c/n 1013 – 1035

c/n 1013

GB-2 BuNo. 01624 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-07-10 U.S. Navy
1941-..-.. Wright Field, Dayton (OH) subject to routine vibration survey and considerd satisfactory
194.-..-.. Anacostia NAS/Test (DC) used in wing flutter tests
194.-..-.. Naval Air Facility
194.-..-.. Anacostia NRAB (DC)
194.-..-.. Hampton Roads NAS/NAD (VA)
194.-..-.. Norfolk NAD (VA)
194.-..-.. Hampton Roads NAS/NO (VA)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/A&R (IL)
194.-..-.. Norfolk NAS (VA)
1947-02-28 Stricken at Norfolk NAS (VA)
D17S NC74584 Grubb Oil Co, Lexington (NC)
SD17S CF-GPO test-flown by Queen Charlotte Airlines chief pilot Bill May
1951-..-.. Dr. J. Hunt & H. O. Thomas, Victoria, British Columbia
1953-..-.. Queen Charlotte Airlines
1969-03-31 CoA cancelled
N95MA 1972-03-..
1973-..-.. G. J. Weiler, Port Angeles (WA)
Thomas Leo Smith, Seattle (WA) moved to Kent (WA) restored
D17S 1992-03-23 Lois May Smith, Kent (WA) two-door Stag, as offered by Beech
1994-11-30 registered to Lois May Smith, Kent (WA)


c/n 1014

c/n 1014 N9115H showing off its unique colors at Buchanan Field, 2009-07-23, by William T. Larkins ©

GB-2 BuNo. 01625 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-07-24 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Anacostia NAS (DC)
194.-..-.. COMM Support Force
194.-..-.. Norfolk Atlantic (VA)
194.-..-.. COMS Support Atlantic
194.-..-.. Norfolk Operations (VA)
194.-..-.. CTF-24
194.-..-.. Fleet Air Wing 5
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/A&R (IL)
194.-..-.. Norfolk Pool (VA)
194.-..-.. Quonset Point NAS/COMFAIR (RI)
1946-07-31 stricken at Quonset Point NAS (RI)
D17S N9115H 1962-02-15 overturned at Tucumcari (NM)
1962-..-.. Billie C. Hodges, Vega (TX) rebuilt
1973-..-.. Beecher Wiggins, Warsaw, moved to Leesburg (IN)
1979-..-.. dismantled, restored
1988-11-04 CoA
1988-11-08 ff
Raymond B. Graber II, Carson City (NV) painted in yellow star scheme
for sale: $250,000
2008-09-12 John & Tege R. Montmorency Trustee, Napa (CA)


c/n 1015

GB-2 BuNo. 01626 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-08-04 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Wright Field Inspector of Naval Aircraft (OH)
194.-..-.. Ottumwa NAPT (IA)
194.-..-.. New Orleans SO (LA)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
1946-09-30 stricken
D17S NC163 194.-..-.. CAA, Washington (DC)
to a unknown privat owner
1953-..-.. Betsy Davis Cross
accident at Black Mountain (NC) rebuilt
N163E H. J. Cunningham Jr, Cunningham Brick Co, Thomasville (NC)
1961-08-31 crashed on take-off from a small field near NewCastle, Craig County (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Boothe were killed
1963-..-.. still registrated to him


c/n 1016

GB-2 BuNo. 01627 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-08-09 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Pratt & Whitney Inspector of Naval Aircraft
194.-..-.. New York NAS (NY)
194.-..-.. Norfolk NAS (VA)
1944-10-31 stricken at Norfolk NAS (VA)
D17S N1213V 1956-08-10 CoA
196.-..-.. Joseph A. Neigel, Neigel Engineering, Glen Rock (NJ)
1982-03-16 Thomas H. Todd Jr, Memphis (TN)


c/n 1017

GB-2 BuNo. 01628 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-08-25 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Port Columbus INA Curtiss (OH)
194.-..-.. Pensacola NAS (FL)
194.-..-.. Naval Advance Base
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/A&R (IL)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/NAPT (IL)
194.-..-.. Dallas NAS (TX)
1946-10-31 stricken at Dallas NAS (TX)
D17S NC1038M
N1038M 1956-03-19 CoA
1963-..-.. R. I. Bromschwig, Minneapolis (MN)
William Hepler
1971-..-.. Henry D. Long, Cynthiana (IN)
197.-..-.. Vernon C. Ford, Fort Pierce (FL) restorated
197.-..-.. Dr. E. Byers
1977-..-.. S. R. Newbrough, Morgantown (WV)
1977-..-.. Ralph M. Skip Glomb, Jelm (WY) based at Sara-toga (WY) moved to Laramie (WY)
1984-02-07 on a flight from Dumas (TX) to Laramie (WY) while climbing through 6,500ft the no.1 cylinder separated from the P&W R-985-AN1, 1038M nosed over during landing on unimproved terrain off airport in Stratford (TX) Ralph stayed unharmed
1988-05-28 crashed and burned ¾ mi West (downwind RWY35) of Two Bar Ranch, Wheatland (WY) killing Ralph and his passenger, the Stag was mush-stalled and hit a pole 18ft above ground level, prop slash marks in the dirt near the wreck indicated the prop was rotating, the prop showed torsional damage, eyewitnesses stated they saw the Stag descending from base to final RWY35, pull up abruptly, twisted 90 degrees, then descend rapidly
1990-..-.. M. Glomb, Loveland (CO)
1992-01-08 Robert R. Hayes, Palm City (FL)
1995-03-08 Robert R. & Robert J. Hayes, Palm City (FL)


c/n 1018

GB-2 BuNo. 01629 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-09-16 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Anacostia NAS (DC)
194.-..-.. Norfolk Atlantic (VA)
1943-07-07 Norfolk NAS/Misc Expt (VA)
194.-..-.. Patuxent River NAS (MD)
194.-..-.. Quonset Point NAS (RI)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS/A&R (IL)
194.-..-.. Martha’s Vineyard NAAF/SO (MA)
1947-05-31 stricken at Quonset Point NAS (RI)
D17S NC9376H 1951-11-03 noted at Love Field, Dallas (TX)
N9376H US Civil Register notes c/n as 2685
1970-03-29 on a return flight from Aniak (AK) to Cinnabar Mine Strip (AK) this Stag undershot at Aniak (AK) the pilot misjudged distance and altitude, delayed his go-aroud and while power was applied they hit a snow bank, the pilot and the three passengers got minor injuries, the Beech suffered substantial damage
1970-05-25 William S. Pinette, King Salmon (AK)
2009-09-17 cancelled


c/n 1019

GB-2 BuNo. 01630 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-09-17 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. New York NAS (NY)
194.-..-.. Oklahoma City NRAB (OK)
194.-..-.. Norman NAPT/SO (OK)
1945-07-31 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)
D17S NC75554 1949-11-.. noted at Fort Worth (TX)
1968-..-.. not listed on FAA list, fate unknown


c/n 1020

GB-2 BuNo. 01631 1941-09-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-09-26 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Glenview NRAB/NAPT (IL)
194.-..-.. Point Mugu NAS/ACORNTRADOT (CA)
194.-..-.. Los Alamitos NAS/PCAS Unit 33 (CA)
1946-08-30 stricken
D17S N79091 1961-01-17 CoA
1963-..-.. Pete Dean & Jack Raines, Inglewood (CA)
1967-09-10 ground looped & flipped over at Lincoln Airport, Yucaipa (CA) when the pilot overshot the downhill RWY and struck soft sand off the end, resulting in substantial damage to the Stag
1968-..-.. rebuilt at Eagle (CO) out of lisence for three years
1971-..-.. NW Drilling, Scott City (KS)
1973-..-.. John T. Henry, Fort Collins (CO)
1981-..-.. Eastport Enterprises Inc, Wilmington (DE)
1989-..-.. John T. Henry, Pierce (CO)
1991-..-.. W. Sims
NC79091 2014-09-01 NC79091 Inc, Red Lodge (MT)


c/n 1021

GB-2 BuNo. 01632 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-09-30 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Kansas City NRAB (KS)
194.-..-.. Memphis NAPT (TN)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
194.-..-.. Memphis NRAB (TN)
194.-..-.. Memphis NART (TN)
1946-07-30 stricken


c/n 1022

GB-2 BuNo. 01633 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-10-08 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Long Beach NRAB (CA)
194.-..-.. Los Alamitos NAPT (CA)
194.-..-.. Olathe NAS/NAPT (KS)
194.-..-.. Los Alamitos NAD (CA)
194.-..-.. San Diego NAS/NO (CA)
194.-..-.. Los Alamitos NAS/SO (CA)
1945-06-30 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)


c/n 1023

GB-2 BuNo. 01634 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-10-08 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Oakland NRAB (CA)
194.-..-.. Livermore NAPT (CA)
194.-..-.. Alameda NAS/SO (CA)
1941-10-14 accident at Wichita MAP (KS)
1945-08-31 stricken at Glenview NAS (IL)


c/n 1024

GB-2 BuNo. 01635 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-10-20 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Seattle NRAB/NO (WA)
194.-..-.. Pasco NAS/SO (WA)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
194.-..-.. Seattle NAS/NRAB (WA)
1946-09-30 stricken
D17S NC67445 W. Curlett, San Francisco (CA)
Orange County Sheriff Squadron, used for 5 years, noted at Chicago (IL)
Search & Resque Missions
N67445 1966-..-.. Lavera J. Lovell, Las Vegas (NV)
1970-..-.. registration revoked


c/n 1025

GB-2 BuNo. 01636 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-10-28 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Atlanta NAS (GA)
194.-..-.. Naval Air Instrument Training
194.-..-.. Columbus Bureau of Aeronautics Representative (MS)
194.-..-.. Miami NAS (FL)
194.-..-.. VRS-1
194.-..-.. Oklahoma City (OK)
1946-05-03 stricken
D17S NC1303M 1956-04-13 CoA
in service in western US and Mexico
1966-..-.. E. Moore, Shelton (WA) recovered and top overhauled
1967-12-06 Theodore A. “Ted” Giltner, Tamaqua (PA) bought in Seattle
visited E. A. A. Conventions in Rockford (IL) and Oshkosh (WI)
N2832D 1971-..-.. Theodore A. “Ted” Giltner, Tamaqua (PA)
Beech Club Aviation Ltd, Wilmington (DE)
NC2832D Beech Club Aviation Ltd, Wilmington (DE)
2001-07-13 for 3 days at Millville (NJ)
2002-05-04 2 days at Millville (NJ)
2007-03-14 Carl J. Jenkins, Raleigh (NC)
2017-02-21 Diana L. Snow, Morehead City (NC)


c/n 1026

GB-2 BuNo. 01637 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-11-01 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Detroit NRAB/CGAS (MI)
194.-..-.. Grosse Isle NAS/NAPT (MI)
1945-05-31 stricken


c/n 1027

GB-2 BuNo. 01638 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-11-31 U.S. Navy
1941-..-.. Boston NRAB
1941-..-.. Squantum NAD (MA)
1941-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
1941-..-.. Squantum NAS (IL)
1946-10-31 stricken
D17S NC75744 fate unknown


c/n 1028

GB-2 BuNo. 01639 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-11-11 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. New Orleans NRAB/NAPT (LA)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
1946-04-30 stricken
1946-03-27 CAA
D17S NC152 1946-04-05 CAA Region 3
1947-01-03 spares
1947-01-24 cancelled


c/n 1029

GB-2 BuNo. 01640 1941-..-.. mfd, contract C81897
1941-11-19 U.S. Navy
194.-..-.. Anacostia NAS (DC)
194.-..-.. Page Field MCAS, Parris Isle (SC)
194.-..-.. Eagle Mountain Lake MCAS (TX)
194.-..-.. El Centro MCAS (CA)
194.-..-.. Glenview NAS (IL)
194.-..-.. El Centro MCAS (CA)
1946-12-31 Stricken at San Diego NAS (CA)
D17S NC154 1957-07-01 CoA
N1254N 1963-..-.. W. P. Degoede, Los Angeles (CA)
1965-07-04 overshot the RWY and nosed over in landing at Tunnel Meadows (CA) substantial damaged
1965-09-07 Lloyd H. Cohoon, Bishop (CA)
1989-05-12 Dennis P. Nikolaus, Bishop (CA)
N92SL 1990-09-.. Dennis P. & Linda Nikolaus, Bishop (CA) rebuilt
1992-08-08 after a local VFR flight from Bishop (CA) Dennis practiced takeoffs and landings on RWY30, on the 3rd landing rollout he used too much brake, lost rudder control of direction and tipped over on its back resulting in substantial damage, he had only 5hrs on the type, this contributed to the accident
Ken Guthrie, Cougar (WA)
2008-05-15 Richard A. Clyne, Las Vegas (NV)


c/n 1030

GB-2 FAB-01 (2) 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2736 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1948-10-14 struck off charge


c/n 1031

GB-2 FAB-02 (2) 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2737 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1948-10-14 crashed


c/n 1032

GB-2 FAB-03 (2) 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2738 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1946-09-23 crashed


c/n 1033

GB-2 FAB-04 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2739 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1954-12-30 struck off charge


c/n 1034

GB-2 FAB-05 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2740 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1962-01-09 struck off charge


c/n 1035

GB-2 FAB-06 1941-..-.. mfd
1941-12-31 Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
UC-43-BH 2741 194.-..-.. Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
1958-04-10 struck off charge