c/n 270 – 289

c/n 270

F17D NC20787 1939-02-.. mfd
1939-03-02 Mrs. Georgina Pope-Yeatman, Philadelphia (PA)
1947-..-.. The Defiance Automatic Screw Co (OH)
Altoona Aviation Corp, Altoona (PA)
Vic’s Flying Service, Somerset (KY)
1949-..-.. on take-off the engine quit, crashed & destroyed, killing owner Vic Taylor. Robert Sutherland wrote that the aircraft also was taking off down-wind, well over gross from a short dirt strip
1955-..-.. still registered to Vic


c/n 271

F17D NC20785 1939-03-24 mfd
1939-05-07 General J. D. Arango, Colombia
C-48 1939-05-.. Capt. Hans Hoffman, ARCO – Aerovias Ramales Colombianas, Bogota, Colombia, named “General Prez”
1941-..-.. SCADTA
1941-04-.. AVIANCA
1943-03-.. “in reserve”
1946-..-.. returned to US
D17S NC66098 1953-..-.. P&W R-985 installed, re-registrated the same day
N50A 1956-04-23 CoA
1963-..-.. Russell Dusting, San Antonio (TX)
R. Keel, San Antonio (TX)
1968-..-.. W. L. Cantrell, Irvine (TX)
1968-..-.. Donald R. Sharp, Pauls Valley (OK) restoration
1982-..-.. ff
1987-..-.. Glen Pray, Broken Arrow (OK)
Ozarks Auto Show Inc, Hollister (MT)
1991-05-01 M. Trimble, Branson (MT)
2003-06-24 for sale ($187,500) by South Central USA after overhaul by Younkin
2004-04-15 Tim M. Daly, Fortuna (CA)



c/n 272

F17D NC238Y 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-04-18 Williams Gold Refining, Buffalo (NY) painted black with silver wings
UC-43C-BH 42-38361 1942-04-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Ellington Field (TX)
Camp Hulen AAF (TX)
Santa Ana AAB (CA)
Kelly Field (TX)
1944-07-09 CAA for delivery to Alamo Field (TX)
1944-12-06 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D N59701 1947-..-.. I. J. Enger, Minneapolis (MN)
N127J 1956-09-21 CoA
1966-..-.. Gayle Ebbutt, Crescent City (CA)
1968-..-.. Hubert F. Morris, Northfield (IL) restored
1977-..-.. H. & S. Morris, Evanston (IL)
1978-10-.. visited Tullahoma (TN)
1979-..-.. stored at Dacy Field, Harver (IL) for overhaul
1984-01-13 W. D. Montgomery, Williamson (GA)
Steve Hill
2000-01-01 for sale ($ 110,000)
Francis Fortin, Oakton (VA)
N238Y 2010-04-01 Jeffrey C. Wright, Canby (OR)


c/n 273

F17D NC292Y 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-03-26 WingsField Inc, Ambler (PA)
1940-01-01 I. Sargeant (PA)
UC-43C-BH 42-38363 1942-03-26 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
Maxwell AFB (AL)
1942-05-19 Bates Field, Mobile AD (AL)
1942-09-05 Class 26 salvage
1946-09-27 w/o
F17D NC2927 American Republics Projects (ARP # 71010) but ntu?


c/n 274

E17B VT-ALA 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-04-29 Indian National Airways, New Delhi
1947-03-03 registration cancelled


c/n 275

F17D NC20789 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-04-21 H. J. Mosser Oil Co, Alice (TX) painted Loening Yellow
UC-43C-BH 42-38239 1942-05-16 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Hensley Field (TX)
Biggs Field (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1942-07-12 CAA for delivery to Alamo Field (TX)
Kelly Field (TX)
1943-08-18 condemned
1944-11-05 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
F17D N53754 T. Masterton Jr, Truscott (TX)
1949-07-19 Jacobs L-6 by Beech to Lycoming R-680-13 just like c/n 112
1954-..-.. H. Johnson, Fort Worth (TX)
1956-07-18 CoA
1958-..-.. Capt. C. B. Crane, Perin AFB (TX)
1963-..-.. G. Jensen, Minot AFB (ND)
1966-..-.. Aircraft Conversions, Minot (ND)
N115A 1971-..-.. G. A. van de Sande, Chicago (IL)
1972-02-.. John L. Hintermeister, Muscatine (IA) flown to Massachusetts, disassembled, rebuilt
1979-03-.. Bennie J. Keltz, Rosedale (IN) moved to Clinton (IN)
2002-02-12 Edward A. Hammerle, Schuyler Lake (NY)


c/n 276

F17D NC20790 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-04-18 E. F. Dutro, Zanes-ville (OH)
UC-43C-BH 42-38248 1942-03-31 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
1942-05-01 noted at Savannah (GA)
1942-07-05 accident at Gainesville (GA)
1942-07-16 accident at Hunter Field (GA)
1943-11-20 condemned, scrapped


c/n 277

F17D NC20791 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-04-22 William Gladstone Green, The Seismograph Co, Tulsa (OK) pilot Richard Hayes
UC-43C-BH 42-47387 1942-04-19 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Berry Field (TN)
Manchester ILF (TN)
1942-05-09 damaged, Joseph S. Cunningham forgot to lower the gear at Trumball or Groton (CT) repaired
Bradley Field, Windsor Locks (CT)
Manchester ILF (TN)
Westover Field (MA)
1943-04-20 Class 26 salvage


c/n 278

D17R NC20792 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-05-05 R. A. Sweet, Binghampton (NY)
1940-..-.. Loyal T. Penn, Binghamp-ton (NY)
1941-..-.. J. L. O’Donnell, Long Beach (CA)
UC-43A-BH 42-38245 1942-05-01 taxied into Royal Air Force Lockheed Ventura AE875 at Palm Springs, wrecked
1942-05-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Long Beach AAF (CA)
1942-11-20 scrapped by Sacramento AD (CA)


c/n 279

SD17S NC20793 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-05-27 Rangeley Seaplane Service, Patteron (NJ)
UC-43B-BH 42-68340 1942-07-09 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Langley Field (VA)
1942-11-14 Class 26 salvage at Langley Field (VA)


c/n 280

0280 1939 PK-SAM in Vliegwereld 1940-02-01 via Dré Peijmen 1a
c/n 280 PK-SAM as seen on the front page of Dutch magazine “Vliegwereld” 1940-02-01, from the personal archive of Dré Peijmen

SE17B NC18778 1939-05-15 mfd, painted all yellow
1939-05-22 Christian & Missionary Alliance, New York City (NY)
PK-SAM 1939-08-.. Reverend George E. Fisk, used for CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) at Tandjung Selor, North Borneo, Netherlands East Indies, named “Sam”, used for missionary works amongst Dyaks
1941-..-.. Rev. Fisk was replaced by Frederick Jackson
1942-02-.. seized by the Dutch at Poedjoengan River and burned before Japanese could capture the Stag



c/n 281

F17D NC2627 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-06-18 Socony-Vacuum Oil Co, NewYork City (NY) to Socony-Vacuum Oil Co,   Venezuela
UC-43C-BH 42-47388 1942-04-18 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
Savannah AB (GA)
Wayne County Airport, Romulus (MI)
1942-06-07 taxied into a tug, damaged at Savannah AB (GA)
1943-01-01 wrecked at Hunter Field (GA)
1943-01-19 w/o, scrapped


c/n 282

F17D NC18792 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-06-29 Edgar McComb, Denver (CO)
1944-..-.. Central Flying School, Little Rock (AR)
fate unknown


c/n 283

F17D NC2626 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-07-02 Socony-Vacuum Oil Co, New York City (NY)
UC-43C-BH 42-88636 1942-09-29 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Reynolds Field (MI)
Midland AAF (TX)
San Antonio AD (TX)
Oakland Airport (CA)
McClellan Field (CA)
Howard Hughes (TX)
Oakland Airport (CA)
Gardner Field (CA)
Patterson Field (OH)
1942-10-10 accident at Hunter Field (GA)
F17D NC232 1943-07-12 CAA
Patterson Field (OH)
1944-10-21 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
NC2626 1956-05-15 CoA
1963-..-.. K. J. Babbs, San Juan Capistrano (CA)
1966-..-.. R. Welsh, Palmdale (PA)
1971-..-.. not registered
Glenn McNabb, Jasper (TN)
C. Foster
1974-..-.. Walter Goodman, Chicago (IL)
1974-..-.. visited Oshkosh (WI)
restored by Richard Crownston, Vintage Aircraft Service, Selma (CA)
1980-07-.. Walter Goodman, Tranquility (CA)
1987-..-.. Jerry Weiler, Port Angeles (WA) restorated
2003-12-23 Paul L. Whitton, Houston (TX)


c/n 284

D17S NC19468 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-07-20 Firestone Tire and Rubber Co, Akron (OH) “Firestone”-titels, pilot E. J. Quigley
1947-..-.. Tracy Waldron Co (AZ)
Lewis Mac Jr, Denver (CO)
195.-..-.. Hampden & Christine Wentworth
1960-02-02 hit a tree on take-off, Reserve (NM) crashed into canyon wall behind the RWY, killing both owners


c/n 285

D17S NC19470 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-09-16 Lone Star Elevators, Fort Worth (TX)
Defense Plant Corp
1944-01-21 CAA
NC42 1946-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
1946-11-21 scrapped at Oklahoma City
1988-..-.. George S. York has the rudder


c/n 286

D17S NC20799 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-07-29 Barahona Co, NewYork City (NY) pilot Tex Anding
fate unknown


c/n 287

c/n 287 N241K, shot 1972-08-13 on a rare occasion that Crissy Field (CA) was open to civilian aircraft, by William T Larkins ©

Merced (CA) 2007-06_2c
c/n 287 N241K seen at Merced (CA) on 2007-06-.. by William T Larkins ©

D17S NC20750 1939-07-20 mfd
1939-08-02 A. B. Cobb, Cut Bank (MT)
UC-43B-BH 42-53002 1942-05-12 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force, Ferry Command
Bolling Field, Washington (DC)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Berry Field (TN)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Love Field, Dallas (TX)
Avenger Field, Sweetwater (TX)
1942-05-09 taxied into AT-6, 41-16046 at Luke Field (AZ) damaged
noted at WTS # 40
1943-06-18 CAA for delivery to Fort Worth (TX)
D17S NC249 1946-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
NC249E CAA, Washington (DC)
NC241 1956-03-.. John Latta, Gustine (CA)
N241K 1963-..-.. John Latta, Gustine (CA)
1975-..-.. visited Staggerwing Convention
1976-06-.. lost a brake, ran off the side of a runway, flipped
1981-..-.. rebuilt by John
2009-06-10 John T. & Winnie Latta Trustee, Gustine (CA) registered but no CoA



c/n 288

D17S NC20751 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-11-.. Mrs. Elizabeth Macsweeny-Powell, Denver (CO) flown by Donald T. Craig, Denver (CO)
1940-02-04 crashed near Hammond (LA) en route to the New Orleans Mardis Gras celebration, killing Donald, Elisabeth, Michael Hinderlider Jr and a couple on their honeymoon flight, Harold Zimmerhackel and his wife, who were married the day before. Donald flew in dark, fog had settled and he had little instrument experience, despite dropping some flares to lighten up a bit on landing he crashed into woods, shearing off the wings and engine before impacting the ground, the ensued fire burned all bodies beyond recognition and destroyed the Stag
1940-02-04 cancelled


c/n 289

D17R NC20752 1939-..-.. mfd
1939-07-29 A. G. Candler, Atlanta (GA)
UC-43A-BH 42-38229 1942-03-31 impressed into U.S. Army Air Force
March Field (CA)
McChord Field (WA)
Sacramento AD (CA)
Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth (KS)
1942-09-28 accident at March Field (CA)
1943-01-15 accident 25 miles North East of Desert Center (CA)
1944-10-12 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
D17R NC47939 1946-..-.. Smith Tool & Engineering, Bucyrus (OH)
D17S 1952-..-.. P&W R-985 installed
O. D. White
N47D 1956-01-30 CoA
1960-..-.. Roy Good, Aircraft and Engine Enterprises Inc, Lost Valley Ranch, Galena Park (TX)
1965-..-.. Aircraft & Engineering Enterprises Inc, Moore (OK) restoration
1989-07-.. Duane L. Burnett, Boulder (CO) though A&EE still shown as registered owners 1992-05-..
2004-10-28 Beechcraft Staggerwing 47D LLC, Boulder (CO)