c/n 94 – 123

c/n 94

C17B NC16435 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-07-29 Hartley Aviation Co Inc, Duluth (MN)
1937-09-23 crashed on take-off
1937-10-29 cancelled
dismantled, engine and propeller installed in c/n 189


c/n 95

C17B NC16436 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-07-30 Manhattan School of Aeronautics (KS)
1937-..-.. Hartley Aviation Co, Duluth (MN)
1942-09-10 Mr. C. K. Rickel Jr, Fort Worth (TX)
1943-02-01 cancelled
UC-43G 42-97428 1943-01-15 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force ($ 5,750)
1943-01-22 Boeing Field
1943-02-12 landing accident causing a ground loop at Turner Field (VA) pilot Raymond M. Goosem, the Stag was in use by 16 Photo Sqn/1 Mapping Grp, Bolling Field (DC)
1943-02-17 Class 26 salvage


c/n 96

C17B NC16437 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-07-16 J. Bois-Wack, Santa Barbara (CA)
1938-..-.. John G. Anwiler, Detroit (MI) moved to Oakland (CA)
R. Knight, Hope (RI)
1940-..-.. H. Ernst (CA)
1947-..-.. Leopold Ohkerman (MA)
Best Aircraft & Financing, Denver (CO)
1950-10-26 Rodolfo Fial, Sinaoa, Mexico
fate unknown


c/n 97

C17B NC16438 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-08-12 Dr. Leland F. Way, Reading (PA)
1947-..-.. Tufts Edgcumbe Inc (IL)
1955-..-.. Joe Jenkins, Wyoming (DE)
1974-01-21 destroyed in a hangar fire that was started by kids hiding to smoke


c/n 98

C17B NC16439 1936-08-19 mfd
N. P. Johnson
1938-..-.. Orrin J. Whitney, Beech-Air Sales, New York City (NY) demonstrator
1939-..-.. Dan G. Best, Woodland (CA)
UC-43G 42-97426 1943-01-05 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, 16th Photo Sq, Bolling Field, Washington (DC) ($ 5,750)
1943-06-15 Bradley Field (CT)
1944-07-08 Class 26 salvage at Rome AD (NY)
1944-10-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation for disposal
C17B NC46291 1946-..-.. Josephine E. Becker, Great Kills (NY)
fate unknown


c/n 99

c/n 99 NC16440 the unique amphibian Beech 17, probably in New York late 1936, unknown photographer, negative from the William T. Larkins Collection ©

SC17B NC16440 1936-..-.. mfd, the sole Beech 17 amphibian: Edo floats Model 49 3875, 2 main nose retractable wheels, 2 tail wheels and tail skids, and a large fabric covered ventral fin, only a few flights in amphibian configuration due to lack of directional control on the ground making taxiing extreme difficult, and poor handling caracteristics by wheel take-offs and landings
C17B NC16440 1936-12-31 E. O. McDonnell, New York City (NY)
1941-..-.. B. Y. Weeth, White Plains (NY)
UC-43G 42-88628 1942-09-21 impresse into U.S. Army Air Force, Michell (NY)
1942-09-25 nosed over after landing, wrecked at Bridgeport AAF (CT)
1942-12-04 condemned, salvaged, later scrapped



c/n 100

C17L NC16441 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-10-04 C. C. Throp, Los Angeles (CA)
1938-..-.. Western Properties, Los Angeles (CA)
Aero Broker Service, Inglewood (CA)
Paul Mantz, Burbank (CA)
SC17L “116” 1939-..-.. painted green with orange trim, used in several movies, like “Too Hot To Handle” with Clark Gable & Myrna Loy, by MGM
NC16441 Civil Air Patrol, Biggs Field, El Paso (TX)
1940-..-.. United Air Service (CA)
C17B NC962W Jacobs L-5 fitted
1958-04-23 CoA
1963-..-.. W. W. Kobelt, Wallkill (NY)
overturned by a hurricane
Frank A. Higgins, Norwich (NY)
1966-..-.. started rebuilding
1971-..-.. Alton A. Cianchette, Pittsfield (MA) moved to Newport (ME)
C17L N962W 1985-..-.. ff, repainted green with orange trim
1986-..-.. on loan to the Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
1991-11-16 registered to them, displayed in airworthy condition
2015-11-30 expired



c/n 101

C17B NC16442 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-08-21 R. Z. Glass, Dallas (TX) moved to Houston (TX)
UC-43G 42-97427 1953-01-03 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Love Field, Dallas (TX)
Bradley Field (CT)
16th Photo Sq, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Newark AAF (NJ)
Olmstead Field (PA)
1943-04-09 landing accident at Caldwell-Wright AP (NJ) flown by Raymond E. Schafer, the Stag was used by 16 Photo Sqn/1 Mapping Grp, Bolling Field (DC)
1943-05-21 Class 26 salvage


c/n 102

C17B NC16443 1935-..-.. mfd
1935-09-05 R. S. LeSage, Dallas (TX)
ruggedness demonstrator, multiple intentional gearup landings at Cleveland Air Races, just like c/n 110 with skids mounted under the fuselage and a propellor-stop to stop the prop horizontal, reducing damage to almost zero
1937-..-.. registered to LeSage
1938-..-.. and 1939-..-.. registered to Barney Cockburn, Arp (TX)
1939-..-.. crashed
1939-..-.. rebuilt with fuselage of c/n 110, becoming one with c/n 110 stamped into the fuselage so actual being c/n 110, but to avoid mounds of paperwork c/n 102 was not changed back to c/n 110
UC-43G 42-88629 1942-09-21 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Stout Field (IN)
1942-10-07 Fairfield DFW (TX)
1943-07-20 landing accident at Sturgis AAF (KY) flown by John T. Bogan, the Stag was used by 85 Repair Sqn, Patterson Field (OH)
1943-08-18 CAA with L-5 engine
War Training Service, Chicago (IL)
1944-09-01 noted at Wright-Patterson Field
1944-09-29 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
C17B N47024 1946-..-.. M. E. Whiteman, Los Angeles (CA)
1947-..-.. Harold Mullcock (CA)
194.-..-.. H. & P. Dawson, Eden Prairie (MN)
1955-..-.. Harold Robinson, Baldwin Park (CA)
1961-..-.. Roy Lufkin, San Fernando (CA)
1963-..-.. H. C. Hanwarren, Rubidoux (CA)
1966-..-.. rebuilt
1966-11-15 CoA
196.-..-.. H. Vigan, Willmar (MN)
1973-10-.. Fred and Marilyn Brown, New Bern (NC)
1978-..-.. moved to Ridgefield (CT)
1982-..-.. rebuilt by Michael Stanko, Gemco Aviation Services, fitted with optional T-bar controls (dual yokes)
C17B NC47024/”62″ 1987-11-15 Christine Maria St. Onge, Wexford (PA)
painted Horizon Blue, Light Blue (Army Standard) Insignia Red (Army Standard) and White trim
1988-04-21 registered to Christine Maria & Paul L. St. Onge, Wexford (PA)
1988-04-27 after landing at Butler (PA) Christine and her passenger were taxiing on RWY08 when the wind blew them off the RWY, they struck a runwaylight and taxi sign, and while attempting to get back on the RWY the left gear collapsed, causing considerable damage but no one was injured
2000-10-21 and next day at Langley AFB Open House
2002-..-.. restoration
2003-..-.. for sale by Amjet Aviation Co / Aircraft Shopper Online
2006-10-08 at Drover AFB (DE)
2007-05-13 at Air Expo, McGuire AFB (NJ)
2007-06-29 and next day at Greater Binghamton (NY) Air Show
2009-06-14 damaged in landing on RWY29 at Stevensville (MD) on a flight from Zelienople (PA) with her son, Christine experienced a mild crosswind (7 knots, 360 degrees) and after touchdown of the main gear, while lowering the tail the Stag veered to the right, corrections were applied in vain, it departed the RWY and collided with a ditch, resulting in lower left wing spars damage
2015-01-31 expired



c/n 103

0103 1983-07-31 NC16444 at Oshkosh (WI) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 103 NC16444 at Oshkosh (WI) 1983-07-31 by Glenn Chatfield ©

C17B NC16444 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-09-17 (or 2 days later) D. H. Wallace, Santa Barbara (CA)
1938-..-.. Mr. N. A. O’Mara, Sells (AZ)
1940-..-.. Guardian Electric Co, Chicago (IL)
1947-..-.. Paul Shaw (IA)
1954-..-.. or in 1953-..-.. belly-landing into a wheat field (CA)
purchased by two owners who bought it for rebuilt
1954-..-.. stored
1955-..-.. G. Brown, Lincoln (IL)
1961-..-.. J. Burns, Canoga Park (CA)
1978-02-.. (or 1978-03-00) Calvin J. Hauff, Watertown (SD)
rebuilt by D. Fritz & J. Wetterling
1983-05-05 ff & CoA
1984-01-.. R. W. Fritz, Willmar (MN)
1984-..-.. ground-loop, taking out left gear and serious damage to the left lower wing
1984-..-.. Bruce J. Dexter, Orange (MA) moved to Lyndonville (VT)
C17L 1990-10-26 Jane G. Newton, Sutton (VT) engine to Jacobs R755-9, later to R755-B2 (275hp) but remaining a C17L, with a Hamilton Standard 2B20 counterweighted constant speed prop with full spinner
1990-12-31 Bruce & Jane Dexter, North East Kingdome (VT)
2008-07-30 Pegasus Aircraft Parts & Systems Inc, Miami (FL)
2009-02-03 cancelled
exported to Brazil
PR-STW noted with damage to prop, spinner, cowl and main gear


c/n 104

IMG_5505f IMG_5510e
c/n 104 LV-X387 almost 3 years after its restoration seen here at General Rodriguez Airport near Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013-03-09 by Nigel Hitchman ©

C17B R319 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-08-05 Direccin General de Aeronutica (Argentine Air Force)
1936-10-19 Dr. Samuel A. Bosch, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Argentine Air Force)
LV-LDA 1944-12-26 Aeronautica Argentina (Villar y Serrano y Cia)
1948-02-.. cancelled
CX-ABE M. Stirling, Young, Rio Negro, Uruguay
LV-XCF 1951-..-.. to Argentina
1977-..-.. Juan E. Rodrigues & J. R.Lovro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alejando Mochkovsky, Buenos Aires
1998-..-.. start rebuilt (12 years) by Pablo Colombo, Argentina
LV-X387 2010-12-21 ff after rebuilt, owner Alex Mochkovsky



c/n 105

C17LS NC14925 1936-04-.. mfd, as cheaper C17 “Special” ($ 7,495) with wood fixed-pitch prop, and less luxurious than C17L
1936-10-15 H. L. E. Meyerand Co, San Francisco (CA)
NC16446 1938-..-.. H. L. E. Meyerand Co, San Francisco (CA)
UC-43J 42-94133 1942-10-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Felts Field (WA)
1943-03-31 accident at Felts Field (WA), to Class 26 salvage, wings and tail to a mechanics school
1956-..-.. fuselage used up, wings and empennage to Dwight Addington, instructional airframe


c/n 106

C17B NC16447 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-10-31 W. C. Taber, Kansas City (MO)
1939-..-.. R. W. Martin, Mount Vernon (IL)
1939-..-.. St. Louis Airlines (MO)
1940-..-.. A. Johnson (IL)
1942-08-03 John F. Lankalis, Coaldale (PA)
1943-..-.. ditched with the gear retracted, returning from take-off, Atlantic City Reservoir (NJ) dbr
1944-05-12 cancelled


c/n 107

C17L ZK-AEU 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-11-14 F. B. Cadman, Auckland, New Zealand
1936-12-23 Arrived Auckland aboard SS City of Manchester for Auckland Aero Club, Auckland (£ 2,500)
damaged in transit, repaired
1937-05-06 Auckland Aero Club, Auckland, major part of purchase funded by the St. John’s Ambulance Association / Service, served as air ambulance and on charter duties
NZ573 1939-09-24 impressed into Royal New Zealand Air Force (£ 2,100) 42 Sqn, Rongotai, used as ambulance and communications aircraft at Communications Flight at Rongotai, often under repair
1940-04-.. damaged at Opotiki, out of service for nearly a year
1943-02-01 ground-loop at Taupo
1945-..-.. repaired by De Havilland New Zealand, Jacobs L-4(225hp) to Continental W-670-6A (220hp) taken from a tank!
1945-08-15 ff
ZK-AJS 1946-05-24 Auckland Aero Club, Auckland
1947-04-26 wheels up landing at Rongotai
VH-BOU 1954-..-.. J. M. Bonney, Cobar, New South Wales
1955-03-10 C. D. Kelman, Julia Creek, N. Queensland
1962-08-03 M. Kelman, Yamala
VH-PMG 1963-03-29 J. W. Whelan, Sands, New South Wales
1964-03-17 Columbia Trading Corp, Sydney
VH-TOT 1964-04-18 Australian Aircraft Sales
1966-01-20 L. A. Day, Geelong, Victoria
1966-09-01 gear-up landing at Moorabin, repaired
1967-08-30 crashed on take-off from Cooktown, Queensland when it swung off the side of the airstrip, damaging the lower part of the fuselage, trucked back to Geelong for rebuild
1969-..-.. struck off register
1970-..-.. Capt. A. J.Smithwell, Sydney, New South Wales
rebuilt in Sydney



c/n 108

0108 1937 VH-UXP via Cameron & Tracey Hawley
c/n 108 VH-UXP somewhere in 1937, via Cameron & Tracey Hawley ©

 vh-uxp 2
c/n 108 VH-UXP, well deserved Champion Vintage/Classic Cup Winner at Classic Fighters Air Show, Omaka, New Zealand 2013-03-30, Cameron & Tracey Hawley ©

c/n 108 VH-UXP is seen here in active use in New Zealand, 2013 Cameron & Tracey Hawley ©

C17B NC16449 (1) 1936-11-09 mfd, with Jacobs L-5M, painted Insignia Blue & silver, NC16449 allocated (used later for c/n 141)
1936-11-10 purchased by Thomas J. Masse, Managing Director of Century Storage Battery Co, Sydney
1936-11-1. testflown
1936-11-14 departed from Beech factory on a railway flatcar to New York for shipping, in the same crate was also c/n 107
1936-11-20 issued Import-licence no. 21
1936-12-31 arrived by ship at Sydney aboard SS “City of Manchester”
VH-UXP 1937-01-09 Australian registation application to Thomas J. Masse, Sydney, New South Wales and testflown the same day at Mascot by Beech Aircraft Corp pilot John L. Abbott who had accompanied the aircraft during shipping from USA, to supervise assembly and test flying.
1937-02-02 CoA, registrated, based at Mascot
1937-11-08 James Loneragan (Mudgee) Co, Pty, Ltd, Mudgee, New South Wales
1940-06-24 Internal DCA memo requesting status report for VH-UXP due to its probable impressment for RAAF: response:  “1 crew + 4 passengers. C. of A. valid till 30th January, 1941. Owner Jas. Loneragan (Mudgee) Pty., Ltd., of Mudgee, N.S.W.”
1941-04-28 request for impressment into Royal Australian Air Force. Loneragans strenuously argued against this action stressing that the aircraft was essential to maintain their wide-spread business interests which were aiding the war effort.
(A39-2) 1941-05-01 impressed into RAAF
1941-05-07 struck off civil register
1941-06-21 The Air Board advises DCA that the impressment of VH-UXP is deferred indefinitely and they have impressed c/n 248 VH-ACU instead
VH-UXP 1941-07-09 James Loneragan (Mudgee) Co, Pty, Ltd, New South Wales
1942-02-21 Government ordered Loneragan to handover the Stag to E. J. Connellan to act on behalf of U.S. Army Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force for aerodrome selection work. E.J. Connellan of Connellan Airways writes: “The RAAF instructed me to apply my expertise on survey, which included soil-type recognition from high altitude to assist the RAAF and USAAF to select aerodromes which were to be constructed on a very accelerated programme, preparing for a Japanese invasion. I was told to select aerodromes from Townsville through to the west coast. I said that my Percival Gull 6 was not suitable for this work, because of inadequate range and payload. They said I could have any aeroplane I asked for. I asked for a Staggerwing Beech 17. They impressed one off the owner, Loneragan at Mudgee NSW. Loneragan was not impressed! However he had no option but to endorse me on the aircraft at Mascoit and hand it over to me. That was on February 22nd 1942.”
1942-02-22 Loneragan endorsed Eddie Connellan on VH-UXP at Mascot. E. J. Connellan recalls: “From then (22.2.42) until April 20th I used this aircraft extensively for aerodrome selection work. I usually carried a RAAF officer, a USAAF officer and one or two Australian government engineers. So far as I know, all the sites I selected were successful. The Jacobs engine in this aircraft VH-UXP was very worn, and I could not obtain any spare parts for it, especially piston rings which I needed most of all. I would carbon the cylinder heads and valves in a very short space of time and I undertook top overhauls on it at night on a number of occasions.” Connellan decribes working all night on the engine in the old wooden floor of the Qantas hangar at Longreach, during which the rats chewed the leather of his shoes. He was based at Garbutt airfield, Townsville, where on one occasion he was once shot at by American airfield gunners on arrival.
1942-03-.. CoA renewal, overhaul by Ansett Airways, Essendon. Has been painted in camouflage by DCA order
1942-04-20 Aerodrome survey work completed, returned to James Loneragan (Mudgee) Co, Ltd, New South Wales
1942-04-24 Letter from Director General of Civil Aviation to Department of Air in response to enquiry concerning availability of civil aircraft which could be impressed for RAAF use by Western Command: “The following aircraft could reasonably be made available for use in communication flying in Western Australia:” the list includes VH-UXP owned Jas. Loneragan (Mudgee) Coy, Mudgee.
1942-05-30 Charter of VH-UXP to USAAF for special work terminated
1942-06-.. Charter to USAAF renewed, handed over by Loneragan
1942-07-20 Letter from Director General Civil Aviation to Department of Air responding to a proposal to use a civil aircraft for inspection of landing grounds in WA on behalf of the US authorities: “VH-UXP has been under charter to Connellan for U.S.A. Survey in Central and Northern Territory.  Probably could be obtained on similar terms as to Connellan. Previous proposal to impress aircraft cancelled by Department of Air, Memorandum 43912 of 24/6/42 this file. Tyres at present on this machine are property of R.A.A.F. and are to be returned to No. 2 Communication Flight, Wagga on completion charter.”
1942-08-07 on overhaul with Ansett Airways at Essendon. It has been handed over to USAAF by Loneragan.
A39-3 1942-08-13 impressed into Royal Australian Air Force, Impressment Requisition No. 9032, Stag has a Jacobs L-5, taken on RAAF Charge ex Ansett Airways, used as Officer transport around RAAF aerodromes but it did very little flying due to lack of spares
1942-08-24 serviceable at No.36 Squadron, Laverton
1942-08-25 struck off Civil Register
1942-09-02 arrived with no. 2 Communications Flight based at Wagga Wagga Aerodrome (2 Service Flying Training School?)
1942-09-07 received at No.2 Communications Flight, Mascot
1942-10-07 RAAF memo: “Jas Loneragan (Mudgee) Pty Ltd have made a gift of VH-UXP to the Commonwealth Government as a communications aircraft with RAAF, subsequently Impressment Requisition No.9032 is cancelled.”
1943-05-10 last flown at 2CF, awaiting replacement engine
1943-05-22 arrived with No. 4 Communications Flight, engine send for overhaul
1943-10-07 servicable with No.4 Communications Flight, Archerfield, later renamed No.4 Communications Unit
1944-04-25 received at No.3 Central Recovery Depot, Mascot for storage, ex 4CU
1944-05-10 DCA are advised that A39-3 is available for civil disposal. Currently held at 3CRD, Mascot, airframe total time 900 hr 40 min
1944-08-06 RAAF Survey report on aircraft’s condition sent to Mr. Loneragan
1944-10-20 Loneragan advises DCA that he intends to install a Jacobs L-6 or Cheetah radial engine. However the aircraft not issued to Loneragan and remained with RAAF
1944-12-.. to Amberley for storage
1944-12-13 RAAF inspection report at Amberley, no engine
1945-11-07 Jas Loneragan Pty Ltd to transfer all rights and title of Beech to RAAF
1945-11-08 approval given by RAAF HQ for issue of Vega Gull A32-2 in exchange for this aircraft
1945-08-09 received at 3 ADS-Aircraft Depot Store, Amberley, has been parked at Amberley since 12.44, is parked outside under canvas, no engine
1946-10-01 to be stored Category D
1947-04-02 Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Mascot, New South Wales
1947-02-10 Commonwealth Disposals Commission tender document for 29 Hudsons, aircraft engines, and Beech C17B airframe A39-3. Located at 3AD RAAF Amberley. Tenders close 7.3.47. “The aircraft is normally luxuriously appointed but unfortunately this particular machine has been badly damaged and the original engine fitted is not now available. However it is considered that the aircraft can be rebuilt and modified to make a very fine machine”
1947-04-02 sold through Commonwealth Disposals Commission for £200 to: Kingsford Smith Aviation Services, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney
1947-06-23 issued to purchaser Kingsford Smith Aviation Service, Mascot, New South Wales, struck off RAAF charge
1951-09-.. under extensive rebuild at Bankstown by KSAS
VH-UXP 1951-10-03 registration VH-UXP reallocated by DCA
1952-03-18 registration application: Kingsford Smith Aviation Service Pty Ltd, Bankstown, NSW
(VH-AFT) 1952-03-.. NSW Region allocate new registration VH-AFT, but changed to VH-UXP
C17L VH-UXP 1952-04-23 CoA re-issued and test flown at Bankstown the same day with a Jacobs L-4MB (240hp) fitted, restored to register as VH-UXP
1952-05-03 purchased by Hazel K. Roberts and John W. Morton, Richmond, Queensland, based at Ennis Downs, Richmond, Queensland
1952-05-05 registered to them
1958-11-07 to Ronald G. Akers, “North Tyrone”, Charleville, Queensland
1961-10-27 to Austerserve Pty Ltd, Bankstown, New South Wales
1962-04-02 noted at Bankstown in a hangar, major overhaul of cabin area
1962-10-.. noted at Bankstown, blue white & silver scheme
1963-01-10 noted at Bankstown
1963-01-12 noted at Bankstown
1963-05-18 noted at Bankstown
1963-05-20 visited Parafield, South Australia
1963-08-05 noted at Bankstown, turquoise and white, silver engine cowling
1963-09-27 to Parkes Aviation Co, Bankstown, New South Wales
1963-10-26 noted Bankstown in Parkes Aviation hangar
1963-11-10 visited West Maitland airshow, “Parkes Aviation” titles
1964-01-10 noted at Bankstown in Parkes Aviation hangar
1964-02-09 noted at Bankstown
1964-03-.. noted at Bankstown “Parkes Aviation” titles, blue white & silver
1964-04-02 noted at Bankstown
1964-04-18 visited Condobolin Airshow, blue, white & silver, “Parkes Aviation” titles
1964-06-20 noted at Bankstown
1964-07-29 visited Moorabbin, light blue & white, based Bankstown
1964-12-.. advertised for sale for £1950 by Central Aircraft Exchange, Sydney. TT 1550 hr
1965-07-28 to Douglas C. Muir, Mount Pleasant, Western Australia
1965-09-28 registered to Douglas C. Muir, Perth, WA
1966-01-03 arrived Jandakot on delivery flight from Bankstown, flown by Doug Muir. Based Jandakot for private flying by Muir, who operates the charter company Muir Airlines of WA
1966-01-06 noted at Jandakot
1966-06-02 noted at Jandakot, different blue & white scheme
1966-11-20 noted Jandakot
1966-12-01 H. W. Braden, Turramurra, Wahronga, New South Wales
1966-12-25 noted at Jandakot
1967-01-21 arrived Bankstown from Perth
1967-07-06 noted at Bankstown
1968-12-06 noted at Bankstown
1970-03-14 rolled-out Bankstown after major rebuild, still owned Braden
1970-09-20 noted at Bankstown, parked outside with Staggerwings c/n 248 VH-ACU and c/n 4922 VH-MJE
C17B 1971-..-.. restored by Brabham Aviation, reverting back to a C17B with a Jacobs L-5
1971-03-.. noted at Albury NSW, fresh paint scheme allcover yellow with red trim
1972-04-02 visited Morwell Vic Fly-In
1972-10-30 noted at Bankstown
1974-03-27 noted at Bankstown
1974-07-20 wfu, for sale (AUS $ 125,000)
1974-09-20 struck off Register as wfu
1977-07-13 noted at Bankstown, parked outside, complete
1977-07-20 noted at Bankstown, parked outside, yellow with red trim
1977-..-.. struck off Register for major rebuild at Bankstown
1977-09-28 noted at Bankstown
1986-12-.. ferried Bankstown – Albury by Joe Drage for new owner Mike Priestley, Albury, New South Wales
1987-01-17 noted at Albury, having maintenance by Jim Williams
1987-07-07 noted at Albury, outside, allcover yellow with red trim
1987-08-06 restored to Register VH-UXP to Mike Priestley, Albury, NSW
1987-12-.. noted at Albury, based here flying with local owner
1988-04-02 visited Kyabram Vic fly-in
1988-04-03 visited Mangalore Vic airshow
1989-10-12 to J. & Gordon L. Sharpe, Turramurra, NSW
1989-10-21 ferried Albury – Bankstown on delivery to new owner Gordon Sharp. He intended to ship the aircraft to England for the England – Australia Air Race.
1989-12-07 noted at Bankstown, in Classic Aviation hangar
1994-05-21 noted at Luskintyre, NSW in hangar, airworthy
1994-09-11 noted at Redcliffe, Qld and visited fly-in Watts Bridge Qld, allover yellow with red trim, owned already quoted as Warwick Woinarski
1994-10-05 to Warwick Woinarski, Antique Airways, Lawnton, operating from Redcliffe Aerodrome, Queensland, operated non-commercially, named “Denzel” in memory of the owner’s late mother.
1995-08-20 visited fly-in Watts Bridge, Qld
1998-08-29 visited fly-in Watts Bridge, Qld, allover yellow with black trim
1998-10-.. noted at Archerfield, Qld
2000-10-23 for sale ($ 225,000) at Redcliffe, Queensland, named “Denzel”
2001-07-18 visited Charters Towers, Qld airshow
2003-05-18 noted at Caboolture, Qld
2004-05-14 noted Redcliffe, Qld. Yellow & black, named “Denzel” near cockpit
2004-05-15 noted at Caboolture, Qld
2004-08-28 visited Watts Bridge, Qld fly-in, yellow with black trim
2005-07-11 Cameron Hawley, Tso Wo Hang Sai Kung, Hong Kong, operated by Niels Lindgaard, Bentleigh East, Victoria
2007-05-25 shipped to Croydon Aircraft Company, Old Mandeville Airfield, Mandeville, New Zealand for total restoration, returned to 1936 factory condition
2012-03-.. engine run at Mandeville of the installed 275hp Jacobs R-755-B2
2012-05-07 Cameron Hawley, Tso Wo Hang Sai Kung, Hong Kong, operated by Kysha Hawley
2012-05-12 ff after restoration by Cameron Hawley
2012-06-.. ferried from Mandeville to Wanaka for installation of metal fairings
planned to leave VH-UXP at Wanaka to fly at NZ airshows, then ferry to Australia in due course



c/n 109

C17LS  NC15836 (2) 1936-11-11 mfd as low-price C17 “Special” (see also c/n 105)
1936-11-18 Richard T. Davidson, Lakewood (OR) moved to Medford (OR)
1939-..-.. A. S. Swenson, Wichita (KS)
1940-..-.. H. L. McPherson (TN)
1941-..-.. E. B. Jordon (AK)
UC-43J 42-97420 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force ($5,000)
Houston (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Alamo Field (TX)
1943-07-09 CAA, Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
C17L NC54931 1947-..-.. Louis Clinton (CO)
fate unknown


c/n 110

C17B NC15838 1936-11-29 mfd, equipped with two skids to the underside and a brake to stop the propeller horizontal
1936-..-.. demonstrator for intentional belly landings at National Air Races, Los Angeles, flown by Bill Ong
1937-..-.. demonstrator at Miami Air Show, flown by Walter Beech
NC15838/”39″ racenumber applied
NC15838 1939-..-.. T. Oxnard, Amarillo Air Service (TX)
1939-..-.. fuselage used to rebuilt c/n 102 which is in flying conditions
1940-..-.. L. D. Thomas, Lubbock (TX)
1943-10-01 Inland Airlines, used as pilot trainer
1945-..-.. V. Kaug
1947-..-.. J. W. Marshall, Dallas (TX)
A. Swenson, Wichita (KS)


c/n 111

C17B NC17060 1936-12-12 mfd
1937-06-29 J. J. Hintze, Salt Lake City (UT)
1938-..-.. Manning & Martin Oil Co, Denver (CO)
1940-..-.. Hintze
1941-..-.. Inland Airlines Inc
1944-03-26 Inland Airlines Flight 3 crashed, demolished near Ottumwa (SD) flown by Ralph Burton


c/n 112

C17B NC17061 1936-11-.. mfd
1936-12-21 Dr. W. Dwyer, Hartford (CT)
1941-..-.. Chance-Vought Aircraft
1947-..-.. United Aircraft Corp (CT)
Byerly Aviation, Peoria (IL)
1952-09-12 W. B. Manchester, Morrison (IL)
1953-01-24 Capitol Aviation, Springfield (IL)
1955-..-.. Dick Herman Associates, Detroit (MI)
1956-07-14 CoA
1961-..-.. L. E. Steen, East Lancing (MI)
1969-05-02 Major J. E. Barnum, Crawford (NE)
1973-05-.. Robert M. Schow, Denver (CO) moved to Golden (CO) moved to Prescott (AZ)
1974-..-.. engine to Lycoming R-680-E3B
1975-..-.. ran into a snowbank, rebuilt except for fabric cover
1990-05-07 D. L. Donahue, Tempe (AZ) stored
2001-09-04 Dale G. Strodtbeck, Aguila (AZ) moved to Eureka (MT)
2015-06-30 expired



c/n 113

CF-BBB by Byron Reynolds via John Faulkner
c/n 113 CF-BBB on skis by Byron Reynolds via John Faulkner © the skis (probably designed and made in-house by Mackenzie Air Services) went over the existing wheel gear, which accounts for their bulbous appearance. Also barely visible a 2nd door next to the pilot.

c/n 113 CF-BBB on floats and with an extra wing strut on both sides, I suspect made in-house by Mackenzie Air Services as well. She is reported to be impressed into US military service in 1942 (staying CF-BBB) and is seen here at Watson Lake, Yukon. Photo taken by her pilot 2nd Lt. Robert Love, Commander of the USAF base at Watson Lake, from the R.B. Cameron collection © via John Faulkner.

SC17R CF-BBB 1936-..-.. mfd, painted light green and gold with silver birdstripe
1936-12-12 export certificate
1936-12-23 W. Leight Brintnell, Mackenzie Air Service Ltd, Edmonton, Alberta, “Mackenzie Air Service Ltd.”-titels, on skis/wheels during winter snowperiod, floats during summer season, operated from Edmonton, Alberta, along the Mackenzie River to Lake Athabasca
C17R used in mining industry, known as “Brintnell’s Bastard Beech”
1942-05-09 Aircraft Repair, Edmonton, Alberta
1946-05-.. Northwest Industries, Edmonton, Alberta
1946-05-22 Severn Enterprises, Toronto
1946-06-19 L. J. Heit (director of Severn) Toronto
1946-07-16 Severn Enterprises, Toronto
1950-11-06 Millard Auto-Aero-Marine, Toronto
1951-02-26 P. S. Hoeberg, Algoma Mills, Ontario
1952-06-25 East Coast Airways, St.John (NE)
1955-06-09 La Tuque Air Service (PQ)
1955-10-21 crashed, dbr St. Maurice River, Windigo (PQ) stalled and lost control after take-off due to incorrect loading


c/n 114

C17R G-AENY 1936-..-.. mfd
Export Certificate E.2274 erected by Rollason’s of Croydon
1936-11-07 Charles E. Gardner, London, based at Warlingham, Surrey
1936-12-16 registered in England
1936-12-17 CoA, flew with 3 passengers London – Paris in 1:02h, used for continental touring
1937-..-.. noted at Marignance (French Air Force base, 15th Escadre)
F-APFB 1937-09-.. Air Pyrenees
Louis Lejeune, Meaux-Esbly, probably for the Spanish Republican forces and used in Spanish Civil War
1937-09-.. crashed at Biarritz, France
1937-12-.. registration cancelled


c/n 115

Beech JB-1dc/n 115 BuNo 0801 in blue and silver, marked with Captain’s four-stripe Epaulette rank card, via William T Larkins by Donald F. Kauer of NY © This is the sole JB-1, later US Navy Model 17′s were GB-1′s or GB-2′s

JB-1 BuNo. 0801 1936-..-.. mfd as the only JB-1, contract C.51723
1936-12-14 Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Dept, Washington (DC)
1936-12-15 Anacostia NAS (DC)
1937-01-22 accepted a Captains’s four stripe Epaulette rank card
1937-06-.. VX-4DS
1938-08-01 Philadelphia NAF (PA)
1938-08-18 Anacostia NAS (DC)
1940-03-21 Santa Monica INA (CA) but crashed that day en route at Jefferson (PA)
1940-03-27 NAF, report says: “Fuselage twisted, cabin smashed in, vertical stabiliser, rudder, both upper wings and ailerons dbr. Prop badly bent. Strike plane.”


c/n 116

C17R NC2000 1936-..-.. mfd
1936-11-21 Empire Oil and Refining, Bartlesville (OK)
1938-..-.. Swiflite Aircraft Corp, New York City (NY) pilot George Pomeroy
UC-43H 42-97417 1942-12-08 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Truax Field (WI)
1943-03-31 surveyed out as salvage at Mitchell AAF (SD)


c/n 117

C17E J-BACH 1936-12-.. mfd, unassembled
1936-12-05 Japan Air Transport (Japan Airways Co Ltd, Hikokan, Siba-Ku) Tokyo, Japan, delivered in parts as a pattern aircraft for Tachikawa production, see c/n 78
1938-06-21 ff
fate unknown


c/n 118

C17R NC17067 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-01-23 James & Mae Haizlip, London, England, Export Certificate E.2444
1937-04-22 to 1940-03-19 CoA validated
G-AESJ 1937-..-.. ferried on board German airship Graf Zeppelin to Europe
1937-..-.. Frank ten Bos, flew London – Brussels 0:58h
1937-05-26 to 1937-06-06 displayed at the Brussels International Aircraft Exhibition, used by Alec Ulmann, European manager Aviaquipo (Frank ten Bos’ Aviation Equipment and Export Co) and James Haizlip for export tours throughout Europe
1937-11-12 Surrey Flying Services at Croydon Airport, intention of selling to Spain
1939-03-24 Charles E. Gardener, Croydon, permission for export to Spain withdrawn because of great amount of people involved in the trade, like Brian Allen and Pauline Thomson representing Haizlip, who was himself operating as representative of LACEBA, a Belgian purchasing company for the Spanish Republic
1939-04-14 F. Sydney Cotton, Heston, London, painted in a duck-egg green
1939-07-05 Cotton’s Aeronautical Research & Sales Corporation, Heston, London, this was a cover name for F. Sydney Cotton’s clandestine photographic reconnaissance missions over Germany after Hitler’s attack against Poland 1939-09-01
1939-09-02 Robert Niven flew a mission over Germany with a Royal Air Force photographer in civilian clothes, over the ports in Northern Germany, especially Wilhelmshaven, this flight contributed to the war declaration by Great Britain and France to Germany 1939-09-03
1941-05-31 cancelled
Traveller Mk1 DS180 1941-05-31 impressed into Royal Air Force, No.41 Group for Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) flights in support of the deliveries of Allied aircraft to the operational units in the UK
1942-02-20 gear collapsed in landing at White Waltham, repaired
1942-05-02 Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft, Eastleigh
1943-11-30 engine failure, struck parapet and nosed over at Eastleigh, dbr
1944-01-07 scrapped


c/n 119

C17R NC17068 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-02-22 R. S. LeSage, Dallas (TX)
1939-..-.. Harry A. Hammill, Austin (TX)
1939-11-11 or 1939-11-12 crashed at Farnhaven (MS) lost both left wings because of excessive speed and dove into the ground rotating slowly, in bad weather with overcast, pilot probably flying on instruments


c/n 120

c/n 120 CF-GKW is being restored by Neil Davidson in Kimberley, British Columbia, and it has been there for at least 20 years. Photos probably by Neil Davidson ©, received via Don Saunders

C17R CF-BIF 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-09-28 Starratt Airways, Hudson, Ontario via Aircraft Industries of Canada, Montreal
SC17R Edo 39-4000 floats fitted, name changed to Canadian Pacific Airlines, flown on wheels, floats and skis with left overwing door for pilot use, in front of main door for easy access to the floats/wing
NC38937 1944-05-04 C. A. Martin, Kodiak (AK)
1951-08-01 Alfred Matthew Hubbard, Seattle (WA)
C17R CF-GKW 1951-12-15 Uranium Corporation, British Columbia
1952-02-01 cancelled from US register
1953-08-10 R. Baker, Vancouver, British Columbia
1957-04-13 Okanagan Broadcasters, Kelowna, British Columbia, flown by Pacific Western Airlines
SC17R 1976-..-.. Okanagan Broadcasters, Kelowna, British Columbia
1978-04-.. W. Lannon and J. C. Chase, Richmond, British Columbia, disassembled for restoration
C17R Aero Space Museum, Second Floor, Hangar 5, Calgary, Alberta
1981-..-.. Bill Boucock, Cochrane, Alberta
C17S 1989-..-.. rebuilding, with Pratt & Whitney R-985



c/n 121

SC17B NS15839 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-04-06 Maine Forestry Department, Augusta (ME)
C17B 1938-03-.. destroyed in a hangar fire


c/n 122

C17R NC16445 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-01-28 Richard D. Clemson, Middletown (NY)
1939-..-.. Aero Trades Inc, Mineola (NY)
1940-..-.. B. Brewster (NY)
1941-05-09 crashed near Beavertown (PA) due to inexperience and bad weather, flew into a hill at a fair rate of speed


c/n 123

C17B NC16448 1937-..-.. mfd
1936-12-31 registered before delivery to Orrin J. Whitney, Long Island (NY)
PP-TCQ 1937-05-.. Count Raul Crespi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1939-11-.. crashed
1948-10-11 cancelled