3) 1963-..-.. R. L. Hotaling, Atlanta (GA)
1964-..-.. F. Comer, Los Angeles (CA)
1971-..-.. restored in Hayward (CA)
C17L NC15846 1971-..-.. F. Morris Jr, East Hanover (NJ)
M. E. Jan Schultz, Lincoln (NE)
1975-03-14 Charles O. Kanaga, Wichita (KS) moved to Derby (KS)
1975-03-26 registered to him
1982-10-16 on a flight from McConnell AFB (KS) back home to Derby (KS) as the Stag accelerated on takeoff through 40mph one of his two passenger advised Charles that the cabin door was unlocked, he reduced to idle, reached back and closed the door but the Beech swerved to the right, and the left main gear failed, substantially damaging the plane (by the NTSB quoted as an E17L), no injuries
1984-..-.. ff. Charles O. Kanaga, Derby (KS)
2001-..-.. engine rebuilt
2009-05-05 offered for sale by Charles ($ 192,000.00) TTAF 3700, engine Jacobs 245hp, 64 SMOH, 64 STOH, prop 64 SPOH, spare: prop & hub, tail wheel bird cage, 2 upper wing tanks, distributor/mounting parts, 2 carburetors, starter motor, 5 head sets, transponder, spare old instruments. Included is the factory Bill of Sale from 1936
2014-01-21 CoA renewed, Terry L. Burger, Salina (KS)



c/n 90

SC17B NC15847 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-07-03 Thomas Emerson Proctor Rice, president of the Winnipesaukee Air Service, Weirs (NH) moved to Meredith (NH) flown by Floyd Miller, Augusta (ME)
C17B 1936-..-.. Thomas Emerson Proctor Rice, Meredith (NH)
1939-..-.. Charles J. Paine, Weston (MA)
1947-..-.. K. Houston (CA)
1948-03-31 Myron Buswell, Lake Side (OR)
1952-02-19 cancelled
parts were found in a body shop in Las Vegas (CA) by Hub Johnson, Red Bluff (CA) and he has them


c/n 91

C17B NC15848 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-06-06 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK)
1939-..-.. Harry Heimple, Wichita (KS)
1947-..-.. B. P. Nechodoma (CA)
1949-12-31 W. D. Lount, Oakland (CA)
1955-..-.. Dr. Norman Wheeler, Globe (AZ) the Stag was left at the airport
1956-02-20 cancelled
Fred Comer, Globe (AZ) bougt as salvage at a sheriff’s sale, he parted the aircraft out


c/n 92

C17B NC15849 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-06-23 Shobe Airlines, Boston (MA)
1936-..-.. crashed


c/n 93

C17B NC15840 1936-07-08 mfd ($ 10,260) painted wings, tail surfaces and struts along with the stripe aluminium, fuselage Stanavo Red, instrument panel M1738, equiped with Jacobs L-5 serial # 1016, Curtis Reed propeller serial # M5460, upholstery of the seats 2700-354D blue-striped laidlaw, sidewalls and ceiling 4700-786 gray broadcloth
1936-07-13 E. E. Aldrin (father of Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Apollo 11) of Standard Oil Development Co, New York City (NY) “STANAVO”-titels
damaged and repaired many times, including groundloops
1938-03-28 Lewis M. Carle, Carle Petroleum Co, San Antonio (TX)
1940-..-.. F. Armstrong, Wichita Falls (TX)
1941-12-12 Edward E. Silk, Wichita Falls (TX)
1942-..-.. W. U. Paul, Corpus Christi (TX) used for coastal patrols with the CAP-Civil Air Patrol
1945-..-.. Engineering Lab, Tulsa (OK)
1945-..-.. SW Aero Exchange, Tulsa (OK)
1946-..-.. SW Flight, Tulsa (OK)
L. L. McCurdy, San Diego (CA)
1947-06-03 R. Coates & William R. Ringdahl, San Diego (CA)
1953-06-23 Clifford C. Adams, LaMesa (CA)
1957-..-.. Valley Charter Service, El Centro (CA)
1957-09-28 G. Erbey, Torrance (CA)
1958-..-.. A. G. Van Alstyne, Los Angeles (CA)
1959-07-25 Harvey C. Dunbar, Santee (CA) engine to Jacobs L4-MB (225 hp)
C17L between 1961 and 1980 the Stag was inactive
1972-01-29 Desert Air Parts, Tucson (AZ) restored by Mr. B. J. “Pete” Petroski of Desert Air Parts
1972-03-07 G. Clark, Spring Valley (CA)
1972-11-11 Ralph T. & Glenna T. Martin, Spring Valley (CA)
1979-..-.. restoration completed
1981-01-19 National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington (DC) donated by Pete Petroski & Mr.S.Kavrick (both from Desert Air Parts)
1983-10-06 intended colors 1983-08-23 were overall red, but this was ordered 1983-10-06 to change to Loening Yellow with Consolidated Blue and pin-stripe around details 3/16″ in White, displayed, hanging on the ceiling of the Golden Age of Flight Gallery 105
1990-..-.. cancelled from register, but remained displayed