c/n 225 – 264

c/n 225

F17D NC285Y 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-06-16 Harvey-Wells Communications Inc, Southbridge (MA)
1938-07-.. belly landing some day this month by Elliot White Springs, minor damage reported to Beech in a letter dated 1938-07-20
1939-..-.. Colonel Elliot White Springs, Springs Cotton Mills, Lancaster (SC) painted Diana Cream and blue
1941-..-.. Atlantic Aviation Sales, Long Island (NY)
John M. Wells, Southbridge (MA)
1944-10-20 demolished in 3rd attempted landing with the windshield covered with oil, John overshot the runway, struck a tree and fence, the Stag did not burn and no one was hurt
1946-..-.. still registered to John


c/n 226

F17D NC2099 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-06-21 Dupont Airport, Wil-mimgton (DE)
1938-06-25 Altuna Aviation Corp (PA)
1938-12-12 G. Arents III, Armonk (NY)
1939-01-02 Arents Air Service, Armonk (NY)
1940-06-03 P. Peterson, Altoona (PA)
1940-11-15 accident
1943-03-31 Defense Supply Corp, Washington (DC) but no military history found
1945-08-24 G. W. Gully, Farrell (PA), same day to R. J. Spaulding, Saegertown (PA)
1945-12-14 C. H. Babb (NY)
1946-02-04 Aviation Consultants Inc, Reading (PA)
1947-07-25 S. T. O’Rear, Falls Church (VA)
1949-09-22 D. Henry, Arlington (VA)
1950-..-.. Iroquinta Simona, Venezuela
operated with Creole Petroleum
1950-09-14 registration cancelled


c/n 227

BKQ Toronto Harbour e
c/n 227 CF-BKQ at Toronto Harbour, taken about 1952 by Jack McNulty © Ron Uloth collection, via John Faulkner

SE17B CF-BKQ (1) 1938-06-.. mfd, with lower-fuselage fin extension
1938-06-28 exported to Canada
1938-07-01 John D. Eaton, Toronto
1938-07-04 registered to him
1946-10-07 Spinwood Sportland Airways / J. Sponarski
1947-07-01 R. G. Daniel, Toronto, but ntu
1947-07-26 Aero Tool Works, Toronto
1953-01-29 R. R. Green, Red Lake, Ontario
1955-02-22 A. A. Mann & S. MacDonald, Red Lake, Ontario
1955-08-31 CoA expired
wfu and dismantled (CF-BKQ later used by c/n 4849)



c/n 228

E17B NC18570 1938-07-08 mfd & delivery J. M. Wells,   Southbridge (MA)
1941-03-.. M. R. Heppenstall, Pittsburgh (PA)
1947-07-.. J. Hoeveler Jr, Allison Park (PA)
1948-02-.. dismantled for rebuilding
1952-10-.. J. Pullen & J. Urquhart, Lindley (NY)
1955-08-.. R. Watson, Lindley (NY)
1962-01-.. C. F. Wilson, Horseheads (NY)
1966-..-.. W. R. Gentry, Plainfield (IN) rebuilt, Jacobs L-5 (285 hp) to Jacobs R-755-9 (245 hp)
1966-04-21 CoA
1971-..-.. R. L. Bell, Laurel (MD) (it had 17 different owners before, only listed are known owners)
1972-..-.. Robert A. Bob Strasshofer, Miami (FL) moved to Homestead (FL) rebuilt
N18570 regular visitor of Staggerwing Conventions and meetings
1992-..-.. John E. McMurray, Burkburnett (TX)
2008-07-01 Nicholas A. Howell, Englewood (CO)
2014-10-31 expired


c/n 229

F17D PT-FAA 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-08-02 Department of Aeronautica Civil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1939-05-.. on fin marked with EUB-titels (probably Estados Unitos do Brasil) & DAC-titels (Departmento da Aeronáutica Civil)
1943-03-.. Avianca “in reserve”
UC-43 2819 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1955-12-30 struck off charge


c/n 230

F17D NC19466 1938-07-15 mfd
1939-06-09 Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Co, Cleveland (OH) named “Miss Aerol 5”, pilot Ephraim Watkins “Pop” Cleveland
1947-..-.. to 1956-..-.. to Cuba
1963-..-.. V. L. Gelking, Minot (ND)
1966-10-13 Malcolm A. Mal Soare, Glendive (MT) but actually sold to 3 people: Mal & Duncan Soare, Steve Simpson, restorated
1971-..-.. registered to Malcolm A. Soare, Sidney (MT) restorated
1983-06-.. ff
1990-06-04 John J. O’Keefe III, Seattle (WA)
1990-06-12 visited Arlington (WA)
1991-..-.. another rebuilding completed with Jacobs L-6MB (330 hp)
1991-08-.. in flying condition
Bruce C. Hilyer, Shoreline (WA)
2000-03-13 CoA
2000-06-04 Business Air Parts Inc, Fort Lauderdale (FL)
2011-01-21 cancelled
 PR-STG 2011-..-..



c/n 231

E17B NC19467 1938-..-.. mfd
E17B NC19467 1938-08-17 Dr. N. P. Johnson, Stockton (CA)
UC-43D 42-53511 1942-05-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
UC-43D 42-53511 McChord Field (WA)
UC-43D 42-53511 Ogden Field
UC-43D 42-53511 1943-06-26 CAA for delivery to the War Training Service, Santa Monica (CA)
UC-43D 42-53511 1944-09-09 San Bernardino AAB (CA)
UC-43D 42-53511 1944-10-27 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
E17B NC19467 1946-..-.. T. G. Dillingham, Enid (OK)
E17B NC19467 1947-..-.. Stearman Aviation Inc (OK)
E17B NC19467 1955-..-.. R. C. Sanborn (IA)
E17B N19467 1957-04-04 CoA
E17B N19467 1963-..-.. Dr. James S. Scott, Scott Building Incorporated, Dewitt / Lansing (MI)
E17B N19467 1973-08-11 on an intended flight from Charlevoix (MI) to Lansing (MI)   during takeoff the Stag started turning right, it lifted off momentarily   before the right wing dropped in a mush stall, and ground-looped. Attempt to   sell to George Yezman aborted, Dr. Scott donated the wreck to the Staggerwing   Museum.
E17B N19467 fuselage of c/n 209 used for c/n 231, the fuselage of c/n 231 went to   George York, this prompted the formationof the Staggerwing Employees   Restoration Society, Wichita (KS) who rebuilt this Stag as donation to the   Museum and a Memorial to Olive Ann Beech
E17B N19467 1976-03-09 Staggerwing Museum Foundation Inc, Tullahoma (TN)
E17B N19467 1976-06-.. start restoration
E17L N19467 1983-05-.. completed, displayed uncovered, known as the “Olive Ann Beech   Staggerwing”
E17L N19467 2013-11-30 expired


c/n 232

E17B VT-AKJ 1938-..-.. mfd, painted silver with Consolidated   Blue trim
E17B VT-AKJ 1938-09-02 Indian National Airways, New Delhi
E17B VT-AKJ 1939-02-23 crashed near Karachi after a collision with Percival Gull Six VT-AJD
E17B VT-AKJ 1939-02-.. cancelled


c/n 233

E17B VT-AKK 1938-..-.. mfd
E17B VT-AKK 1938-10-02 Indian National Airways, New Delhi
E17B VT-AKK 1939-..-.. landed with gear retracted, only fixed-pitch metal prop damaged
E17B VT-AKK 1945-..-.. laid in a hangar in Delhi
E17B VT-AKK 1953-08-.. registered to Indian Airlines Corp, New Delhi
E17B VT-AKK 1968-..-.. cancelled prior to this date
E17B VT-AKK 1978-..-.. H. C. True found the Stag still hangared in Delhi and brought it to   Lunkin Airport, Cincinnati (OH)
E17B VT-AKK 1979-..-.. Gregory & Howard Nettleton, Kent (WA)
E17B VT-AKK 1984-03-.. Charles D. Hamilton, Portland (OR)
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” 1988-..-.. Charles D. Hamilton, Portland (OR) rebuilt
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” 2007-09-13 CoA
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” Phoenix Restorations LLC, Brightwood (OR)
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” 2008-07-08 nosed over on landing at RWY02 due to premature braking at Lenhardt   Airpark, Hubbard (OR) substantial damaged Beech, 1 minor injury
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” 2009-09-01 David W. Smith, Milaca (MN)
E17B N233EB/”VT-AKK” 2012-09-30 expired



c/n 234

E17B VT-AKL 1938-..-.. mfd
E17B VT-AKL 1938-10-03 Indian National Airways, New Delhi
E17B VT-AKL 1939-..-.. disintegrated completely when flying in turbulent air, scattering wing   parts over a large area
E17B VT-AKL 1939-09-12 cancelled


c/n 235

D17R (no registration) 1938-..-.. mfd
D17R (no registration) 1938-08-06 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China,   Chungking, camouflaged green, blue and brown
D17R XT-… registrated
D17R XT-… fate unknown


c/n 236

D17R (no registration) 1938-..-.. mfd
D17R (no registration) 1938-08-23 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China,   Chungking, camouflaged green, blue and brown
D17R XT-… registrated
D17R XT-… fate unknown


c/n 237

D17R (no registration) 1938-..-.. mfd
D17R (no registration) 1938-08-23 Military Council of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China,   Chungking, camouflaged green, blue and brown
D17R XT-… registrated
D17R XT-… fate unknown


c/n 238

SD17S (CF-BKZ) 1938-..-.. mfd, registration alloted in error, ntu
SD17S CF-BLU 1938-09-20 Midland Airways, Calgary, Alberta
SD17S CF-BLU 1938-09-26 registered
D17S CF-BLU leased to Canadian Airways
D17S CF-BLU 1938-12-24 Northwest Air Service, Calgary, Alberta
D17S CF-BLU 1940-06-27 Yukon Southern Air Transport, Edmonton, Alberta
D17S CF-BLU 1941-07-.. name changed to Canadian Pacific Airlines
D17S CF-BLU 1942-08-16 hit a sandbar on take-off from Camp Canol, 18 mi. north of Normal Wells,   Northwest Territory, overturned, dbr


c/n 239

D17S (no registration) 1938-..-.. mfd
D17S (no registration) 1938-08-23 to the Chinese Government in parts, as spares


c/n 240

F17D NC18782 1938-..-.. mfd
F17D NC18782 1938-09-29 William M. Packer, Detroit (MI)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 1942-04-11 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 Berry Field (TN)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 Memphis AAF (TN)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 Nashville AAC (TN)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 Stuttgart AAF (AR)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 1943-06-02 Class 26 salvage at Nashville AAC (TN)
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 1944-07-12 Robins
UC-43C-BH 42-46906 1944-12-23 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC49703 fate unknown


c/n 241

F17D NC18783 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-09-29 E. W. or H. Wiggins, Providence (RI)
1941-..-.. M. D. Frost (MA)
UC-43C-BH 42-38362 1942-03-20 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Ferry Command, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Middletown AD (PA)
1943-01-12 forced landing caused by engine failure, wrecked near Newberrytown (PA) flown Gerald F. Pearson


c/n 242

F17D NC19454 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-09-29 Paul Butler, Chicago (IL)
UC-43C-BH 42-38246 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1943-07-12 CAA with L-6 MB engine for delivery to Alamo Field (TX) (originally L-6)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC57828 1946-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
fate unknown


c/n 243

F17D NC19471 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-09-29 Noble Drilling, Tulsa (OK)
1941-..-.. H. Hammill, Austin (TX)
UC-43C-BH 42-47385 1942-07-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Maxwell AFB (AL)
1942-12-11 Class 26 salvage at Gulfport (MS)


c/n 244

F17D NC19472 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-11-01 Hangar Six Inc, San Antonio (TX)
1940-05-10 fatal crash at Kings Creek, Blakesburg (SC) flown by Marion C. Lautt en route from Atlanta Municipal Airport (GA) to Roosevelt Field, Mineola (NY) disintegrated completely in flight under similar circumstances as c/n 234, c/n 309 and c/n 330, Marion was killed


c/n 245

F17D NC19473 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-10-06 S. J. Coughran, Inglewood (CA)
1941-..-.. Star Airlines Inc, Anchorage (AK)
UC-43C-BH 42-107414 1943-06-01 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force ($ 19,224.82)
Houlton AAF (ME)
1943-..-.. North Atlantic Wing, Air Transport Command
1943-09-03 returned to US
1945-01-05 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC19473 1947-..-.. C. Recker (AZ)
1955-..-.. E. Knutson, Tioga (ND)
1956-05-23 CoA
1961-..-.. Roy Glazier, Denver (CO)
1963-..-.. J. A. Martin Agency, Paul (ID)
1964-01-11 ground-looped on aborted takeoff from Battle Mountain (NV) and landing gear collapsed due to improper operation of brakes and/or flight controls, overload failure, repaired
1964-..-.. D. E. Smith, Battle Mountain (NV)
1971-..-.. Lahontan Valley Broadcasting, Fallon (NY)
L. Pearce
1976-..-.. S. Hamilton, Reno (NV)
N19473/6 1978-03-.. Peter Hawks & Norma Baldwin, San Carlos (CA)
N19473 1982-10-20 immediately after takeoff from Hollister (CA) for a flight back home to San Carlos (CA) the engine quit, Peter landed in an orchard and sufferd minor injuries as the Stag ran into trees, the fuel selector was found on the empty fuselage tank, only the right wing auxiliary tank was full
1987-..-.. George S. York, Mansfield (OH) rebuilt
1990-..-.. S. Bender, South Lake (TX)
1994-01-12 David M. See, Denton (TX)
2013-09-30 expired



c/n 246

F17D NC19474 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-12-20 J. M. Simpson, Muncie (IN)
1947-..-.. Clarence Tarbet (IN)
1955-..-.. Sutherland Construction Co, Cold Springs (CO)
1956-02-21 CoA
19..-..-.. “destroyed and to spares” but FAA register notes “sale reported 1978/1992” Waynesville (MT)
2011-05-19 cancelled


c/n 247

F17D NC19475 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-10-17 Noble Drilling Co, Tulsa (OK)
fate unknown


c/n 248

F17D NC19476 1938-..-.. mfd, also quoted as “NC19478”
1938-12-02 Charles Wilfred Russell, Dalby, Queensland, Australia
VH-ACU 1939-03-07 Charles Wilfred Russell, Dalby, Queensland, Australia
A39-1 1941-05-23 impressed into Royal Australian Air Force
1941-05-24 2 Communications Flight
1941-08-06 taxied into boundry markers, port wheel damaged
1944-03-05 2 CRD
1944-11-04 2 AD
used as navigation escorts to P-40
Department of Civil Aviation, in poor condition
1945-05-02 Brown & Dureau (£ 1350) for overhaul
VH-ACU 1946-06-01 Charles Wilfred Russell, Dalby, Queensland
1954-03-01 Flying Doctor Service, Queensland
1956-06-15 Carsair, Port Moresby, New Guinea
1959-03-14 C. A. Towers, Port Moresby, New Guinea
1967-04-21 Joe Drage, Wadonga, Victoria, New South Wales
1970-08-.. visited Bankstown
1987-..-.. Joe Drage’s Wangaratta Air World Museum, Wangaratta, Victoria (NSW) displayed, flown on permits
1996-11-11 for sale due to financial problems of the museum
at Adelaid, needs rebuilding
VH-AME 2005-11-07 Geoffrey Davis, Salisbury



c/n 249

F17D NC19477 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-11-01 Robert C. Quinlan, Tulsa (OK)
1939-..-.. Robert moved to Dallas (TX)
fate unknown


c/n 250

F17D NC2595 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-11-29 R. F. Chatfield-Taylor, New York City (NY)
1939-..-.. Atlantic Aviation Sales, New York City (NY)
1940-..-.. Taylor
UC-43C-BH 42-36825 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, March Field (CA)
Hamilton Field (CA)
Geiger Field (WA)
Rapid City AAB (SD)
Moses Lake AAF (WA)
1942-09-04 CAA
1942-11-16 accident at Geiger Field (WA)
1943-06-19 accident at 5.5 miles East of Harrington (WA)
1944-07-21 CAA, Spokane AAF (WA)
1945-02-19 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D N49301 used in Montana for fire watch, sold apperently in Georgia
1960-..-.. forced landing on a drag strip ended its flying
1963-..-.. G. A. Cales, Alameda (CA)
1966-..-.. Harmon Mooney Sales, Lumberton (NC)
1969-05-05 Swanson Oley Poer Jr, Greensboro (NC) completely rebuilt
NC49301 1978-..-.. visited the Staggerwing Convention, Tullahoma (TN)
1991-10-.. M. L. Allen Aviation Inc, Star (NC)
1992-01-29 B. Gilles, Dayton Beach (FL)
Daniel W. Bravenec, Irving (TX)
2009-01-30 AEF LC VI, Pensacola (FL)
2013-09-30 expired



c/n 251

E17B NC19479 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-12-10 Western Properties, Los Angeles (CA)
1939-..-.. (and in 1940-..-..) visited Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale (CA)
UC-43D-BH 42-53013 1942-05-13 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Sacramento AD (CA)
1942-10-17 Class 26 salvage at Sacramento AD (CA)
E17B NC19479 1969-..-.. B. J. Blackstone, Moore (OK)


c/n 252

F17D NC19480 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-12-06 F. C. Talbot, San Francisco (CA)
1941-..-.. W. G. Robinson, Mount Shasta (CA)
UC-43C-BH 42-68337 1942-07-06 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Drew Field (FL)
Mobile Field
Langley Field (VA)
Ashburn Field, Chicago (IL)
1944-03-29 forced landing at Columbia (CT) flown by Jack A. Heath, w/o
1944-04-05 Class 26 salvage at Chicago (IL)


c/n 253

D17R NC19481 1938-..-.. mfd
1938-11-05 Elizalde and Co, Manila, Philippines
NPC-.. 1941-02-.. noted in Philippines
fate unknown


c/n 254

0254 1991-10-07 NC19482 at DuPage (IL) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 254 NC19482 at DuPage (IL) 1991-10-07 by Glenn Chatfield ©

D17S NC19482 1938-..-.. mfd
1939-01-17 D. Stranahan, Champion Spark Plug Co, Toledo (OH)
1939-..-.. Champion
1947-..-.. Stranahan
1955-..-.. Bailey Real Estate Corp, Toledo (OH)
1956-02-01 CoA
1961-..-.. R. A. Dazmierczak, Immokalee (FL)
1963-..-.. R. W. Hodges, Fort Lauderdale (FL)
1964-..-.. American Air Taxi, Miami (FL)
1966-..-.. J. J. Wardle, Boise, IO
1975-..-.. restored
N19482 1978-..-.. T. H. Sullivan, Tucson (AZ)
1979-..-.. Western Sales & Imports, Kent (WA)
Howard Nettington, Kent (WA) rebuilt
F. LaBrash, Yelm (WA)
C. E. Gibbs, Kamiah (ID)
1985-04-.. Steven J. Craig, Lawrence (KS)
1990-..-.. Ben Yocke, Sandwich (IL) rebuilt completed
NC19482 1990-03-27 Hugh M. Eaton III, Dublin (NH)
2000-02-13 spares for sale by Steve J. Craig Enterprises Inc, Lawrence (KS) together with parts from c/n B-20
2013-10-31 expired



c/n 255

F17D NC18568 1938-..-.. mfd
1939-01-31 DeFlorez Engineering Co, NewYork City (NY)
UC-43C-BH 42-46907 1942-04-11 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Baltimore AAB (MD)
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Middletown AD (PA)
1942-05-01 minor accident at Fort Dix AAB (NJ) flown by John F. Welch
1942-05-27 Class 26 salvage


c/n 256

F17D NC18573 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-01-04 Dave G. Peterson, Wichita (KS)
W. L. Hartman, Wichita (KS)
UC-43C-BH 42-47450 1942-05-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Fort Defiance
Pittsburg Field
Olmstead Field (PA)
Lynchburg Field
1943-06-29 CAA
1944-08-02 Reading AAF (PA)
1944-11-15 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC47950 1946-..-.. C. E. Williams, Denver (CO)
1955-..-.. R. Buek, Oakland (CA)
1958-12-16 CoA
N47950 1963-..-.. to 1969-..-.. Clyde L. Parsons, Modesto (CA)
N285D 1978-..-.. Ken Willems, Las Vegas (NV) stored
1981-..-.. rebuilt completed, two-door version
1987-..-.. David W. Smith, Milaca (MN)
1997-05-13 registered to David W. Smith, Milaca (MN)
2015-10-31 expired


c/n 257

F17D NC18574 1939-..-.. mfd, factory original two door model
1939-01-18 Joseph James Ryan, NewYork City (NY)
1947-..-.. Lynchburg Air Transport Sales Co (VA)
1955-..-.. W. H. Roeting & Son, Harrisburg (PA)
1956-07-15 CoA
1963-..-.. Dotson Aviation, Wise (VA)
N124D 1963-..-.. B. R. Neil, Roanoke (VA)
1966-..-.. J. Cournoyer, Hazelwood (MO)
1971-..-.. E. M. Veras, Hazelwood (MO)
1976-..-.. Douglas Scott, Sugarland (TX)
N500SW 1978-..-.. Douglas Scott, Sugarland (TX) flying with original headliner & side panels as installed in 1939
1979-02-.. K. Peachy, Hugotown (KS) rebuilt
N139KP 1984-12-.. K. Peachey Farms, Hugoton (KS)
1988-..-.. Peachy & Peachy Farms, Hugoton (KS)
1992-01-23 displayed at Mid American Air Museum Foundation, Liberal (KS)
1992-02-11 donated to Mid American Air Museum Foundation Liberal (KS)
2013-09-30 expired


c/n 258

F17D NC290Y 1939-01-.. mfd
1939-01-28 Bowers Battery, Reading (PA)
UC-43C-BH 42-22246 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Pope Field (NC)
Mitchell Field (NY)
Jacksonville AAB (FL)
Morris Field, Charlotte (NC)
Philadelphia (PA)
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1942-04-01 accident at Jacksonville AAB (FL)
1942-12-10 accident at Morris Field (NC)
CAA for delivery to Aviation Credit Corp, Kirksville (MO)
1944-11-25 Reconstruction Finance Corporation for Central Aircraft Corp, Omaha (NE)
F17D NC50256 1946-..-.. H. B. Conant, Lincoln (NE)
1955-..-.. W. R. Rogers, Rolling Fork (MS)
1956-03-02 CoA
1961-..-.. R. W. Nankey, New York Mills (NY)
1963-..-.. M. Meltzer, University Heights (OH)
1972-..-.. R. R. “Bob” Hayes, John Fuller and Max Smeltzer, restoration
1975-..-.. R. R. Hayes, Cleveland (OH)
1978-..-.. John Fuller, University Heights (OH)
1978-08-.. E. Perry Miller, Brighton (CO)
1978-..-.. Visited Staggerwing Convention
NC290Y 1992-..-.. Robert W. Buck, Lovettsville (VA)
2002-07-10 Lon C. Dienst, Dekalb (IL)
2009-06-25 cancelled, exported to Australia


c/n 259

F17D NC289Y 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-02-02 Standard Oil (NJ) “STANAVO” painted Fokker Red and silver
UC-43C-BH 42-38284 1942-03-14 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Biggs Field (TX)
Harlingen AAF (TX)
Mission (TX)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Alachus Field
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1943-06-29 CAA for delivery to Avia Credit Corp, Kirksville (MO)
1944-06-26 Tinker Field (OK)
1944-10-17 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC289Y 1946-..-.. H. S. Heimple, Wichita (KS)
fate unknown


c/n 260

F17D NC19469 1939-..-.. mfd
1938-02-06 C. L. Edwards, Gross Island (MI)
1939-..-.. Harry Hammill, Austin (TX)
UC-43C-BH 42-97411 1942-12-02 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force ($ 10,170)
Kellogg AAB (MI)
Patterson Field (OH)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Warner-Robbins AFB (GA)
1944-01-20 accident at McDavid (FL)
1944-05-05 scrapped


c/n 261

F17D NC291Y (1) 1939-02-17 mfd and delivery to Atlantic Aviation Service, Wilmington (DE)
1940-..-.. Student Training Division, Lammont Dupont Corp, Dupont Airport (DE)
UC-43C-BH 42-97049 1942-11-06 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Greenville (NC)
Warner-Robins AFB (GA)
Page Field (FL)
Fort Myers (MD)
1944-12-23 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D NC49704 1946-..-.. Standard Oil (NJ)
1955-..-.. Thor Solberg, New York City (NY)
1957-01-04 CoA
1961-..-.. Mid-County Construction Co, Manville (NJ)
1968-..-.. W. L. Garvey (CO)
1968-11-.. Col. Gerald Gerry M. Webb, Oxen Hill (DC) stored in Washington (DC) restoration
1976-..-.. stored
1983-05-.. John R. Bowden, Lampasas (TX)
1989-..-.. rebuilt completed, yellow with blue bird stripe
NC291Y (1) 1991-10-.. John R. Bowden, Lampasas (TX)
Van White, Shallowater (TX) for sale ($180,000)
1992-06-09 at Denton (TX)
Van White, Lubbock (TX)
2006-01-18 Forrest M. & Pamela R. Bird, Sandpoint (ID)
2013-09-30 expired



c/n 262

F17D NC19492 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-02-18 Muncie Aviation Corp, Muncie (IN)
Roscoe Turner, Indianapolis (IN) painted Insignia Blue & Loening Yellow
1944-..-.. Robert Burk
1944-04-03 crashed, destroyed in a snow squall at Ann Arbor (MI) flown by E. A. Dillon


c/n 263

0263 1987-06-17 NC19493 at Aurora (IL) by Glenn Chatfield
c/n 263 NC19493 at Aurora (IL) 1987-06-17 by Glenn Chatfield ©

D17S NC19493 1939-04-27 mfd and delivery to H. A. Overstreet, Wichita Falls (TX)
1940-..-.. R. LeSage, Dallas (TX)
1947-..-.. Plymouth Oil Co (TX)
1955-..-.. W. P. Thompson, Anderson (IN)
1959-01-06 CoA
1960-..-.. rebuilt
1963-..-.. Product Manufacturing, Anderson (IN)
1970-06-.. to 1987-..-.. Lt. Col. James L. Jim Delaney, Washington (DC)
1975-10-.. the only Stag on display at the Pratt & Whitney 50th Anniversary Celebration, Hartford (CT)
1988-..-.. Phillip Ray, Arlington (TX)
1989-02-25 Jim Delaney, Lebanon (TN) based at Fall Creek Field (TN)
rebuilt by Allen Brigham, for sale ($ 298,000)
2011-08-22 Demark Aviation Inc, Wilmington (DE)
2015-01-31 expired



c/n 264

D17S NC19494 1939-03-.. mfd
1939-04-17 Texaco Oil Co, NewYork City (NY) named Texaco Red
1940-04-.. stored
1940-06-.. dispatched to Air Safety Board, NACA, Langley Field (VA) and used in wind tunnel tests
1943-04-.. Southwest Airways, Phoenix (AZ) overhauled
1947-..-.. Newton Farms (CA)
A. D. Mallard, Shelly (ID)
1956-06-21 CoA
1963-..-.. Dick Nolan Aircraft Sales, Greeley (CO)
1964-01-12 R. H. Stowe, Park Ridge (NJ) dismantled
N36E 1971-..-..
1978-12-.. J. W. Kimball, restoration
1979-11-.. sold to Wedell-Williams Memorial Foundations, Patterson (LA)
1980-01-03 registered to Wedell-Williams Memorial Foundations, Patterson (LA)
N90295 1980-10-.. restoration completed by Bob White & Jim Kimball
N278WW 1980-10-05 Wedell-Williams Memorial Foundations, Patterson (LA)
1980-10-09 ff
displayed at Wedell-Williams Memorial Foundations, Patterson (LA)
2013-09-30 expired