c/n 124 – 153

c/n 124

C17L ZS-BBC (2) 1937-01-.. mfd
1937-01-29 Captain Otto Thanning (Danish Consul) Johannesburg, replaced c/n 18 and used its engine
ZS-BBC (2)/”9″ 1937-..-.. Otto entered the Governor-General’s Cup Air Race, finishing in 11th place
ZS-BBC (2)/”4″ 1938-07-.. Otto entered the Governor-General’s Cup Air Race, finishing in 15th (last) place.
Route day 1: Durban (Stamford Hill) – Bloemfontein – Kimberly – Baragwanath (514mi).
Route day 2: Baragwanath – Vryheid – Durban (Stamford Hill) (346mi) total 860mi.
ZS-BBC (2)/”5″ 1939-..-.. Otto entered the Governor-General’s Cup Air Race, finishing in 4th (shared) place
ZS-BBC (2) 1939-..-.. flown Cape Town – Copenhagen, not returned due to outbreak of WW-II
OH-BCI 1940-02-19 Finnish Government, delivered via Bröderne Dahls A/S, Malmö, registration for delivery only
BC-1 Ilmavoimat (Finnish Air Force) Head Quarter, a blue Swastika was their insignia (1918-1945), nicknamed Kalle Kustaa (Kalle Gustav)
1945-01-27 damaged in an accident, repaired by Brothers Karhumäki
1945-05-30 Kaleva Salminen
OH-PKA 1945-10-25 Lentopalvelu Oy, Helsinki
1947-12-03 crashed at Halli, Finland by Kuorevesi


c/n 125

C17B NC17063 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-01-14 Malcom S. McKay, New York City (NY)
1939-..-.. Robert G. Payne, Hicksville (NY)
UC-43G 42-88620 1942-07-17 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Mitchell AAF (SD) ($ 4,444.75)
La Guardia
1942-11-20 Westover Field (MA)
1943-01-23 taxi-accident at Westover Field (MA) flown by Philip Ryan, used by 340FS/348FG, Westover Field (MA)
1943-04-13 Class 26 salvage at Westover Field (MA)


c/n 126

C17B NC17065 1937-01-.. mfd
1937-01-30 G. Arents III, Cambridge (MA)
SC17B 1939-..-.. Inter City Airlines, East Boston (MA)
1940-..-.. McManus (NH)
1941-..-.. Nor Wood Aero Club
1942-08-.. destroyed completely in take-off accident, no injuries, salvaged



c/n 127

C17B NC17062 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-01-22 Charles G. Grey, New York City (resident in Paris, France)
1937-04-.. accident at Cennevières-sur-Marne, France, parts probably sold to Air Pyrénées
1939-..-.. recorded as sold to France
1947-..-.. still on register with Charles G. Grey


c/n 128

C17B NC17064 1937-..-.. mfd with Jacobs L-5
1937-04-02 State of New Jersey Forest Fire Service
1947-..-.. Daniel Hufnail
C17D NS17064 Jacobs L-6MB installed, later operated as aerial photographic platform in San Antonio (TX)
N17064 1962-09-13 CoA for aerial surveying
1963-..-.. M. R. Hogg, Texas City (TX)
1964-..-.. J. Gaston, Galveston (TX)
C17L 1966-..-.. J. Halstead, Houston (TX) with a Jacobs L-4
1968-..-.. F. Stadler, Grain Valley (MD)
1969-..-.. R. Casey, Houston (TX)
1969-10-06 Windward Aviation, Enid (OK)
1972-..-.. engine failure
Steven J. Rossiter, Fulton (CA) for overhaul
a fuel truck backed into the Stag, initiating rebuilt
1987-09-02 Jim Carrigan, San Jose (CA) stored, Wright R-975 installed? Not mentioned in FAA-register
C17R Jim Carrigan, San Jose (CA)


c/n 129

C17B VH-UYI 1937-04-26 mfd, painted Insignia Blue with Silver stripe and markings, ordered by Mr. John Francis Jackson, St George, Queensland from Beech Aircraft Corporation representative in Australia, Mr John L. Abbott
1937-04-15 Import-licence no. 40 issued
1937-04-30 departed by train for New York, shipped aboard SS Rayville for Australia
1937-06-16 registered to John Francis Jackson, St George, Queensland
1940-10-07 sold to F/Lt. John William Fitzclarence Collins, ‘Nindoonbah’ property, Beaudesert, Queensland
1941-05-21 crashed about 8:20 pm on take-off from Archer Field, Brisbane, Queensland, hit a tree 580 yards outside southwest of the field and burned, John (35) and Sqn. leader Roy Cecil Phillips (M.C., D.F.C., 45) C.O. of No.2 Elemetary Flying Training School (2EFTS) were both killed instantly, the Stag totally destroyed, Collins apparently mistook the throttle lever for that of the undercarriage, which were near identical in appearance in this one



c/n 130

C17B NC17072 1937-02-26 mfd
1937-05-26 Edna Gardner Whyte, Thayer May Lumber Co, Patterson (LA)
1938-..-.. Wilcox Oil & Gas, Tulsa (OK)
1947-..-.. W. D. Haas (LA)
C17L N17072 1955-..-.. Robert T. Smith, Smyrna (GA) (author of the book Staggerwing!)
1956-04-10 CoA
Luke Murray, Columbus (OH)
1962-..-.. Tom Switzer, Baltimore (OH), stored
1984-06-01 Anthony M. II Morozowsky, Zanesville (OH)
1992-02-22 cancelled
1992-02-27 Anthony M. Morozowsky II, Zanesville (OH)
1992-06-03 registered to him


c/n 131

C17B NC17073 1937-03-04 mfd
1937-03-08 Shobe Airlines, Boston (MA)
1938-..-.. E. W. Wiggins Airways, Providence (RI)
1947-..-.. R. Brigham (MA)
N17073 1960-08-31 CoA
1963-..-.. C. Badger, Texas City (TX)
1965-03-31 D. K. Ward, Pease AFB (NH), rebuilt
Design & Fab Co, Laconia (NH)
Richard E. Harding, Hudson (NH)
1976-09-13 Mr. R. Souers, Wappingers Fall (NY) found fuselage & parts at Hampton (NH) tried unsuccessfully to find title owner, US register said “sale reported 1978-1992” and “Louisville (KY) 1990”, dismantled
James G. Barrett, West Point (KY)
2005-01-27 Joseph R. Brightwell, Louisville (KY)



c/n 132

C17B NC17074 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-03-.. Pollack Flying Service (AK)
1937-03-28 Mamer-Shreck Air Transport, Spokane (WA)
1940-..-.. W. H. Flack, Medford (OR)
1950-..-.. Bartram H. Dilks Jr, Latrobe (PA)
1955-..-.. restored
N17074 Lycoming R-680 mounted
1964-03-26 CoA
1968-11-03 Ground-looped and gear collapsed at Arlington (WA) when after a practice flight the pilot taxied too fast after landing, the pilot and his passenger sufferd minor or no injuries
1968-12-10 William A. Helsell, Seattle (WA) temporary stored, later in use



c/n 133

C17B NC17078 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-03-22 R. Dupont, Wilmington (DE)
1940-..-.. Maine Forestry District
SC17B 1947-..-.. Coulee Dam Amphibious Aircraft (WA)
1966-..-.. Larry Denton, Colfax (WA) rebuilt
C17B N17078 1966-08-10 CoA
1966-..-.. Fred Sorenson Partners (Paul Bowers, John McCallion) Woodbridge (NJ) moved to Los Altos (CA)
1972-..-.. visited Antique Fly-in at Watsonville (CA)
1983-..-.. R. van Buskirk, Vero Beach (FL)
1987-..-.. D. R. Conoly, Midland (TX)
1987-08-10 Bill E. White, Boring (OR) rebuilt, he also has the paperwork for c/n B-18



c/n 134

C17B NC17079 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-02-06 Illinois Oil, Dallas (TX)
1941-..-.. G. E. McEntire Jr, Midland (TX)
UC-43G 42-97415 1942-12-29 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Tucson AAB (AZ)
Love Field, Dallas (TX)
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1943-04-26 CAA, Fort Worth (TX)
1944-09-04 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
C17B NC47834 1947-..-.. Richard Abel (NE)
C17L 1964-..-.. D. Wright, Woodville (OH)
1966-..-.. L. Willingham, Martinsville (IN)
N47834 1968-..-.. W. Harrington, Waldbridge (OH)
1977-..-.. Ray M. Leggett, Ravenna (OH) moved to New Market (VA) stored near Cleveland (OH)
1990-..-.. registration revoked, no CoA
2012-12-27 cancelled, owner Ray M. Leggett, New Market (VA)


c/n 135

C17B NC17080 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-02-16 Noble Drilling, Tulsa (OK)
1938-..-.. Arthur Oakley, Ardmore (OK)
1939-..-.. William Gladstone Green, Tulsa (OK)
1939-..-.. Seismograph Service, Tulsa (OK)
1939-05-.. Capt. Hans Hoffman, Bogota, Colombia
C-49 1939-..-.. ARCO-Aerovias Ramales Colombianas, flown by Captain Hans Hoffman
1941-..-.. SCADTA
1943-03-.. AVIANCA in reserve
fate unknown


c/n 136

D17W X17081 1937-03-10 mfd, no ATC Number, painted Merrimac Diana Cream, Stearman Vermillion striping, black outlined
1937-03-27 ff and later testflights by Jack Wassall
1937-05-12 Frank Monroe Hawks, Redding (CT) with experimental P&W R-985-SC-G (600 hp) #531 but fitted only shortly and Frank declined to proceed with the purchase, contract cancelled
1937-06-.. rented by Jacqueline Cochran-Odlum
1937-07-26 speed record for American women pilots of 203,895mph over 1,000km course (often c/n 164 incorrectly quoted)
D17R NC17081 with Wright R-975 (420 hp)
1937-07-16 ATC-649
D17S 1937-10-13 with P&W R-985
1937-11-05 F. W. Martin Co, Shreveport (LA)
1940-..-.. Olson Drilling, Tulsa (OK)
1941-..-.. Harry A. Hammill, Austin (TX)
Ralph E. Myers, El Centro (CA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09776 impressed into U.S. Navy
1942-03-30 Roosevelt Base NAS (CA)
Columbus NAF (MS)
Philadelphia NAD (PA)
Mustin Field SO (PA)
Pool Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 21
1945-06-30 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)



c/n 137

D17R NC17082 1937-03-.. mfd ($ 16,490)
1937-05-20 ATC-638
1937-11-29 Bennett Aircraft Co, Dallas (TX)
1939-..-.. Bennett Petroleum, Dallas (TX)
1941-..-.. E. O. de Seversky, New York City (NY)
UC-43A 42-68339 1942-08-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Mitchell AAF (SD)
1943-02-13 Taxi-accident at Philadelphia Municipal Airport by mechanic Jerome Cullen (also damaging P-40F with serial 41-14195) when based at Mitchell Field
1943-07-14 Destinate X
1943-07-15 US
1945-10-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
D17R N51152 1946-..-.. R. M. Reid, Reno (NV)
1954-04-03 CoA
1968-..-.. L. Kakara, Miami (FL)
D17S 1978-..-.. D. Kumler, St. Petersburg (FL)
George J. Smith, Viola (WI) started restoration
1987-..-.. E. Minear, Hershey (PA)
1988-..-.. Phillip K. Ray, Arlington (TX) moved to Roanoke (TX)
NC17082 1988-02-01 Phillip K. Ray, Flower Mound (TX) rebuilt


c/n 138

E17B NC17083 1937-03-.. mfd ($ 9,890)
1937-05-22 ATC-641 & delivery to A. J. Spicer, Oklahoma City (OK)
1940-..-.. shown on top of the 75,000-pound transporter used in the 1940 Antarctic   Service Expedition, used by the Armour Institute of Technology
1941-..-.. Oklahoma Air Transport
UC-43D 42-47447 1942-04-24 U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Duncan Field (TX)
Tarrant Field (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Alamo Field (TX)
1943-07-09 CAA
1944-02-22 Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC57839 1946-..-.. E. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
F17D 1955-03-14 CoA
1955-..-.. L. B. Strange, Tutwiler (MS)
1966-..-.. Reynolds F. Johansson, St. Charles (MO) restoration
1982-02-12 Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
N17083 1988-01-01 completed for display, left uncovered to show the structure


c/n 139

E17B NC17084 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-03 Robert Bob Murphy, Amarillo (TX)
1939-..-.. H. H. Bender, Toledo (OH)
1940-..-.. crashed at Toledo (OH)
1947-..-.. still registered to Bender


c/n 140

E17B NC17085 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-05-21 William S. Tevis Jr, Burlingham (CA)
1938-..-.. Moutonand Clyde, San Francisco (CA)
1940-..-.. William S. Tevis Jr, Burlingham (CA)
1941-..-.. E. Breidnach (CA)
1941-03-.. visited Oakland (CA)
UC-43D 42-56087 1942-06-08 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Birmingham AAF (AL)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Birmingham AAF (AL)
Godman Field (KY)
Nashville AAC (TN)
Memphis AAF (TN)
Houston (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Alamo Field (TX)
1943-07-07 CAA
1944-07-13 Kelly Field (TX)
1944-11-05 Reconstruction Finance Corporation for disposal
E17B NC57830 1947-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
fate unknown


c/n 141

E17B NC16449 (2) 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-05-22 Bessie Owens, Santa Barbara (CA)
1937-05-27 to 1938-12-21 Gloria Bristol (a New York beautician) flew this Stag in Europe
1938-12-21 visited Union Air Terminal, Burbank (CA), still registered to Bessie Owens
UC-43D 42-53508 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Meridian Field
1942-07-09 Greensville (SC)
1942-10-24 Class 26 salvage



c/n 142

E17B NC17091 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-06-13 Col. H. Duell, New York City (NY)
1941-..-.. L. Earnhardt (OH)
UC-43D 42-47444 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Mitchell Field (NY)
Reading AAF (PA)
1943-02-28 taxi-accident at Mitchell Field (NY) due to mechanical failure, flown by Augustine Manganiello, the Stag was used by 2 Tow Tgt, Mitchell Field (NY)
1944-10-17 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC46293 1946-..-.. E. R. Ammon Inc, Reading (PA)
1947-..-.. J. Milton (NJ)
1955-..-.. Joseph Bohmier, Westchester (PA)
fate unknown


c/n 143

E17B NC17092 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-08-25 Daniel R. Topping, Mineola, Long Island (NY)
UC-43G 42-53006 1942-05-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Roosevelt Field (NY) – Mineola (NY)
Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
1943-06-02 Class 26 salvage
1943-07-17 CAA
1944-09-01 Patterson Field (OH)
1944-10-06 Reconstruction Finance Corp, Cimarron
E17B N50650 1946-..-.. M. B. Tuxhorn, Bartelsville (OK)
1947-..-.. Trans American Charter System (MO)
1957-07-02 CoA
1961-..-.. R. I. Maxson, Lakewood (CA)
1961-..-.. D. A. Sausser & H. Sheldon, Twentynine Palms (CA)
1961-07-06 Robert A. Bob Kreutzer, San Diego (CA) restorated, one-piece windshield, third cabin window
1976-09-12 ff
1977-..-.. visited Denton (TX)
1977-06-.. visited Beech Convention
1979-..-.. visited Alaska
1990-..-.. for sale
2002-06-01 visited Ramona Air Fair
2008-09-11 Edward B. Horstman, Bigfork (MN)



c/n 144

E17B NC18025 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-06-24 H. H. Batt, Santa Monica (CA)
1938-..-.. Mr. W. D. Crook, Los Angeles (CA)
UC-43D 42-68359 1942-07-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Berry Field (TN)
1943-06-01 totally wrecked at Memphis AAF (TN)
Class 26 salvage due to fuselage condition, age and high wing


c/n 145

E17B NC18026 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-06-04 S. B. Crabtree, Tyler (TX)
1942-04-22 landing accident at Lambert Field, St. Louis (MO) by Glynn Wolfe, reported already to be in use by ACFC Sqn, Hensley Field (TX)
UC-43D 42-47448 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Scott Field (IL)
1942-07-10 condemned
1942-07-21 salvaged


c/n 146

D17S NC18027 1937-06-.. mfd ($ 16,490)
1937-06-26 B. A. Gimbel, New York City (NY)
J. A. Webb, Santa Monica (CA)
UC-43B 42-38232 1942-03-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
McDill AFB (AZ)
Atlanta AAB (GA)
Spokane AAF (WA)
San Bernardino AAB (CA)
1943-12-10 CAA
D17S NC71 1946-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
N67769 1967-..-.. Parts to Richard Stowe, Park Ridge (NJ) for rebuilt
1987-..-.. J. Kimbell, Zellwood (FL)
1988-..-.. George S. York, Mansfield (OH) moved to Leetonia (OH) stored for rebuilt
1992-03-18 Stanley A. York, Leetonia (OH)


c/n 147

0147 1986-06-07 NC18028 at Aurora (IL) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 147 NC18028 at Aurora (IL) 1986-06-07 by Glenn Chatfield ©

D17S NC18028 1937-06-23 mfd
1937-06-28 J. L. Vette, Philadelphia (PA)
1940-..-.. to 1964-..-.. Aero Service Corporation, Philadelphia (PA)
1964-..-.. C. C. Fisher, Roanoke (IN) dismanteled, needed repairs & engine
1978-..-.. registered to C. C. Fisher, Roanoke (IN)
1981-..-.. Bernard “Ben” A. Yocke, Sandwich (IL) rebuilt
1986-05-16 CoA
1987-..-.. Bernard “Ben” A. Yocke, Doc’s Aero Service, Prestbury (IL)
1988-..-.. Leyvan Inc, West Chicago (IL)
1990-02-27 Paul H. McConnell, London, England, to be based at Popham
1990-03-.. delivered to UK, based at White Waltham, Berks
1991-05-01 landing gear collapsed in landing at Exeter
1991-..-.. to 1995-..-.. restoration
1995-06-03 and next day at Keiheuvel Airshow, Belgium, quoted as “most beautiful farewell-pass” on the 4th
1995-08-.. at Old Timer Fly-in, Schaffen-Diest, Belgium
visited Seppe regularly at the Oldtimer Fly-In
2011-06-04 at Stampe Fly-In, Antwerpen



c/n 148

D17R NC18029 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-29 Republic Oil Co Inc, Houston (TX)
UC-43A 42-38357 1942-05-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, San Antonio (TX)
Duncan Field (TX)
1942-05-30 wrecked in forced landing at Tampa (FL) (Crystal River 7 mi S, FL) due to gasline failure, w/o


c/n 149

E17B NC18038 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-12 J. Rintoul, Mineola, Long Island (NY)
1938-..-.. Beech-Air Sales
1940-..-.. Aero Service Corp, Philadelphia (PA)
1941-..-.. Orrin J. Whitney Inc (NY)
UC-43D 42-94124 1942-01-24 forced landing at Fort Dix AAB (NJ) after engine failure
1942-10-12 U.S. Army Air Force, Michel Field (NY)
1942-12-17 accident at Mitchell Field (NY) flown by Charles B. Tauber
1943-01-24 accident at Crowsha Corner / Burlington Co near Fort Dix AAB (NJ) flown by Milo N. Clark
1943-01-28 Class 26 salvage at the Academy of Aeronautics, Casey Jones, Newark AAF (NJ)


c/n 150

E17B NC18039 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-01 E. W. Wiggins, Providence (RI)
SE17B E. W. Wiggins, Providence (RI)
E17B E. W. Wiggins, Providence (RI) Beech note says “destroyed according to Wiggins”
1947-..-.. S. Hartshorn (NJ)
N18039 1963-..-.. to 1966-..-.. Marcus L. Hill Jr, Cisco (TX)
1971-..-.. destroyed by grass fire which spread to hangar


c/n 151

c/n 151 NC48401 from West Air Aviation over Las Vegas (NV) 2013-09-06 by Angela Wade Cripps ©

Photo taken at Las Vegas, 2013-06-06 by pilot and then director of West Air Aviation, Daryl Governale ©

E17B NC18040 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-06-17 F. Springs, Detroit (MI)
UC-43D 42-49070 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Kansas City (KS)
1943-09-12 CAA
1944-08-02 Tinker Field (OK)
1944-08-29 landing accident at Lambert Field, St. Louis (MO) by Albert D. Bright due to mechanical failure, when used by 62FrS/SFrG, Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1944-10-09 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC48401 1947-..-.. T. B. Buckles (MS)
1955-..-.. Hedge Flying Service, Hoxie (KS)
1958-05-28 CoA
1961-..-.. J. Robinson, Wichita (KS)
1963-..-.. M. E. Pentz, Wichita (KS)
1964-..-.. Robert P. Raymond, St.Louis (MO) moved to Belleville (IL) completely restored
1981-05-.. John J. Cournoyer, Ellinor (MO)
1989-..-.. stored
1990-03-01 D. G. Rogers, Crescent City (OK)
1991-..-.. D. G. Rogers Trustee
2006-06-02 Edwin G. Sawdon, St. Clair (MI)
2008-06-02 Thomas A. Buck, Las Vegas (NV)



c/n 152

E17B NC18041 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-17 Columbia Airways, Bloomberg (PA)
1939-..-.. W. Wheeler-Farish, Perkinston (MS)
1943-06-13 crashed, completely destroyed, flown by Virgil Franklin Webb


c/n 153

E17B NC18042 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-19 P. Rosenthall, New York City (NY)
1938-..-.. Donald L. Provost, Teaneck (NY)
1940-..-.. Newark Air Service
UC-43D 42-43845 1942-04-29 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
Patterson Field (OH)
Baer Field (IN)
Fairfield AD (OH)
Howard Hughes (TX)
1942-09-16 forced landing at Baer Field (IN) due fuel line disconnected, flown by Eugene C Parkerson, repaired
1943-01-19 blown over by wind at Patterson Field (OH), scrapped out