c/n 179 – 219

c/n 179

D17S NC18575 1937-08-21 mfd
1937-09-22 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
1941-..-.. to 1947-..-.. Aero Service Corp, Philadelphia (PA) flown for years as photo surveyer
1963-..-.. before this date to Major L. Snowden, USAF, Amarillo (TX)
1967-02-06 gear-up landing at Greater Southwest Airport, Fort Worth (TX) pilot forgot to lower the gear, leading to substantual damage, lay for 20 years abandoned in a Texas barn
1968-12-.. J. Fred Phillips Jr, Dumas (TX)
1979-..-.. George Yezman for restauration
1985-..-.. Willice D. Hill, Justin (TX) modified: window added aft of door, landing & taxilights in lower wings leading edges
1990-06-06 ff
1991-04-09 Willice D. Hill, Denton (TX)
1992-..-.. “Outstanding Closed Cockpit Biplane” at EAA Oshkosh (WI) owned by Michael A. “Mike” Greenblatt, Midland (GA)
1992-05-19 Michael A. “Mike” Greenblatt, Columbus (GA) moved to Midland (GA)
1994-08-11 CoA



c/n 180

D17R NC18576 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-08-21 Tom Potter, Kilgore (TX)
1940-..-.. H. Hammill, Austin (TX)
UC-43A 42-38358 1942-04-11 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
4FrGp, Berry Field (TN)
1942-06-21 wrecked at Greenville AAF (MS) when the under-carriage failed to extend completely, pilot R. Snyder
1942-07-16 Class 26 salvage


c/n 181

D17R (no registration) 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-09-14 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China, Nanking, painted Berry’s non-chalking white paint with four red crosses, misused by Japanese forces as good aiming points so this Stag (and later deliveries) were camouflaged, used by Chiang Kai‑Shek, pilot C. R. “Scotty” Burmood for great mobility and escape-ensurance when required fuel tanks added, total 7, range 1600 mi.
dbr on the ground


c/n 182

D17R (no registration) 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-09-14 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China, Nanking, painted Berry’s non-chalking white paint, with four red crosses, later camouflaged
dbr on the ground


c/n 183

D17S NC18579 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-11-23 Carl F. Johnson, Lake Tahoe (NV)
UC-43B 42-56085 1942-06-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Oakland Airport (CA)
Sacramento AD (CA)
McClellan Field (CA)
Geiger Field (WA)
1943-11-.. Felts Field, Parkwater (WA)
Winston-Salem (NC)
Morris Field (NC)
1944-02-07 condemned


c/n 184

Beech D17R Staggerwing
The Bolivian Air Force received a sole D17R, c/n 184 with serial B-941-S named “Mariscal de Ayacucho”. This amazing photo is received from the Smithsonian Institution Archives and is made by Jeff Ethell © on the delivery flight April 17, 1941. C/n 184 started its life as NC18580 in 1937. Many thanks to Danett Crespo and Kate Igoe from Smithsonian for all of their help in making this possible!

D17R NC18580 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-10-14 Prest-o-Lite Battery Corp / Electric Autolite Co, Toledo (OH)
1941-04-12 Capt. Rivas
B-941-S 1941-04-17 Fuerza Aerea Nacional Boliviana (Bolivian Air Force) named “Mariscal de Ayacucho”, delivered via France Field, Panama Canal
1941-05-08 crashed, burned, killing Capt. Rivas



c/n 185

D17S NC18581 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-10-02 Barahona Co Inc, New York City (NY)
1940-..-.. Roger D. Edwards, NewBedford (MA)
GB-1 BuNo. 09780 1942-06-17 impressed into U.S. Navy
New York NAS (NY)
Norfolk Atlantic (VA)
San Diego NAS (CA)
Carrier Operational Training Unit, Pacific
Commander Aircraft, Pacific
1944-03-30 stricken


c/n 186

D17S NC18582 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-12-18 Emperor Oil, Fort Worth (TX)
1939-..-.. Cabot Carbon Co, Pampa (TX)
UC-43B 42-38235 1942-04-27 U.S. Army Air Force, Jacksonville AAB (FL)
Birmingham AAF (AL)
Deridder AAB (LA)
Kelly Field (TX)
Howard Hughes (TX)
1942-06-11 wrecked due to excessive braking at homebase Birmingham AAF (AL) flown by Richard H. Hackford when in use by HqSq/III GASC, repaired at Maxwell AFB (AL)
1942-08-.. CAA Alamo Field (TX)
1945-02-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
D17S NC41679 1945-12-15 Carver Pump Co, Muscatine (IA)
fate unknown


c/n 187

D17S NC1324 1937-..-.. mfd
1938-03-10 Wallis C. Bird, Oyster Bay (NY)
1940-06-04 fatal crash near Catskill (NY) killing pilot Mr. Bird due to wing flutter, while en route from Roosevelt Field (NY) to Thousand Islands (NY) there were thunderstorms in the area and the Stag was seen at about 1,800 ft and flying relative fast, it disintegrated in flight, causing an extensive trail of debris, Bird’s body was found 114 ft from the wreckend fuselage. Wing flutter was fatal for 2 other Stags: c/n 244 & c/n 330 leading to CAA / NACA / US Army Air Corps tests with c/n 80 & c/n 219.


c/n 188

D17R NC18584 1937-..-.. mfd
1938-01-04 Tom Graham Oil Co, Corpus Cristi (TX)
Dallas Aviation School (TX)
Civil Air Patrol
Traveller Mk1 EB279 1941-..-.. Royal Air Force, British Air Commission, West Coast Delegation, used to supervise construction and delivery of American airplanes ordered by Great Britain
1946-06-26 crashed
1947-..-.. William Linn (CA)


c/n 189

E17B NC18585 1937-..-.. mfd
following crash 1937-09-23 of c/n 94 engine and prop were installed in this Stag
1937-10-28 Cavour Hartley, Duluth (MN)
UC-43D 42-47446 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Birmingham AAF (AL)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
Deridder AAB (LA)
Lake Charles AAB (LA)
Greenville AAF (MS)
1944-11-11 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC18585 194.-..-..
1946-10-11 publication date of rapport: according airforcehistoryindex.org this Stag was lost: “contains final mission report of mission number 24. Mission concerned search for missing Beechcraft NC-18585 which was lost on flight from Seattle WA to Yakima WA”



c/n 190

E17B NC18043 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-10-31 Muncie Aviation, Muncie (IN)
1939-..-.. Ricard Card, Terre Haute (IN) moved to Hiland Park (IL)
UC-43D 42-46909 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Selfridge Field (MI)
Ashburn Field, Chicago (IL)
Chanute Field (IL)
Patterson Field (OH)
1943-08-06 CAA at Sweetwater, Patterson
1944-10-26 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC47458 1946-..-.. T. L. Colboch, Fullerton (CA)
1947-..-.. Sky Harbor Air Service (AZ)
1947-..-.. or 1948-..-.. destroyed by fire after short circuit in landing light
1955-..-.. Wilson Flying Service, Williams (AZ)



c/n 191

E17B NC18044 1937-05-05 mfd
1937-11-05 Batt Aircraft Agency, Santa Monica (CA)
1938-..-.. featured in film “Women in the Wind” with Kay Francis &   William Gargan (Warner Bros.)
UC-43D 42-47443 1942-05-26 U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field, Dallas (TX)
Hamilton Field (CA)
Sacramento AD (CA)
Hammer Field (CA)
1944-09-15 taxi accident at Hammer Field, Fresno (CA) flown by William E. Emanuel while in use with 450BU
1945-05-05 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC48974 1946-..-.. L. E. Windolph, Santa Ana (CA)
1967-..-.. Bruce Dean, Los Angeles (CA)
N48974 1968-..-.. James C. Jim and Katy Spriggs, Canyon County (CA) moved to Aguila (AZ)
1968-..-.. to 1977-..-.. restored, Jacobs L-5 to Lycoming R-680-13 (300 hp)
1977-02-11 ff, named “Big Bird”
1977-09-22 CoA
1977-..-.. won a trophy at Merced (CA)
1989-12-.. W. F. McClure Jr, Camarillo (CA)
NC18044 1992-02-27 reserved, later applied
1999-09-15 Bill Mavencamp from Wright Aero Inc, Maple Lake (MN)

(link 1: photo 6 cockpit)


c/n 192

E17B NC18558 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-11-04 Hammill, demonstrator
1938-..-.. Beech Aircraft Agency, Santa Monica (CA)
1938-07-07 John K. Funk, Tulsa (OK) moved to Houston (TX)
UC-43D 42-53001 1942-05-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Selfridge Field (MI)
1942-10-26 shipped by road to Rome AD (NY) as Class 26 salvage


c/n 193

E17B NC18559 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-11-29 Mrs. H. R. de Bustamante, West Palm Beach (FL)
1939-..-.. H. F. Wood, Birmingham (AL)
UC-43D 42-46636 1942-05-12 U.S. Army Air Force, Miami (FL)
Morrison Field (FL)
Caribbean Wing, Miami
Air Transport Command
1943-02-01 crashed after take-off and ground loop 2 miles east of Morrison Field (FL) w/o, pilot Howard S. Behr


c/n 194

E17B NC18564 1937-11-.. Mfd
1937-11-30 Baron Maximillian von Romberg, Santa Barbara (CA)
1938-06-08 crashed in poor weather with a ceiling of 200 ft at Shrewsbury River near Red Bank (NJ) after a shallow power dive at a high rate of speed, killing the owner and the Stag was completely destroyed


c/n 195

E17B NC18577 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-12-09 Tom Graham Oil Co, Corpus Cristi (TX)
1940-..-.. G. G. Maclean (CA)
1947-..-.. A. Carle (WA)
Claude Gossett, Los Angeles Aviation School, Van Nuys (CA)
F17D 1955-..-.. engine change Jacobs L-5 to Jacobs L-6
N18577 1956-09-19 CoA
1964-..-.. H. A. Rochlitz, Arcadia (CA)
1966-..-.. Mox-Air Incorporated, Los Angeles (CA)
1977-..-.. J. R. Kelly, Costa Mesa (CA)
1981-..-.. S. & D. Pinley, Groveland (CA)
1982-..-.. W. Fry, Half Moon Bay (CA)
1984-07-13 Mark A. Petrik, Lafayette (LA) stored
1990-..-.. rebuilt
1991-04-01 for sale complete but disassembled ($ 50,000)
Crotts Aircraft Service Inc, Dodge City (KS)
2011-09-07 Curtis & Sandra Jacobsen, Portland (OR)


c/n 196

0196 1991-07-30 N41663 at Oshkosh (WI) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 196 N41663 at Oshkosh (WI) 1991-07-30 by Glenn Chatfield ©

E17B NC18587 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-12-18 C. B. Haun, Blackwell (OK) ($ 7,000)
UC-43D 42-46915 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Howard Hughes (TX)
Duncan Field (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1943-07-07 CAA at Alamo Field (TX)
Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1945-02-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC18587 Carver Pump Co, Muscatine (IA)
NC41663 1947-..-.. Harold Gorman (IL)
1961-..-.. F. G. Comer, Tujunga (CA)
1971-05-09 on a local flight from San Fernando (CA) it was substantially damaged in a ground-loop on landing when it also nosed-over, NTSB notes: “testing rigging and new engine on re-built acft” and quoted type as E17L, pilot and the passenger sufferd light injuries
F17D 1976-..-.. to 1977-..-.. mod. & Jacobs L-5 (285 hp) to P&W 1340 (600 hp) but before flight to Jacobs L-6 (330hp)
N41663 McKinley, Atlanta (GA)
1983-08-.. J. Stellmack Jr, Alpharetta (GA)
Andreas / Brennand, Neenah (WI)
E17L 1988-..-.. Brennand Aircraft Sales, Neenah (WI)
1989-..-.. to 1992-..-.. Airways Aircraft, Neenah (WI) restored
1990-05-04 ff
1990-05-22 CoA
1991-..-.. for sale
2000-11-10 again for sale ($149,000) by Mike Bell, Elk Grove (CA) painted red with silver trim
2001-03-02 Jeff Dow, Graham (WA) moved to Port Hadlock (WA)


c/n 197

E17B NC18588 1937-..-.. mfd
1937-12-30 Santa Maria Airlines, Los Angeles (CA)
UC-43D 42-53007 1942-05-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Birmingham AAF (AL)
Howard Hughes (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Nashville AAC (TN)
1942-08-21 CAA, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Alamo Field (TX)
1942-09-14 accident Spartanburg (SC)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Love Field, Dallas (TX)
E17B NC57827 1947-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
fate unknown


c/n 198

E17B NC18775 1938-01-.. mfd
1938-06-18 E. Hadley, Fort Wayne (IN)
1941-..-.. Wedell Aviation, Detroit (MI)
UC-43D 42-61093 1942-06-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Howard Hughes (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
Alamo Field (TX)
CAA Alamo Field (TX)
1945-02-14 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC57829 1946-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
1967-..-.. Don J. Brown, Naperville (IL) restoration
1978-..-.. Steve Thomas, Belvedere (IL)
1987-..-.. James H. Bohlander, Maren-go (IL)
1990-..-.. restoration by R. Glaser, G. Hood & T. R. Graves, Tullahoma (TN) painted red with maroon trim
1991-07-25 James H. Bohlander, Marengo (IL)
rebuilt by Doc’s Aero Service, Sandwich (IL) engine rebuilt by Jacob’s Service Inc R-755b (275 hp) serial # 12515
1993-12-22 CoA
1994-..-.. “Outstanding Antique Award” at Lakeland (FL)
for sale at loss ($ 210,000)
1998-10-22 JRW Aviation Inc, Dallas (TX) moved to Anchorage (AK)



c/n 199

BeechD17Shadley d
c/n 199 NC18776 Ross Hadley’s first Stag at the Tex Rankin Air Show, San Francisco Bay Airdrome, Alameda (CA) 1939 by William T Larkins ©

D17S NC18776 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-02-15 Ross Hadley, Los Angeles (CA) painted in his unique patriotic Stars and Stripes design
NC18776/”44″ 1938-..-.. Bendix Race, 5th place (181,842 mph)
NC18776 1939-..-.. Tex Rankin Air Show, Alameda (CA)
UC-43B 42-38234 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
Middletown AD (PA)
Morris Field, Charlotte (NC)
Pope Field (NC)
1943-06-11 Class 26 salvage, noted WTS # 20
1943-09-10 before this date to CAA
D17S NC126 1946-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
NC6 CAA, Washington (DC)
NC65297 1946-06-07 J. Furrow
1946-10-08 traded in for c/n B-12
1967-..-.. Robert V. Williams, San Antonio (TX) used as high altitude photo ship
1975-06-.. K. Hix, Covina (CA)
1975-06-.. Dave Benzor, Phoenix (AZ) restorated
1976-06-20 on a trip from Tullahoma (TN) to Albuquerque (NM) this Stag encountered very strong crosswind on take-off from Amarillo (TX) and crashed due to a disconnected nicropress clamp on the aileron cable, killing Mrs. Benzor instantly, Dave died a few days later, the Stag was completely destroyed
registration suspended



c/n 200

D17S NC18777 1938-03-.. mfd
1938-03-08 Al Buchanan Drilling Co, San Antonio (TX)
1947-..-.. W. U. Paul (TX)
N18777 Hampden & Christina Wentworth, Torrance (CA) named “Tatu”
1954-..-.. to Europe on a combination pleasure/business trip: US – Goose Bay – Iceland – Prestwick – London
1954-06-30 at Exeter Airport
1954-07-29 at London
J. Shell
1956-07-15 CoA
1963-..-.. to 1971-..-.. Robert W. & Mrs. Ward, Los Angeles (CA)
1966-..-.. restored by Robert
1978-..-.. James W. & Judee Alford, El Segundo (CA) based Torrance Airport (CA) moved to Las Vegas (NV)
1990-03-20 Larry L. Dunn, Arlington (WA) rebuilt
NC18777 Larry L. Dunn, Arlington (WA)



c/n 201

SD17S CF-BJD 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-03-06 E. O. Champagne, St. Laurent, Quebec
1938-03-16 registered to him
D17S 1938-06-20 H. F. McLean Ltd, Montreal
1939-08-16 Imperial Oil, Toronto
1948-06-25 Northern Wings, Seven Island, PQ
1952-08-30 logs say fuselage of c/n 4907 was fused to the wings and tail feathers of c/n 201 at Altoona (PA) about this day
1956-05-14 CoA expired, wfu
1990-..-.. Ron E. Uloth, Dorothee, Quebec, not in flying condition
SD17S 2002-11-15 Jim Britton, restoration project, back to floatplane. Since 2002 the fuselage was plastic blasted and all clusters magna fluxed, x-rayed, no corrosion was found. The Edo 4665 float leaks are fixed but require spreader bars & “N” struts. All wood was replaced with epoxy. A zero time engine and prop were installed.
2012-11-19 rollout without covering, engine run for 20 minutes to adjust fuel pressure
2013-02-20 CoA
2013-05-26 the fin, stabilizer, rudder, elevator, flaps and ailerons are covered and painted, work proceeds on the wings and fuselage


c/n 202

D17S NC18779 1938-03-.. mfd
1938-03-19 Aero Service Corp, Philadelphia (PA) used to map pictures of Andes for National Geographic
before 1962-..-.. an owner flew it only once, nearly killing himself: he washed out the left gear and almost went through one of the hangers, the gear was fixed and the Stag stored for 6 months
N18779 1962-..-.. Charles W. Hansen, Uniondale, Long Island (NY) ($ 5,000.00) based at Zahn’s airport
1963-08-20 in flight engine fire, burned after touch-down when tanks blew
1988-03-.. Joseph Erale, Brentwood (NY) restoration
1989-..-.. George York, Mansfield (OH)
1991-07-17 G. S. Bender, Southlake (TX) still under rebuilding
1996-05-18 William E. Corkern, Irving (TX) restricted for aerial surveying


c/n 203

D17S CF-CCA 1938-04-.. mfd, extra right hand door
1938-04-09 Controller of Civil Aviation Department of Transport, Ottawa
1938-04-14 registered
1955-02-22 Bradley Air Services, Ontario
1956-02-22 Spartan Air Services, Ottawa
1957-12-12 Mr. I. Sanders, Ottawa
1958-12-17 CoA exp, wfu at Ottawa, left derelict
1971-..-.. still registered to Sanders
1972-..-.. Dr. William Boyd, Timmins, Ontario, started rebuilding
1979-..-.. Capt. Morley Servos, Burlington, Ontario for completion
C-FCCA 1985-04-28 ff from its base at Leeward Air Ranch, Occala (FL) where it had its own airconditioned hangar, and was fitted with GPS, IFR, autopilot and G-model landing gear with Cleveland toe brakes instead of a Johnson bar
1994-..-.. purchased by Robin & Elaine Campbell (FL)
1995-..-.. Robin & Elaine Campbell (CA) dismantled for shipping
1995-..-.. Robin & Elaine Campbell, New Zealand, imported
ZK-AMU 1995-11-29 Robin & Elaine Campbell, based North Shore
1995-12-08 CoA
VH-WEE 2009-02-02 Douglas Drummond, Bathurst, New South Wales



c/n 204

0204 1991-08-10 NC18781 at DuPage (IL) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 204 NC18781 at DuPage (IL) 1991-08-10 by Glenn Chatfield ©

E17B NC18781 1938-01-.. mfd
1938-03-19 J. E. Morrell, Topeka (KS)
D. L. Meisinger, Topeka (KS)
1947-..-.. M. E. Whiteman (CA)
J. Martenson, Los Angeles (CA)
B. Peterson, restoration
F17D 1955-09-04 CoA
O. G. G. Industries, Lawndale (CA)
1975-11-.. W. J. Ron & Shirley A. Morisson, A. R. Industries, Hawthorne (CA) moved to Glendale Hights (IL)
1981-06-12 ff after restoration, first time in 26 years
1981-12-31 damaged in hangar fire, rebuilt
1989-07-10 roll out befor recovering
1989-11-.. restoration completed
1991-08-.. flying, painted all silver
2001-09-07 Mark W. & Ronald J. Morrison, Bloomingdale (IL)



c/n 205

E17B NC900 (1) 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-01-29 Frank L. Battan, Wilmington (DE)
Beech says “crashed and NC assigned to D17S of Mr. Battan (c/n 362)”, rebuilt
UC-43D 42-53517 1942-05-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Baltimore AAB (MD)
Mitchell Field (NY)
New York City
Newark AAF (NJ)
Reading AAF (PA)
1945-02-21 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC46493 1946-..-.. to 1947-..-.. P. J. Rennard, Oil City (PA)
fate unknown


c/n 206

E17B NC284Y 1938-03-21 mfd
1938-03-24 Dupont Airport, Wilmington (DE)
1939-..-.. Max B. Miller and Co, New York City (NY)
1946-..-.. H. F. Shedd, Minneapolis (MN)
C. Grover, Battle Creek (MI)
E17L 1957-08-01 C. Grover, Battle Creek (MI) Jacobs L-4 installed
1957-12-02 CoA
1963-..-.. C. D. W. Staggerwing Club, Rockford (MI) rebuilt
1966-01-26 Harry F. Wells, Rockford (MI) dismantled and stored
1977-..-.. moved to Little River (SC)
1987-01-.. registration cancelled
1987-09-.. registration restored
1987-09-14 Harry F. & Dee J. Wells, Royal Oak (MI)
2001-12-31 still dismanteled, stored


c/n 207

E17B NC18784 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-03-17 J. G. Hammond Inc, Fort Worth (TX)
UC-43D 42-53509 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Godman Field (KY)
Beech Aircraft
Fairfield AD (OH)
Patterson Field (OH)
Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Howard Hughes (TX)
Perrin Field (TX)
Houston (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1943-07-09 CAA, Alamo Field (TX)
Love Field, Dallas (TX)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC57831 1946-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
1977-04-24 The Staggerwing Club received from Roy Couch, Moore (OK) a stabilizer, elevator and lower left wing that had this serial on it, so this one is gone…


c/n 208

E17B NC18785 1938-04-.. mfd
1938-04-16 E. G. Bridges, Anderson (IN)
UC-43D 42-53005 1942-05-17 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Drew Field (FL)
Bates Field, Mobile AD (AL)
Brookley Field, Mobile (AL)
Pendleton AAB (OR)
1943-03-09 taxying accident Geiger Field (WA)
1944-06-13 repaired at Newark AAF (NJ)
1944-11-04 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC18785 1947-..-.. Thor Solberg (NJ)
E17L 195.-..-.. Edwin P. “Ed” Burger, Sidney (NY) rebuilt & engine change, flown by him for 13 years
1958-08-05 CoA
Terry Kilby, who owned it for 18 months, named “Little Red”
1975-..-.. Thomas A. Tom and Carol Lempicke, St. Cloud (FL)
1978-..-.. visited Staggerwing Convention, Tullahoma (TN)
1983-06-.. D. Wixom, Janesville (WI)
1987-..-.. David L. Oaks, Bellbrook (OH) rebuilt with Jacobs L-6 (300 hp)
F17D 1992-..-.. Waldon D. Spillers, Versailles (OH)
2004-10-12 Gottemoeller Corp, Fort Loramie (OH)
2017-08-.. currently based in Belgium, in flying condition


c/n 209

E17B NC40Y 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-04-23 State of Indiana (IN)
D. J. Munson, Anderson (IN)
1947-..-.. Tufts Edgcumbe Inc (IL)
used by the governor of South Dakota
wfu and dismantled
James S. Scott, Dewitt (MI) used this fuselage in rebuilding c/n 231


c/n 210

SE17B NC18561 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-04-27 E. W. Wiggins
1938-06-14 G. McManus, Concord (NH)
SF17D 1946-..-.. E. W. Wiggins Airways, Providence (RI) Jacobs L-5 replaced by Jacobs L-6MB
1947-..-.. Down East Air Service, Bangor (ME)
1949-..-.. Bill Mellor (NJ)
1949-..-.. rebuilt, landing gear mechanism completely stripped out
1950-..-.. Bill Mellor & Howard Air Taxi, used as seaplane charter off East River (NY)
1956-..-.. R. Zullo, Schenectady (NY)
1966-..-.. James A. Brennen Jr, Rochester (NH)
1967-04-19 registered to him
1971-..-.. James A. Brennen Jr, Beaver (PA)
1977-..-.. started with complete rebuilt: removal of floats, landing gear installed, engine replacement
E17B N18561 stored
2000-10-12 Daniel T. Ladd, Loudon (NH) in FAA register incorrectly as SE17B


c/n 211

F17D NC18786 1938-04-.. mfd ($ 13,900)
1938-07-28 J. A. P. Air Corp, New York City (NY)
1938-08-26 ATC-689
Agnes Pyno-McLean, New York City (NY)
UC-43C 42-46635 1942-04-11 Impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Santa Ana AAB (CA)
Fort Worth AAF (TX)
1943-03-12 Class 26 salvage at Gulfport (MA)


c/n 212

E17B NC18787 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-05-11 N. E. Munro, San Mateo (CA)
1940-..-.. N. J. Rounds, Beverly Hills (CA)
UC-43D 42-53000 1942-05-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Jefferson Providing Ground, Madison (IN)
Bowman Field (KY)
Chanute Field (IL)
1943-06-20 accident at Bloomington (IL)
1943-07-26 CAA at Chicago (IL)
1944-06-15 Patterson Field (OH)
1944-09-28 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC18787 1947-..-.. T. Dillingham (OK)
fate unknown


c/n 213

E17B NC18788 1938-05-.. mfd
1938-05-18 Moutonand Clyde, San Bruno (CA)
CC-… 1939-01-18 Señor Bianco, Chile
Beech note as “crashed”


c/n 214

D17R NC18789 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-05-06 A. M. Chisholm, Duluth (MN)
1939-..-.. B. Flaccus, Vail (AZ)
1940-..-.. G. Arents III / Arents Air Service, Armuck (NY)
UC-43A 42-38226 1942-03-14 U.S. Army Air Force, Pope Field (NC)
1942-08-16 accident at Pope Field (NC)
Langley Field (VA)
Camp Davis AAF (NC)
Morris Field, Charlotte (NC)
Newcastle AAF (DE)
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1943-06-19 CAA
1944-09-07 Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa (OK)
1945-10-19 scrapped by Reconstruction Finance Corporation


c/n 215

D17R NC18790 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-04-.. received engine, propeller and some instruments from c/n 65 after an accident 1938-02-23
1938-08-22 Manning & Martin Oil, Denver (CO)
UC-43A 42-38227 1942-04-16 U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Oakland Airport (CA)
Sacramento AD (CA)
1943-08-27 wrecked at McClellan Field (CA) after forced landing due to engine failure
1943-10-13 scrapped


c/n 216

D17S NC18791 1938-..-.. mfd, painted Stearman Vermillion with Consolidated Blue Birdstripe
1938-06-14 Loffland Brothers Co, Tulsa (OK)
SD17S Edo WA-4665 floats & P&W R-985 engine (450hp) serial # 882
1940-..-.. sold
UC-43B 42-61097 1942-06-22 U.S. Army Air Force – 1st Air Force, 4th Base Headquarters & Air Base Squadron, Selfridge Field (MI) painted Olive Drab, sole UC-43B on floats, used as personal transport President Roosevelt
1943-08-06 burned, sank in 7 minutes in Jumo Bay near Birch Island, no victims, caused by a faulty collector ring / defective wiring / back-fire due to a malfunction on run-up / leaky fuel strainer / cracked fuel line
1977-06-19 some remains salvaged, display at the Centennial Museum in Shequiandoh, Ontario


c/n 217

D17R (no registration) 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-08-06 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China, first one in green, blue and brown camouflage
XT-… registrated
fate unknown


c/n 218

D17R NC18793 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-06-18 Juan E. Serralles Jr (Don-Q-Rum) Mercedita, Puerto Rico
UC-43A 42-47383 1942-04-27 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Puerto Rico
Lunken (OH)
Puerto Rico
1944-04-01 condemned


c/n 219

E17B NC91 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-04-03 Department of Commerce
1939-..-.. to 1946-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
1940-05-26 dispatched for complete flutter tests to US Army Air Corps, Air Materiel Division, Wright Field, Dayton (OH) also c/n 80 was used to investigate the problem
N91H 1963-..-.. M. C. Elmore, Fairfax (VA)
S. Urshan, Santee (CA) rebuilt
1971-..-.. B. L. Prince, Northridge (CA)
1977-..-.. to 1992-..-.. Vincent J. Pincetich, Northridge (CA) disassembled for rebuilding, restorated
2011-03-23 Edward J. & Amanda S. Donovan, Canyon Country (CA)