This is the first complete production list of the Beech 17 on the internet, with all known history of each individual airframe. It is the result of many years of wading through books, magazines, the internet and personal exchange. The information presented I regard as open, publicly accessible. My effort is in combining all the information in one sole database to present an organised one-stop site with numerous links to information, photos and videos elsewere on the web. Visible photos are kindly offered by the people that are mentioned, or copies of photos with no known licence. However, if you think that some of the information is copyrighted, please let me know and I’ll take action.

0015 NC12598 with Walter Beech at Wichita (KS) 1934-11-17 original Beech photo B-136
Walter Beech and c/n 15 NC12598 at Wichita (KS) 1934-11-17, original Beech © photo # B-136

Walter Herschel Beech (* 30-1-1891, † 29-11-1950) started the production of this Model 17 as his first aircraft in the early 1930’s, a fast executive aircraft during the Great Depression, quite a daring project! Designer Ted Wells latest design with Curtiss-Wright (Travel Air) was the CW-16 Light Sport, and since CW was not willing to produce Model 17, Walter Beech started his own production line.
During it’s first public appearance it received its unofficial nickname “Staggerwing”. Military Model 17’s were named “Traveler”, the UK forces used the name “Traveller” so with double L.
After working out various development and marketing problems Walter finally succeeded in putting an icon on the market that was appreciated by both civil and military users all over the world as a fast executive or communications aircraft (200mph, competative to many fighters of those days).
Japan license built 20 airframes.

What’s this site about.

Gives access to the production list. All known individual 785 Beech built Staggerwings are listed in this database, displayed by their construction number. You can either search by this c/n, or when you don’t know it you can fill in any query on the right side of the main menu (registration, type, name, date, place etc.) and shown is the page/pages with the hits. Where available I’ve showed photos, added by many cooperative people.
Under construction is the possibility to use links to show you the actual airframe elsewhere on the internet, either photos, videos or documents.
At first glance there seems to be many missing numbers, but those c/n are no Staggerwings but Model 18’s and therefore not listed here.

Shown are all 282 current airframes, sorted on their registration number, the matching construction numbers are given next. Also mentioned are incomplete airframes consisting of at least substantial parts.

Cross-reference of all registrations and their matching c/n.

All major lose ends, unidentified Staggerwings that yet can’t be matched in the database because of missing information. Also the 20 Japan license built airframes are listed here. Mentioned is the so far known information, if you know more: please share it with me here.

All the people that contributed to this site in any kind of form.
Also mentioned are valuable books.

Please contribute to this site by uploading your (high-res) photos, submit history information, report sales, dead links etc.

Dates are given as jjjj-mm-dd. Events are presented in chronological order.

Often used abbreviations are:
c/n    constructors number
mfd   manufacturing date
ff       first flight
ATC  Approved Type Certificate
ntu    not taken up
CoA  Certificate of Airworthiness

This site is not static, and while I keep on searching everywhere it is updated on a regular base. If you have additions, big or small, please let me know via the “contact” button so I can keep this site up to date. Thanks in advance and enjoy your tour!

Dré Peijmen