c/n 154 – 168

c/n 154

E17B NC17066 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-10-09 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK)
UC-43D 42-68360 1942-07-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Berry Field (TN)
1943-01-31 Memphis AAF (TN)
1943-03-18 Nashville AAC (TN)
1943-04-06 Class 26 salvage
1946-07-11 shipped to Central Trade School, New Orleans (LA)


c/n 155

E17B NC17069 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-04 J. K. Kepley, Laredo (TX)
UC-43D 42-53021 1942-05-13 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Maxwell AFB (AL)
1942-08-12 Class 26 salvage at Lincoln AAF (NE)


c/n 156

E17B NC17071 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-08-11 Dupont Airpark, Wilmington (DE)
1939-..-.. B. King, Washington (DC)
UC-43D 42-47442 1942-06-19 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Indianapolis (IN)
Stout Field (IN)
Baer Field (IN)
Bowman Field (KY)
Tinker Field (OK)
1942-06-13 accident Stout Field (IN) flown by William N. Dekker
1942-08-06 accident Glenview (IL)
1944-11-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC48413 1946-..-.. Hunter Flying Service, Cedar Rapids (IA)
1947-..-.. L. O. Wilkerson (TX)
1955-..-.. G. E. Parker, Port Arthur (TX)
1958-03-24 CoA
1961-..-.. T. Warlick, Lawndale (NC)
1964-..-.. to 1966-..-.. A. Fuller, Brewer (ME)
E17L Jacobs L-4 installed
J. Stinton
1975-..-.. Russell Latta, Paso Robles (CA) dismantled, rebuilt
N17071 1978-..-.. Russell Latta, Paso Robles (CA)
1982-05-17 John D. Hoff, Idaho Falls (ID), moved to Weiser (ID)
2014-10-31 expired


c/n 157

E17B NC18555 1937-04-.. mfd
1937-08-07 H. J. Randall, Champion Paper & Fibre Co, Hamilton (OH)
1940-..-.. Cloud Climbers Inc, Union City (NJ)
1947-..-.. Graham Aviation Flying Schools (PA)
R. R. Lambert, Mechanicsville (VA)
1953-..-.. gear-up landing
F17D 1953-..-.. Jacobs L-5 (245 hp) replaced Jacobs L-6MB (R-915-7, 330hp), recertified by a FAA DAR
1955-..-.. C. L. Cox, Rulesville (MS)
1961-..-.. H. Maxwell, Omaha (NE)
1963-..-.. R. L. Cowardin, Cary (NC)
1975-12-.. John M. “Jack” Schleich, Oceanside (NY) based at his private airstrip near Galway (NY)
1976-..-.. gear-up landing, minor damage, repaired
1990-..-.. R. Fewell, Little Rock (AR)
1991-05-23 MGH Enterprises Inc, Wilmington (DE)
1993-09-21 CoA
Tom Bullion
2000-..-.. “Outstanding Antique” at Sun N’ Fun
2002-06-22 for sale ($225,000)
BTB Ltd (Bruce T. Bullion) Wilmington (DE) moved to Memphis (TN)
2008-10-03 after touchdown at Moscow (TN) the chain used to retract and extend the right main landing gear had fractured, resulting in partial retraction of the right landing gear, causing severe damage at aft fuselage, prop, lower cowl and outboard spar of the right lower wing, visible were 29 fractures in outer chain plates, and 2 completely fractured outer plates, not including the chain failure point, assumed not to be repaired
Robert Magnuson, Mc Grath (AK)
2015-02-28 expired



c/n 158

E17B NC18556 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-12-01 Clarence Tarbet, Muncie (IN)
UC-43D 42-46910 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Birmingham AAF (AL)
Daniel Field, Augusta (GA)
Camp Beauregard (LA)
Deridder AAB (LA)
1943-04-05 scrapped


c/n 159

E17B NC18557 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-08-20 J. R. B. Moore, Laredo (TX)
1941-..-.. Brown Aero Inc (CA)
UC-43D 42-53516 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Walnut Ridge AAB (AR)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Stinson Field, San Antonio (TX)
1942-11-20 forced landing at Jonesboro (AR) due to weather, flown by Henry D. Badham Jr. At that time the Traveler was in use by 3 Staff Sq, Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
1943-05-31 scrapped


c/n 160

c/n 160 CF-BHA featuring in a Beech add in a magazine, 1938, received via John Faulkner, note lower ventral fin

E17B CF-BHA 1937-08-.. mfd
1937-08-26 Noorduyn Aircraft, Quebec
1938-05-07 Merkley Air Service, Brockville, Ontario
1938-05-26 Noorduyn Aircraft, Quebec
SE17B operated on floats from the St. Lawrence River, Quebec and on skis
1940-05-22 Hudson’s Bay Co, Winnipeg
1942-09-15 Noorduyn Aircraft, Quebec
E17B 1944-03-27 registration cancelled
N41852 1944-03-23 Tennessee Gas, Houston (TX)
1944-..-.. Harris County Broadcasting, Houston (TX)
1947-..-.. Pelican Aviation Corporation, Louisiana
1956-06-11 CoA
1963-..-.. J. A. Carr, Derby (KS)
1966-..-.. Arthur H. McEwen Jr, Daytona Beach (FL) restauration
E17L 1967-..-.. Jacobs L-4 installed
1979-..-.. rebuilding, stored
Edna S. McEwen, Daytona Beach (FL)
2002-05-20 John A. & Donna D. Morelli, Beaver Falls (PA)
2005-04-18 cancelled, exported to Canada
E17B Scott Church, Alberta, unregistered, restoration


c/n 161

c/n 161 is at the moment a restorated airframe, owner Alejandro Mochkovsky also has the engine
photographed at Mar Del Plata, Argentina 2006-03-09 by Nigel Hitchman ©

E17L R343 1937-09-.. mfd as sole E17L built (others became E17L by conversion), painted Gliddens Pirate Red with silver teardrops ($ 9,090)
1937-05-22 ATC-641
1937-09-18 Dr. Samuel Bosch, Buenos Aires, Direccion General de Aeronautica (Argentine Air Force)
LV-JEA 1937-12-31 P. Estrugamou
Andres Cipriano Humberto Pedraza
LV-AAK 1942-07-22 P. Estrugamou
1942-08-31 cancelled
LV-FBY 1956-10-19
1962-07-20 CoA expired
1973-..-.. La Universal Cia de Seguros
1977-..-.. J. R. Lovro & Jorge R. Rodrigues, Buenos Aires, there are plans for rebuilt but is now still a bare frame with possibly some parts
2006-..-.. Alejandro Mochkovsky owns the restored fuselage and engine


c/n 162

E17B NC18560 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-09-30 Major H. E. Russell, Mineola, Long Island (NY)
1941-..-.. J. Manger Jr, Pelham Manor (NY)
UC-43D 42-47445 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Baltimore AAB (MD)
Selfridge Field (MI)
Ashburn Field, Chicago (IL)
Fairfield AD (OH)
Nashville AAC (TN)
Memphis AAF (TN)
Parks Apt
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1943-06-18 CAA, Fort Worth AAF (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Love Field, Dallas (TX)
Stuggart Field
1945-02-16 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC18560 1947-..-.. W. J. Lank, Louisiana
1955-..-.. Earl A. Robinson, Wichita (KS)
1955-05-01 last flight befor rebuilt, stored
1971-..-.. L. Richey, Wichita (KS)
1972-..-.. Herman A. & Rita M. Strafuss, Manhattan (KS)
restorated, engine change
E17L 1991-02-09 Herman A. & Rita M. Strafuss, Manhattan (KS)
2013-12-31 expired


c/n 163

E17B NS2388 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-10-08 Department of Aeronautics, State of Connecticut, Hartford
NC2388 1938-03-28
UC-43D 42-61092 1942-06-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Newcastle AAF (DE) ($ 4,794.57)
1942-07-21 Defense Supplies Corp, Washington (DC)
1942-09-30 cancelled from FAA register
Morrow AAF (CA)
Sacramento AD (CA)
1942-11-06 noted San Bernardino AAB (CA)
1943-01-20 Class 26 salvage


c/n 164

c/n 164 R18562/13 as used by Jacqueline Cochran-Odlum in the 1937 Bendix Trophy Race. Note on the cowl ”Hamilton Standard” titels. Seen here in 1937 at the Factory, photo by Beech © via Clayton Grace and his son David.

D17W NX18562 1937-..-.. mfd, Pratt & Whitney R-985-SC-G (600 hp)
1937-08-08 Jacqueline Cochran-Odlum, New York City (NY) used in several air races (see also c/n 136)
NX18562/”33″ 1937-..-..
R18562/”33″ 1937-..-..
R18562/”13″ 1937-..-.. Bendix Trophy Race 3rd place, 194.74 mph
NX18562/”31″ 1938-..-.. & 1939-..-.. Bendix Trophy Races, Max Constant, 4th averaging 199.330 mph and 231.366 mph respectively
NX18562 1939-..-.. Jacqueline Cochran-Odlum set altitude record of 30.052,43 ft at Palm Springs (CA)
engine to Wright R-975 (420 hp)
UC-43K 42-107277 1943-03-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Tarrant Field (TX)
Graveley Pt
Wasp HQ
Fort Worth AAF (TX)
1944-02-14 before this date to CAA
1944-11-22 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
D17R NC50958 1945-12-15 Carver Pump Co, Muscatine (IA)
crashed at Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1947-..-.. Bankhead Drilling Co (LA)
fate unknown



c/n 165

D17S NC18563 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-07-14 Sharples Speciality, Philadelphia (PA)
1941-..-.. Wings Field Inc, Ambler (PA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09777 1942-03-28 impressed into U.S. Navy
Norfolk COMLANT Wing (VA)
Mustin Field NAD (PA)
Philadelphia NO/NAMC (PA)
Pool Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 21
1945-06-03 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)


c/n 166

D17R NC400 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-05-29 registration reserved
1939-03-27 Chester A. Snow, Washington (DC) flown to Cuba
1940-12-10 returned, overhauled by Beech
UC-43A 42-38282 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Pope Field (NC)
Middletown AD (PA)
1942-03-12 wrecked at Pope Field (NC) when the gear collapsed, repaired
1942-07-14 FAA registration “War Department, Washington (DC)” cancelled
1942-11-26 Class 26 salvage, condemned


c/n 167

D17R NC18565 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-08-07 National Geophysical Co, Dallas (TX)
1939-..-.. H. D. Orr / Taylor Drilling, Centralia (IL)
UC-43A 42-38231 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Fairfield AD (OH)
Stout Field (IN)
Warner-Robins AFB (GA)
Macon AAB (GA)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Columbia AAB (SC)
Atlanta AAB (GA)
1943-07-08 CAA
D17R NC46292 1946-..-.. to 1947-..-.. E. R. Ammon Inc, Reading (PA)
1956-01-15 CoA
1957-..-.. R. Naylor, Meshoppen (PA)
1959-..-.. L. Kohn (NY)
N35E 1963-..-.. R. H. Hitt, Gahanna (OH)
1966-..-.. W. Ruble, Newark (OH)
1971-..-.. Tommy W. Witchey, Belmont / St. Clairsville (OH)
1972-08-04 on a flight from Oshkosh (WI) via Waukesha (WI) this Stag had a precautionary wheels-up landing at destination Milwaukee (WI) due to a suspected mechanical discrepancy in the gear function, the commuter end of the gear motor was jammed against the end frame, brush springs heated lost tension, poor contact, leading to substantial damage
1978-01-.. Walter Brad Thomas Jr, Pilot Mountain (NC) painted in unusual red and white paint scheme
1978-..-.. visited the Staggerwing Convention
1994-08-03 gear-up landing at Woodlake Landing Airport, Sandwich (IL) on a flight to Mount Airy (NC) shortly after takeoff when reducing to cruise setting there was a drop in engine rpm, Walter decided to return to Woodlake for a precautionary landing, he got distracted and forgot to lower the gear, the Stag slid down the RWY26 and caught fire, but was later restorated, Walter was unharmed
1996-11-08 David A. Arthur, Sierra Vista (AZ)
2013-03-31 expired



c/n 168

SD17S NC18566 1937-..-.. mfd, featuring lower ventral fin
1937-08-11 G. / A. Hobart, Paterson (NJ)
1939-..-.. Rangeley Seaplane Service, Paterson (NJ)
1940-..-.. David Gray Jr, Santa Barbara (CA)
D17S David Gray Jr, Santa Barbara (CA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09778 1942-03-20 impressed into U.S. Navy
San Pedro NAB (CA)
Key West NAS (FL)
Jacksonville NAS (FL)
Boca Chica Key NAS (FL)
1945-07-31 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)